The Latest News In The World Today

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A TV magazine show full of the world’s top stories The weekly program focuses on the details of breaking news and provides viewers with the big picture With in-depth analysis and a unique perspective, Zoom takes you on a journey beyond the everyday headlines.

The Latest News In The World Today

The Latest News In The World Today

The program is Europe’s one-stop shop for insightful in-depth discussions and live interviews with expert guests We debate the most important issues in the world today as well as uncover the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. From our European headquarters in London, Juliettes interviews decision makers, global brand leaders, great thinkers, commentators, activists and writers to find answers to the questions the world is talking about. The program informs a global European audience about society, economy and new ways of doing things. We cover many new trends from energy to education, e-commerce to business, sustainability, travel, technology and health. To better understand the world of tomorrow, watch the program today And to stay updated between events, visit us on TikTok @theagendashow

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A new science and technology show covering the cutting edge of global brand development RAZOR will show you the most powerful laser in the world and the cheapest anti-cancer treatment in the world It will take you from the wonderful world of quantum computing to the frontiers of the universe International journalistic groups will follow the guidance of Occam’s Razor – the principle that the simplest explanation is best Razor will show that we are already “living in the future”!

The Latest News In The World Today

From business to politics to world events, with expert analysis on the day’s most pressing issues, 60 Minutes takes you around the world every day, bringing you the latest top stories and getting to the heart of the news.

Its only news show is fronted by its Beijing headquarters and its North American, African and European production companies. The hourly bulletin focuses on the latest news events and topics with global implications, particularly those related to Asia, the Americas, Africa and Europe. Together with studio experts in Beijing, Washington, Nairobi and London – and our correspondents around the world – the four anchors on The Link explore new dimensions and offer new insights through in-depth discussions and round-the-clock interactions.

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The Latest News In The World Today

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Primetime news program that brings the most important stories to more than 1.3 billion people from a rapidly changing country. The show focuses on the changing aspects of China’s politics, economy and society, particularly the daily lives of its people. With separate guides to China and America

Asia Today keeps viewers informed about news and developments in the greater Asia region and beyond With an up-to-date focus on Asia’s politics, economy and social and cultural trends, the show aims to provide a balanced, comprehensive and diverse understanding of the region.

The Latest News In The World Today

Africa’s flagship show that provides viewers with comprehensive and up-to-date news and analysis on Africa from an African perspective. It also tries to present positive and successful stories of the continent

World News, Latest World News, Breaking News And Headlines Today

The original rotating news service, with regular updates from Beijing, Washington, and London, keeps viewers up to date with all the world’s top stories. World Today offers breaking news, live events, in-depth reports, expert analysis and breaking coverage.

The Latest News In The World Today

The channel’s flagship travel show takes you to unique destinations in China and the world. This program offers all the elements of an amazing trip: adventure and discovery, rich stories of history, diverse culture, stunning scenery and hearty food.

The most up-to-date sports coverage from around the world with a focus on China The program specializes in providing news about Chinese athletes, soccer and famous foreign competitors playing in the world’s most populous countries.

The Latest News In The World Today

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A 30-minute talk show that covers various local and international issues It provides a balanced analysis within a cross-cultural comparative framework. Host Zhou Yu is recognized as China’s leading voice

The program combines balanced and insightful debate on global hot buttons and signature high-profile exclusive interviews. Hosted by former Washington correspondent and current debate host Tian Wei, Global Insight goes beyond the headlines.

The Latest News In The World Today

A daily news talk show dedicated to critical interviews, analysis and debate on US, China and global affairs. Anchored by Anand Naidu

Sweden’s Tallest Peak Shrinks As Extreme Heat Wave Bakes Europe

By providing a platform for open discussion and deep reflection on issues affecting the continent, Talk Africa provides a platform for leaders and decision-makers to generate ideas and come up with valuable solutions. Talk Africa offers variety and depth to engage audiences on a variety of topics

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The Latest News In The World Today

A unique platform for documentary films exploring various current issues Through unique stories, each week the program explores important and current issues that affect people around the world.

Each 30-minute episode offers a unique insight into an aspect of Chinese life today through the eyes of an international team of journalists. With unfettered access to the country’s people and places, Discover China brings you in-depth reporting on the key issues facing China at a time of rapid change.

The Latest News In The World Today

World News In 2023: Major Global Stories To Follow In The New Year

Award-winning magazine and documentary program His reports and documentaries are led by powerful characters who shed light on social issues and show the diversity of Asia – ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Asia Mission offers fascinating and fascinating stories from an Asian perspective

A weekly newspaper program focusing on Central and South American issues Anchored by Ellen Reyes, the show delivers in-depth news with a team of reporters from Lima to Sao Paulo to Mexico City.

The Latest News In The World Today

Faces of Africa takes you on a new adventure every week, showcasing the rich diversity of the African continent. We tell human stories from celebrities and Africans who are living extraordinary lives

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Features the most exciting news from the worlds of art, music, dance, opera, film, fashion, food and lifestyle. The 30-minute daily show brings you the latest trends in fashion and exclusive interviews. It is a melting pot of tradition and modernity, and a bridge between East and West

The Latest News In The World Today

A weekly talk show that offers an intimate encounter with today’s leading fashion icons. Through intimate conversations with celebrities from the worlds of art and entertainment, host Ji Xiaojun digs deep to discover the person beneath the image.

A weekly current affairs and fashion magazine focused on human interest stories, cultural discussions and creativity. The show highlights humanitarian issues and social causes that inspire people around the world to take action and get involved in their communities. You can change your cookie settings through your browser

The Latest News In The World Today

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Prior to this he worked for the BBC reading the news on the main radio bulletin before moving to television to anchor the flagship BBC Wales Today show.

He has worked internationally for the BBC World Service Trust and BBC Media Action and has advised television stations in Libya, Egypt, Jordan, India and Germany.

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The Latest News In The World Today

Juliet Mann is part of the on-air team in London An experienced TV anchor specializing in business news, he covers stories from business to sustainability, digital innovation to the global economy.

World News Today: 5 Overnight Developments From Around The Globe

For more than two years, Juliet has worked in fast-moving newsrooms around the world – CNBC, TRT World, CNN, Sky News and Reuters in London, Paris, New York and Frankfurt.

The Latest News In The World Today

On the street and in the studio, he has interviewed political heavyweights and influencers, including executives from UAE manufacturers and global brands.

Robin Dyer anchors Europe It deals with all major European publications including World Today and World Business Robin also presents on location and special programming and produces news and feature packages.

The Latest News In The World Today

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Previously a news presenter for the BBC, ITN, Sky News and TRT World, Robin has 20 years’ experience in broadcast journalism. His broadcasting work has taken him to Istanbul, Paris, Sydney and London, combining business news with a focus on world news.

Global Business Europe is the latest addition to the popular prime-time show broadcast from its headquarters in London. Your job is to explore the incredibly transformative potential of international business through lively communication in clear, jargon-busting language. From the interests of major companies to the employee and customer experience, Global Business will have its finger on the global pulse. Through smart analysis and live reporting, our team will listen to today’s leaders and decision makers as well as tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs to gain an understanding of the forces shaping our world.

The Latest News In The World Today

RAZOR is a new science and technology show that covers the cutting edge from around the world RAZOR will show you the world’s most powerful laser and the world’s cheapest anti-cancer treatment It will take you from the wonderful world of quantum computing to the edge of the universe The International Press Association will follow

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