What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears – We answer your questions about why singers wear headphones on stage and reveal all the behind-the-scenes information you’ve been dying to know.

As a singer or music lover, you probably know that, apart from technical lighting and amazing stage sets, one constant of any live or online concert is the ears of every singer and musician.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

The problem is, if you love music or play the guitar, you might think you don’t need to wear headphones to work. But we will warn you: it is a big mistake. Aside from aesthetics, these headphones have important features that can make or break a job.

Why Do Musicians Wear And Take Out Their Earpieces?

Lucky for you, we have all the answers to your questions about why singers and musicians wear headphones when they play and what they hear in them in this article. So, read on!

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

K-Pop fans will remember Red Velvet member Joy collapsing on stage at a concert in 2016, clutching her ear. The result of the ear was wrong.

During the show, Joy clutched her ear in pain, collapsed and ran off the stage. People think he might be surprised by his ears.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

The 6 Awesome Benefits Of Ear Training

In fact, there are many reasons to put your ear to the ground. Here are a few things:

From a layman’s point of view, it is easy to think of a musical act as a solo act. This is the singer’s testimony. However, the reality of working on stage is quite different – with large concerts requiring teams of 30-50 technicians.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

End? A singer has more things to think about than singing and playing music. External aspects can take several forms, such as:

A Drummer’s Guide To In Ear Monitors

This example from Joe Bucci’s work will give you a clear picture of the types of instructions given.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

Can listen carefully to other musicians sharing the stage with them or background music to help them maintain their mood and sound.

Without proper supervision, singers cannot understand and change their voice.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ All songs on stage need their own tracking system.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

How To Prevent Hearing Loss (for Drummers)

This is especially true when all the artists sing at the same time, as Red Velvet does.

Speaker monitors (pictured above) are called wedges because of their wedge shape. They were placed on the floor near the performers.

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What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

However, amplified sounds from the wedge can enter the microphone. This results in a scream/horror feel similar to music concerts of yesteryear.

Hearing Damage: A Guide To Ear Protection For Musicians

Another advantage of pegs is that they work well as anchors for players on stage. The wedges have the best angles for players to hear them properly and leaving these parts out can seriously affect performance. For large levels, players need a lot of them, which increases the cost significantly.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

This is why most musicians today choose in-ear monitors (IEMs). IEMs can be difficult to navigate around the stage. Instead of focusing on a fixed position like pegs, singers can wear IEMs to follow their every movement – and significantly reduce feedback.

Decibels (abbreviated “dB”) are a measure of sound; especially loud. Health experts will be quick to point out that rock concerts are around 120dB, but if you see anything above 85dB, your ears will start to be damaged. For musicians, hearing protection is important in maintaining quality of life.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

Why Do Singers Wear Earpieces While Performing?

Because IEMs go directly into the ear canal, they provide protection from the outside like earplugs. This protects the performers from exposure to loud echoes and shouts from the crowd.

Inside, however, they allow the performer to hear what the microphone is picking up at a safe and comfortable level. Players (or their tech team) can control the volume of the IEM and limit it to a safe listening position.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

Remember, improperly adjusted headphones and IEMs can damage your ears – just like when they’re turned up above 85dB for too long. However, if used properly, they are very good for your ears.

What Are In Ear Monitors?

Finally, as mentioned above, IEMs can block feedback sounds – which can damage your ears if they get too loud.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

By now you probably know that the headphones we’re talking about for musicians are, in most cases, IEMs. If you look closely, you’ll see that they go around the ear to help singers comfortably fit the dance and poppy movements into their performance.

Headphone models for musicians range from the entry-level KZ ASX to the SeeAudio Yuma. Still, both are solid IEMs. That’s because wired IEMs can be customized to work with any sound system—no need for a special one.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

Hearing Loss In Professional Musicians

Universal, or ‘generic’, IEMs are single function. As you can imagine, they are much lighter. It is also worth noting that they come with different tips, which show different shapes and sizes. You might find something that fits your ear, but it’s not good. However, this lack of proper fit also affects sound insulation, so be careful.

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In general, IEMs that fit your ear better and have better sound isolation. They do the work on your side – you have to listen.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

As an Atlanta health consultant advises on ear problems: “Your ears are different, just like your fingers.” It’s important to take the time to check that the ideas are working properly before proceeding.

Conversations About In Ears

After creating your ideas, it can take a long time to create custom IEMs.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

Another manufacturer, Empire Ears, recommends a processing time of approximately 8 weeks after receiving ear impressions.

Finally, it should be noted that custom products are more difficult to return than other products. Custom IEMs are made for one pair of ears and may include logos and specific markings. They can be difficult to sell to others. As a result, it’s a good idea to double-check the return policy before purchasing.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

Prevalence Of Hearing Loss Among Musicians

Real IEMs are perfect for professionals and those who work a lot in the field for a living.

Although we sometimes see singers covering one ear to better hear their ear, you’ll often see the other side: the singer taking their ear. In fact, despite the fact that in-ear monitors are good for singers, they have some disadvantages:

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

The importance and difficulty of truly connecting with the public is hard to explain. It should be explained through the mouth of the performer.

Custom Earplugs For Musicians

Nancy Baym’s Playing to the Crowd mentions the famous Spanish singer Nacho Vegas, saying that music can: “… It’s not always true. But it can be beautiful. A relationship with people can be beautiful and strange at the same time. And that’s good, I think.”

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

This concept is difficult to create in reality. When an artist’s ears are covered by IEMs, they cannot hear the audience members in front of them. Even worse, the bright lights shining in their eyes make them hard to spot in a crowd!

This destroys the idea of ​​an actual game. By bringing their IEMs, they can bring the feeling of playing back to the audience.

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What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

The Ultimate Guide To In Ear Monitors For Worship Bands — Churchfront With Jake Gosselin

However, there are solutions that can capture the best of both worlds. One of these microphone techniques is called ambient miking.

This technology allows ambient sounds (such as conversations and feedback) to enter the singer’s eardrum.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

However, this is not often the case, especially in basic settings. It is necessary to place the microphone in such a way that the ambient sounds of the room are more important to the microphone that it receives than the direct sound of the music. As a result, it needs a high place and a special arrangement.

Reasons Why Drummers Wear Headphones

It’s not uncommon for noise to damage the ears, but it can ruin the show. In extreme cases, like the K-Pop example above, an artist can screw up.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

To see some low-key cases, including Taylor Swift’s cool retraction, check out these IEMs that fall into the mix.

As mentioned in our best IEMs section, finding the right IEMs can take some time and money. However, even if the band plays soft music with groups of musicians taking the stage, they should have individual bands.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

Basn Metalen In Ear Monitors Headphones,musicians Noise Isolating 4 Drivers Iems With Deep Bass, Two Detachable Mmcx Cables With Case For Singers,drummers,bassists(gray)

As it turns out, the common practice of sharing headphones and IEMs is not recommended even though it is convenient. Ears contain germs and bacteria that can cause ear infections. Sharing headphones and IEMs is more similar to sharing a toothbrush than the average user realizes.

Finally, audio recording devices require additional headphones. Studio monitor headphones are recommended in this case. This allows the singer to hear the recording as close to the sound as possible. All without the hassle of a soundtrack.

What Do Musicians Have In Their Ears

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