Working With Music In The Background

Working With Music In The Background – Nowadays, music lyrics are very open in certain genres. Many songs contain profanity, sexist, racist or ethnic content, or contain graphic depictions of human anatomy. It’s no surprise to HR that some employees are easily offended by the music their co-workers play.

Equal employment opportunity discrimination laws require almost no offense in the workplace, creating headache music for most employers. Offensive words can be grounds for harassment claims, and the type of music allowed in your workplace is subject to company policy. Allowing employees to wear headphones can lead to workplace injuries or co-workers being overlooked, so there’s a lot to consider when creating workable guidelines for your team.

Working With Music In The Background

Working With Music In The Background

As an employer, you don’t want to call the police for removing popular culture references in the workplace. Today I’m going to give you some tips to consider when developing a company policy on music in the workplace that will get your employees singing along happily.

How To Choose The Right Background Music For Your Work, According To Science

Making it clear that racial, sexual, religious and other harassment is inappropriate will help employees understand what is and isn’t allowed. If the lyrics are questionable, try adding a statement that it’s better to consider them inappropriate. In addition to clarifying what is not acceptable, it includes the correct procedures that employees should follow to complain if they are offended. As with any policy, act quickly on complaints and enforce the policy with progressive discipline before the situation spirals out of control.

Working With Music In The Background

In an industrial setting, loud music can be a worker hazard on the factory floor, and there may be an option to wear headphones. Workers must hear alarms, malfunctioning machines and warnings from co-workers. Workers who wear headphones may be less aware of their surroundings and more prone to accidents, which can increase health insurance costs or workers’ compensation claims.

Young workers claim that wearing headphones helps them achieve focus and quiet in the open office. However, wearing headphones is the same as wearing a Do Not Disturb sign and can be misunderstood in the workplace. Consider each job description when deciding on a workplace music policy. For example, you might set a policy against the use of headphones by customer service staff, but would you allow cleaning staff to wear them?

Working With Music In The Background

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Many young people (and some older people) enter the job market not knowing what constitutes “appropriate” or “professional” behavior, and it is the employer’s responsibility to educate them in accordance with company expectations. But from the new handing hires handbook and pen to enter the confirmation page, confirm what they read, make sure they really understand the information.

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Individuals perceive information differently based on their beliefs, experiences, and current state of mind. New employers will probably agree to anything without thinking because they want to make a good impression. Reviewing the policy throughout the year will keep the content fresh in the minds of employees and everyone on the same page. Taking five minutes to review the music policy at the beginning of every six-monthly staff meeting will remind everyone what is appropriate and allow staff to ask for clarification.

Working With Music In The Background

Hearing the frequent N-word in a co-worker’s music selection can offend people regardless of race, but complaints ignored by HR can be emotionally devastating. Investigate all complaints promptly and objectively, even if you think the employee is oversensitive. Songs that contain slang terms for members of a certain gender, race or religion are problematic and need to be addressed. Because of the time and difficulty required to assess the potential for assault, songs that make sexual references, implications, or double entenders should be avoided.

The Best Music To Listen To While You Work Or Study

Employees always respect the stakeholders, leaders and management of the company they work for. If a member of the management team plays music with profanity, racial epithets, sexual innuendo or religious slurs, you can be sure that the employee is on record. If not the owner and management team, why should they try to obey and care about others? You can listen to whatever music you want outside of the workplace, regardless of the content, but when you’re on site, you’re setting an example for your employees and your company culture.

Working With Music In The Background

Bottom line, setting up employee music is not an attempt to judge or control the way employees think; you set the standards that govern how employees behave in the workplace. Your company has the right to do this because it has a legal responsibility to ensure that all employees feel protected, safe, equal and respected in the workplace. Creating a music policy to clarify what is appropriate for the workplace will keep your team on a level playing field and stay focused on winning the game. Simone Ritter at Radboud University in the Netherlands and Sam Ferguson at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, investigate the effects of silence and different types of music on our thinking.

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“People in many contexts use music to work,” Ferguson said. A better understanding of how different types of music influence creativity would benefit many people, he said.

Working With Music In The Background

Man Listening To Music While Working On Laptop Photo Background And Picture For Free Download

They divided 155 volunteers into five groups. The four were each given a type of music to listen to while going through a series of tests, while a fifth group performed the test in silence.

The test is designed to measure two types of thinking: divergent thinking, which describes the process of generating new ideas, and convergent thinking, where we find the best solution to a problem.

Working With Music In The Background

Ritter and Ferguson found that people were more creative when listening to positive music, and came up with more unique ideas than people who worked in silence.

Does Background Music In The Office Really Help?

“We tried other music that was sad, anxious, and lonely, and we didn’t see this effect,” Ferguson said. “It seems the type of music available is more important than any music.”

Working With Music In The Background

It just reinforces different thinking. Neither type of music helps convergent thinking, which suggests it’s better to solve problems in silence.

Ritter and Ferguson write that their findings could be used to improve creative thinking in settings such as educational institutions or laboratories. He thinks that soothing music works because it’s more stimulating, so it can stimulate different thoughts by waking up the brain.

Working With Music In The Background

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Pleasant music can boost creativity by triggering the release of dopamine, a brain chemical involved in pleasure and satisfaction, says Irma Järvelä at the University of Helsinki in Finland. “Dopamine also increases creative thinking and goal-oriented work,” says Järvelä.

Researchers believe that happy music does not promote convergent thinking because this type of thinking relies more on logic and less on pleasure. But the experiment was designed so that each person took a different test before the convergent test, meaning that listening to Vivaldi’s piece twice may have had less of an effect.

Working With Music In The Background

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Working With Music In The Background

Many people say that music helps them focus, but the researchers behind a new study beg to differ.

After conducting a series of experiments with human volunteers, researchers from the University of Gävle in Sweden and the University of Central Lancashire and the University of Lancaster in Great Britain concluded that music can impair people’s ability to solve problems. verbal creativity.

Working With Music In The Background

Office Background Music Systems For Business

Researchers have examined the effects of listening to music on people’s ability to perform creative word tasks. These tasks are variants of the “Complex Remote Tasks (CRATs)” used by many scientists to study creativity, which involve “perceptually based processes.”

Co-author Dr. who works in the psychology department of Lancaster University. “We found strong evidence of poor performance when playing background music compared to a quiet background condition,” says Neil McLatchie.

Working With Music In The Background

The CRAT verbal creativity test involves showing people three words and asking them to think of a fourth word.

Pdf) The Influence Of Background Music On Learning In The Light Of Different Theoretical Perspectives And The Role Of Working Memory Capacity

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