Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay – An argumentative essay is a type of essay where you present a point of view on a particular topic and support it with evidence. The main goal is to convince your readers that your point of view is the most reasonable. This is usually done by presenting facts, statistics, logical reasoning and sometimes personal experiences. An argumentative essay often involves addressing counterarguments or opposing views to strengthen your position.

Have you ever dreamed of creating persuasive points and convincing your audience in your argumentative essay? Then you need to improve your persuasive skills! With our in-depth guide, you’ll learn exactly how to write an argumentative essay and what critical components to include in your writing assignment. In addition, we will provide you with good argumentative essay examples to enhance your writing skills. So let’s dive deep into the details!

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a style of academic writing that involves a writer researching a specific topic and forming a specific opinion. This then requires arguing for the opinion by providing evidence. Unlike other types of fact-laden writing, an argumentative paper tries to persuade readers to accept only one side of any issue. Strong argumentative writing is characterized by clear and concise thinking about any topic, supported by logical and well-structured arguments based on extensive research. It is essential to choose one of the argumentative essay topics that you are really interested in.

Argumentative Essay Writing Coming In Strong

Before you start writing an argumentative essay, you need to decide on a specific type that you will write. There are four different types of argumentative essays, these include:

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

There are two main models that writers use to compose an argumentative essay, Toulmin and Rogerian. In the Toulmin model, authors introduce their topic, form a thesis statement, and then present arguments in favor of that thesis statement. While under the Rogerian model, the authors analyze a number of different points with different conclusions. Then they draw a conclusion after determining which of them is the strongest.

Although the Rogerian approach is not used as often in academic circles, it is still an effective way to produce an argument in an essay. The Rogerian model follows these steps:

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

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The structure of the argumentative essay generally remains the same and includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Let’s take a closer look at a sample argumentative essay.

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Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

Your pitch should grab your audience’s attention within the first few lines and convince them to read on. Therefore, this paragraph should end with the author’s views and arguments summarized in 1 or 2 sentences.

Argumentative Essay Outline Format [12 Best Examples]

After your introduction are 3 main paragraphs. A good body paragraph expands on summarizing all of the readers’ opinions by delving into a chosen topic, creating key points, and supporting them with clear evidence. In any standard 5-paragraph essay, each body paragraph should focus on a unique element.

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

Our final stage is to write a conclusion. A good conclusion restates your thesis statement and summarizes all the claims made in the paragraphs. When writing their conclusion, students should consider any impact they are trying to make on the reader. Writers should then create an engaging summary of their work that leaves the reader with a new perspective on that topic.

An argumentative essay always begins with an introduction. An argumentative essay introduction has three purposes: to provide some information on the topic, to explain to the reader why they should care about the topic, and to conclude with the writer’s opinion, also known as a thesis statement.

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

How To Write A Compelling Argumentative Essay: Expert Tips & Guide

In the example above, our reader is first given a brief background on the topic, namely digital learning trends and that libraries are potentially an outdated model. Then our reader receives an interesting proposition that is sure to elicit a strong response. Some people will be excited about getting a free tablet, while others will be horrified at the thought of closing public libraries. Finally, the author gives his opinion on why public libraries should stay open.

A good body paragraph presents strong arguments that are logical and supported by evidence. An argumentative essay body is an important part of your essay as it plays a major role in convincing the reader that your position is correct. It’s like in a position paper, if you can’t make strong arguments, your point will be dismissed quickly.

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

In this lead paragraph, the author claims that libraries have many advantages that tablets cannot offer, and then gives reasons by listing various advantages. Evidence of these positive benefits is then presented through their survey results. Finally, this argument is summarized.

How To Write An Argumentative Essay: Outline And Examples

The final step is to write an argumentative essay conclusion. A conclusion should restate and expand on your thesis statement by summarizing all of your main arguments. A conclusion should tie everything together and make a reader feel like they understand your point and accept your claims.

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Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

The topic of closing libraries and replacing them with tablets is summarized in this conclusion. Then the two main arguments are repeated, and finally the thesis statement is repeated.

In the sections above, you can see sample essays that describe strong introductions, bodies, and conclusions. In this section, we will look at an in-depth example of an argumentative essay:

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

Powerful Argumentative Essay Topics And Ideas Of 2023

These examples should help you take your writing to the next level and produce fantastic argumentative essays that can completely change every way your audience thinks about a certain topic.

We hope this guide was of great help. Be sure to follow our writing tips and you’ll be sure to craft a good argumentative paper. Bookmark this tutorial so you don’t miss it. If you need more guidance on the writing process, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on how to write an essay.

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

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Good Argumentative Essay Examples And How To Write It

While expository and argumentative essays require you to argue for a specific thesis statement and have the same goal, an argumentative essay involves much more research and is often much longer. In an argumentative essay, the writer is expected to become an expert on a particular topic and use a range of academic literature and empirical evidence to support their points.

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

The purposes of an informative and persuasive essay are different. An informative essay attempts to present information about a specific topic in an unbiased manner to enhance your reader’s understanding. Although like any good argumentative paper, a persuasive essay focuses on persuading your reader to accept the author’s point and contains persuasive claims.

The best ideas for an argumentative essay are based on topics that have a high degree of public interest, are unresolved, controversial, and have both pro and con evidence. Topics related to race, religion, or politics will always fascinate readers and trigger strong emotional responses. For example, a paper arguing why African Americans should receive compensation has the potential to go viral or even create a buzz.

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Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

Best Argumentative Essay Topics: 30+ Examples You Can Use

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Let’s go! Thanks for sharing some knowledge! This was my first time writing a school dress code argumentative essay and this guide with great examples helped me a lot. 10 minutes of reading and everything becomes clear. Thank you!

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

We are very happy to hear that our article helped you with your essay! We always do our best to make the academic experience of our readers easier. Good luck in your further studies!

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The shark! I am about to write my argumentative essay and I have a question. Should I use the first person in an argumentative essay?

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

It is fine to use the first person in personal or narrative essays, but argumentative essays are not the type of writing where it is appropriate to use the first person. Of course it is best to discuss this with your professor, he will give you an answer if you can use the first person in your argumentative essay. But in general, argumentative essays present different arguments, not your feelings, so there is no need to use the first person in such essays.

Thank you for your answer! You were right, I talked to my professor and he told me that I don’t need to use first person in my argumentative essay. Thank you for your help! In the image below you can see a recommended structure for an argumentative essay. It begins with the topic sentence, which establishes the main idea of ​​the essay. This hypothesis is then developed in the development phase. Then, the rebuttal, or refutation of the main counterargument or arguments. Then, again, the development of opposition. It is followed by an example and ends with a summary. It’s a very basic structure, but it gives you a clear picture of how to construct a proper argumentative essay.

Writing A Good Argumentative Essay

How To Write An Argumentative Essay Step By Step

Writing an argumentative essay (for

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