The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World – Witty, exciting, exciting and rich urban murals adorn the walls of cities around the world. However, with the growing presence of street art in galleries, many feel that street art is becoming “tamed” and losing its urban identity. Artsper takes to the streets to find 10 street artists you need to know.

Obviously, we can’t approach the topic of street art without mentioning Banksy. Combining politics, humor and poetry with stencils of children, soldiers and even monkeys, Banksy’s murals have become an essential reference point for any street artist. With the help of provocative images, the enigmatic Banksy creates very attractive works of art.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Alexandro Farto, also known as Wils, is a Portuguese street artist born in 1987. While fame exploded when Banksy invited him

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In 2008. The artist travels the world creating his monumental frescoes and revolutionizing work with templates. He approaches graffiti with various tools and materials, including scissors or even hammers.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Belgian artist ROA mainly works in Europe and the USA. The street artist creates huge black and white murals that most of the time depict animals such as rodents or birds. His work explores the classification of species and living organisms.

Eduardo Cobra is a Brazilian artist who began his career in 1987. Cobra transforms cityscapes into colorful murals that often carry political messages warning of the consequences of global warming and deforestation. Kobra’s kaleidoscopic work has earned him a place of honor in the world of street art.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

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You may have seen various “dangers” decorating the walls of Paris or Los Angeles. These popular video game characters were created by an artist who hides behind the pixelated faces of his characters, never revealing his true identity. Since the late 90s, Invader has been turning the streets into an urban homage to 80s video games by invading public spaces with vintage digital reality.

He is an American street artist and graffiti enthusiast. In the early 2000s, Sean Parker, the founder of Napster, commissioned Chow to decorate Facebook’s headquarters in Silicon Valley. As a reward for his murals, Parker offered Chow cash or stock in the company, and despite his mistrust of the startup, he chose stock in the company. Like Chow’s artwork, Facebook has become astronomically famous, and Chow’s stock options are now worth over $200 million.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

At the heart of every existentialist argument is the question: who or what is behind YOUR? However, when it comes to the street artist, we know that he was born in California and started his career in the mid-90s. ABOVE now travels the world painting his artist name in multiple languages ​​on walls around the world. His brightly colored frescoes are accompanied by arrows that always point in one particular direction; and we’re sure you can guess where.

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(“The street is the largest art gallery in the world”). The artist has earned worldwide recognition for his black and white works, often exhibiting them in favelas and slums. In an effort to showcase the underrepresented, JR even made a film dedicated to women called Women Are Heroes.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Using wheat paste, Swoon creates life-size murals with highly detailed figures. Her work is often displayed on abandoned buildings throughout New York and deals with social, political and environmental injustice.

Her creations are a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, especially Japanese and American aesthetics. AIKO’s work celebrates not only urban art, but also femininity, pop art, abstraction and modern Japanese style.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

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Artsper, founded in 2013, is an online platform for contemporary art. Working with 1,800 professional art galleries worldwide, it makes discovering and acquiring art accessible to everyone. There’s no denying the impact that graffiti has had on urban culture since graffiti went global in the mid-1980s.

Expanding far beyond their birthplace on the US East Coast, graffiti artists eager to stand out from the crowd needed to get their names out there as much as possible.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

While it’s great to produce high-quality, stylish work, it’s usually not enough for graffiti writers to achieve notoriety or legendary status.

Things You Need To Know: Street Art

Being a famous graffiti artist is a quantity. Bonus points if you have style and/or constantly draw hard-to-reach or dangerous places.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Note: There are thousands of notorious graffiti artists. This list is based on the author’s opinion and available information.

Klops started his graffiti career back in 2010 and since then he is known for his unique approach to graffiti.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Banksy Biography & Artwork

Klops is not a typical graffiti writer who constantly repeats his thoughts. He’s not afraid to mix different styles or add his iconic cartoon characters.

Klops also keeps the writing clean and legible, so don’t expect hard-to-read wild letters anytime soon.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Although his homeland is the United States of America, his graffiti reaches far beyond its borders. He is known to have traveled to South America and Europe to contact other writers about street explosions.

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Of The Best Mural Artists In The World

Vekman (aka Vek, Vek, Vekboy) is a member of the infamous Russian OSM team. The graffiti team consists of the most famous graffiti writers from Russia, Eastern Europe and other countries.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Weckman is known for documenting his graffiti missions on his YouTube channel. On his channel you can find everything from street signs, throwaways, railway tracks and train explosions, including graffiti reviews.

His brash approach to putting his name everywhere is what earns him a spot on this list.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

The Best Graffiti Across All Of America

In a male-dominated subculture, Lady K is an artist who makes us think twice about the person behind the label.

Hailing from Paris, Lady K has been painting since the 90s and has made a name for herself ever since.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Like most graffiti artists active at the time, Lady K was inspired by the New York subway scene. She was inspired by writers featured in graffiti books and documentaries such as Subway Art and Style Wars.

The Best Street Art Around Los Angeles

She can throw down crazy, intricate full-color graffiti art, and she’s also not afraid to hit the street chips in front of an audience.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Rens is undoubtedly one of Copenhagen’s most notorious graffiti legends, having played a major role in promoting Copenhagen’s train bombing scene in the 80s.

Like the start of many graffiti careers, the graffiti media that emerged in New York in the 1980s inspired a generation of graffiti writers around the world.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

South American Urban Artists

From real letters to tags and throws, Rens can do it all. He is also part of the infamous TAV team, which stands for The A-Line Vandals (Favorite Bombing Rail Line).

Rens still attracts odd jobs to this day, so keep an eye out if you’re ever in Copenhagen (or anywhere in the world, really).

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Hailing from Paris, Kidult is not your typical graffiti writer. His destructive art style mixed with activism sets him apart from other graffiti artists who only care about getting their name out there.

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Kidult is notorious for raiding the windows of luxury fashion retailers in cities around the world such as Paris and New York. His primary damage tool is a paint-filled fire extinguisher, which allows him to lay down large, rapid marks.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

His latest stunt came after Balenciaga stole Kidult’s graffiti style and used it on a handbag. To which he reacted by wishing them a “Happy Crisis” (picture below).

If you’ve been hitting the UK motorways in the past few years, I can almost guarantee you’ve seen a piece of Helch on your journey.

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The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Jean Michel Basquiat, From Street Artist To Star Of The Art Scene

Throughout the UK, but particularly in and around London, Helch has been at the forefront of the rollerblading graffiti scene alongside other artists such as 2WINS, Man and Artik.

Helch’s infamous status came after he made national news in the UK for painting a 60ft figure on a viaduct near Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s royal residences.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Seen is the first of many New York legends to appear on this list – and for good reason. He was one of the most notorious graffiti writers of the 70s and early 80s, and now enjoys legendary status alongside other artists of his time.

Of The Best Street Art Cities In The World

Wieden is known for his work on New York City subway trains, which led him to the iconic book The Art of the Subway by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

From simple letters to tags and throws, Seen can do just about anything. No wonder he is called the godfather of graffiti.

Cap was one of the most famous artists of his era for his blatantly irreverent approach to graffiti.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Best Cities To See Street Art In Europe

During the “Golden Era of Graffiti” between the 1970s and 1980s in New York City, Cap was notorious for tagging his name over the artwork of other graffiti artists on the New York City subway system.

His quick regurgitation of two colors was a sign of disrespect to the artists who spent hours painting the parts in different colors at the depot.

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

His approach to graffiti at the time caused a lot of controversy with other writers constantly picking up when they could.

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Capping is so influential in graffiti culture that even today redrawing other people’s graffiti is called “capping.”

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

Taki 183 is known as one of the first graffiti artists in New York since he started making his name around the city as a foot courier in the late 60s and early 70s.

He gained infamous status in 1971 when The New

The Best Graffiti Artist In The World

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