Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone – The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is one of the main attractions of the Yellowstone National Park. With two rims to visit, many sights and many hiking trails, there is plenty to do. In this guide, we share the best things to do in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, with tips to help you plan your time.

The Yellowstone River is 692 miles long, originates at Yunt Peak in the Absaroka Mountains of Wyoming and then flows northwest toward Yellowstone National Park. Once in the park, it runs through Yellowstone Lake, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, to Tower Falls, through Gardiner, Montana, before turning northeast and heading into North Dakota. Interstate 94, which runs through Montana, runs parallel to the Yellowstone River. It flows into the Missouri River in North Dakota.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is a canyon carved by the Yellowstone River. It is approximately 24 miles long and 1,200 feet deep at its deepest point.

Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone (u.s. National Park Service)

The canyon includes two of the three major waterfalls along the Yellowstone River (the third being Tower Falls just a few miles away).

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

The Upper Falls is the smaller of the two falls. It is 109 feet (33 meters) tall and can be seen from a number of vantage points, notably the Upper Falls (on the north rim) and the Canyon Overlook (on the south rim).

When you see pictures of the Grand Canyon in Yellowstone, the Lower Falls are most likely pictured. This 300-foot waterfall is the main attraction of the Grand Canyon. Most of the lookouts on the north and south rim offer great views of this waterfall, the most famous of which is Artist Point.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

Lower Falls From Artist Point Print — Yellowstone Wonders Llc

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is estimated to be 160,000 years old. During this time period, the Yellowstone gradually eroded the rhyolite rock to create this canyon. Rhyolite is a volcanic rock and is what gives the canyon its yellow appearance.

There are three main sections in Great Yellowstone Bay: the North Rim, the South Rim, and the Upper Falls Bank. Technically, Upper Falls Bank is on the northern edge, but since it’s accessible from another road, I’m listing it as the third section to visit.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

There are some great views and hiking trails to visit on the North Rim. Some offer spectacular views of the Lower Falls. You can drive to each of the sights and add short but tough hikes.

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As Seen From Artist Point In Yellowstone National Park Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

The South Rim is similar to the North Rim, with some views and short walking trails. Here you will find Artist Point, the best view of the Grand Canyon in Yellowstone and one of the most photographed spots in Yellowstone National Park.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

On the banks of the Upper Falls you go to a theater located on the crest of the Upper Falls.

If you want the full experience, plan to visit each of these sections. This will take about half a day. If you don’t have that kind of time, I’ll let you know what it’s worth later in this guide.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

The Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone: Epic Sights Along The Rim

In addition, you can also add Seven Mile Hole Trail and Brink of the Upper Falls.

The easiest way to get to each viewpoint is by car. The North Rim Drive is a one-way loop that includes all of these overlooks and Canyon Village. There is plenty of parking at each viewpoint, but even then it can be difficult to find a parking space at midday.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

The North Rim Trail is a 3 mile (one way) trail that runs from Chittenden Bridge to Inspiration Point. You don’t need to hike the whole trip… you can park at any of the North Rim overlooks and walk the North Rim Trail from there. In fact, you may need to do this if you are trying to find a parking space.

Stumbling Into Yellowstone’s Perfect Waterfall Rainbow From Artist Point

FOR TRAVEL: The best way to visit the North Rim is to drive to each viewpoint. This will save you a lot of time and energy…some of the short hikes are very steep and I think your time is better spent doing this than walking the North Rim Trail.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

Distance: 0.7 miles round trip | total climb: 600 feet | Difficulty: Medium to hard | Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

This is one of the most challenging trails in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, but if you want to get close to the Lower Falls, this trip is definitely worth the effort.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

File:artist Point View Of Yellowstone Canyon 01.jpg

This trail starts at the rim and quickly descends into the canyon. It is a paved track, but rough and bumpy in places.

When you get to the bottom there are two scenes. One of them is near the fence, the one closest to the Lower Falls. The other is above the lower viewpoint (the best place to take pictures of friends and family near the waterfall).

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Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

Take your time on the way back. This area of ​​Yellowstone National Park is located at an elevation of 7,700 feet, and that elevation makes it even more impressive.

Artist Point Yellowstone Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

This scene is amazing. This is the easiest place to get a great view of the Lower Falls from the North Rim.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

Distance: 0.6 miles round trip | Difficulty: Medium | total climb: 260 feet | Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

This trail is a cross between Brink of the Lowers and Uncle Tom’s Trail. A short steep hike takes you down to the canyon. Just when you think you are there, a long series of steps await you.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone

The Red Rock Point Trail starts near Lookout Point. First you will go down a paved and gravel road. The final part of the hike is on the stairs pictured below.

This is the view back upstairs. The viewpoint is at the top of a rocky outcrop.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

In my opinion this view is not so great. This scene is more about looking down on the Big Bay.

Millwood Pines Epic Graffiti ‘artist Point Afternoon Yellowstone Artist Point Afternoon Yellowstone National Park By

From here you are a long way from the Lower Falls. It looks tiny from this perspective (but the canyon is pretty colorful).

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

To reach Inspiration Point, turn right onto Inspiration Point Road and drive to the end of the road. This route ends at the lookout parking lot.

Once you’ve finished at Inspiration Point, you have the option to walk the Seven Mile Pole Trail (keep reading for more information) or complete the loop on the North Rim Drive. Before returning to the Grand Loop Road, you’ll pass Canyon Village, a nice place to stop for something to eat if you’re hungry.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone: Things To Do & Map

Distance: 10 miles round trip | Difficulty: Strenuous | Total Ascent: 2,000 ft | Duration: 5 to 8 hours

This tour starts at the Glacier Boulder on the North Rim Road (just past Inspiration Point). You can walk ¾ of a mile to the Cascade Overlook, which overlooks the canyon. Beyond this point, the trail drops down to the canyon and goes all the way to the Yellowstone River.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

TO TRAVEL: If you just want to see the best, take the Lower Falls, visit Lookout Point and walk to Red Rock Point. Proceed to the Great View Point, the Inspiration Point, and the Seven Mile Hole Trail, then head to the south rim.

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Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone: South Rim Drive

Upper Falls Bank is located on the northern edge. This viewpoint has its own parking lot. From North Edge Quay, turn left onto Great Loop Road and then left onto Upper Falls Quay.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

The first view (Upper Overlook) is not very exciting. You’re looking at the Yellowstone River, but you can’t see the falls from here.

The Lower Overlook is the best vantage point. This is an easy, flat walk of a quarter of a mile (there are some stairs so it is not handicap accessible). From there, you stand on a platform near the top of the Upper Falls.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

You Can See Why They Call It Artist Point

It’s like Brink of the Lower Falls, but not as impressive. For one, the “fence” here is made of boulders, which makes it much more difficult to see the waterfall (you have to bend over the rock face to see the waterfall). And this waterfall is much smaller than the Lower Falls (it’s only 1/3 the size).

While Brink of the Upper Falls doesn’t have the wow factor of Lower Falls, it still has its merits. For those who can’t walk the long, steep path to the lookout (as you have to do to visit the Upper Falls Bank), this is an easy way to experience what it’s like to stand at the edge of the waterfall and heard its thunder.

Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

Like the north rim, the easiest way to reach the south rim is by car. There are two parking lots on South Rim Drive and you can visit all of the above sights from these parking lots. You can also walk the South Edge Trail, a 2.75-mile (one-way) path that connects the Chittenden Bridge to Artist Point.

Things To Do Near Canyon

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Where Is Artist Point In Yellowstone

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