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Soft Music For Office Work – Does Mozart Make You Smarter? Can opening a page increase your productivity? The truth, it turns out, is difficult. To get to the bottom of this deep dilemma of performance, I researched what sounds best for productivity, debunked the myths, and compiled the best tracks for each genre. So fire up your laptop and plug in your headphones, because we’re going to find your favorite playlist. Research and Activity Playlists Level 1. Toddlers You’ve probably seen many “Mozart for Babies” CDs that claim your newborn is a genius. What is that? This is called the “Mozart effect,” a term coined in the 1990s by a study published in the journal Nature in 1993. In the research paper “Music and Spatial Performance,” it was shown by Frances Rauscher, Gordon Shaw, and Catherine Kee in small results from an experiment with 39 college students: After listening to a Mozart sonata (K.448) for 10 minutes, the scores of students. based on space tests (folded pieces of paper to look at and imagine how they will look when opened). The effect – which the study authors did not call the “Mozart effect” – lasts 10-15 minutes. These findings led to many claims about the ability of Mozart’s music to increase cognition. And while it may seem a little off, past relationships show some promise. For example, a 2001 literature review found evidence that listening to Mozart’s music can improve short-term spatial perception but not general comprehension. The researchers concluded, “Improved spatial thinking ability after listening to 10 minutes of Mozart’s music has been reported by some, but not all, researchers.” Additionally, people with dementia can benefit from listening to Mozart’s K.448. You may not know much about Mozart, but the next time you want to boost your brain power, you should try this song: Mozart – Sonata for Two Pianos, D 448: The Sonata That Started It All. This is the exact piece that was played to participants in the original Mozart Effect study. Mozart for work: If you’re tired of K.448, this list expands to more of Mozart’s sonatas. Classics for Investing: What ties you to Mozart? This Spotify playlist features greats from Vivaldi to Beethoven to Bach. 2. Coffee Shop Sound If classical music isn’t your thing, try coffee shop effects. Although the new style of coffee equipment may increase productivity, some studies suggest that the benefits are related to sound. How? Through a process called stochastic resonance, some background noise can enhance performance, while extremes can degrade it. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that ambient noise from a roadside restaurant improved creativity, but low or high levels reduced it. The authors of the study say: “Our results suggest that instead of burying yourself in a quiet room trying to find a solution, by leaving the comfort zone and entering into a very noisy environment (like a coffee shop) can stimulate the brain to think. otherwise, creative ideas will emerge.” Noise levels and types vary from person to person, but this may be why you find the background of a coffee conversation with cups. Ready to find your happy voice? Give every coffee shop a playlist! 8 Hours of Night Rain Turns the Coffee Shop: Light rain, smooth jazz and beautiful scenery combine to make my listening (and watches!) fun. Coffee shop cries for learning and attention: If you want a lively atmosphere, this eight-hour soundtrack from coffee shops is for you. Listen carefully and you may catch some funny stones, more than 18 espressos “in cold brew” at 4:29:50. A warm rainy day around a coffee shop: Soft conversations, raindrops, and the occasional clink of cups make this hour-long soundtrack even better. 3. Ambient Music The calm and soothing sounds of ambient music are perfect for music lovers. In a 2021 Spotify survey of 4,000 adults in the US and UK, 69% of respondents chose ambient music as the best for studying, with 67% saying slow beats were the most important. . At the time of writing, here are Spotify’s popular ambient music playlists Focus Hub: Deep Focus: “Ambient and Rock Music” to distract and focus. Lofi Beats: Good beats and a chance for low notes (if any). Chill Lofi Study Beats: The full name. It’s a simple listening tool to get your brain working deep. 4. Motivational Exercises There are many studies on the benefits of motivational music centers on physical activity. A 2020 study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that listening to high-pitched music (170-190 seconds) stimulates physical activity, thereby improving performance. Additionally, a study at the 2003 American Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Association Annual Meeting found that listening to loud music while cycling increased participants’ exercise performance; the speed of the music, the speed of the walk. Can these findings in exercise transfer to desk-related work? There’s only one way to find out! 180BPM Equipment: If you need some powerful music to boost your productivity, this Spotify playlist brings the heat with a variety of music tracks. Damo Running 180BPM (Instrumental): Do you want to feel like a war hero at the end of the movie? This could be the playlist for you. Most of Spotify’s “Epic” songs are fast, loud and big, but without annoying lyrics! 190BPM For Fans: If you want to pick up the pace, this playlist contains songs, all at 190 beats per minute, so you don’t get distracted. 5. The sound of nature Few of us go for a forest bath in the middle of the workday. But thankfully, just listening to the birds chirping and the rustling of the leaves can soothe those frayed nerves, so let’s dive right in. A 2015 study by the Acoustical Society of America found that the sound of mountain streams increased the mood and productivity of workers in an open-plan office. The sample size was small, with only 12 participants. Additionally, a 2017 study by the University of Sussex found that natural sounds can help you relax if you’re feeling stressed. Interestingly, for participants who were already relaxed, listening to natural sounds increased their stress levels. Feel free to skip these recordings if you’re feeling down! It’s a spring morning and the sound of water by the sea: the lake lapping at the shore, and the birds sing in the background in this eight-hour soundtrack. Bluebell Woods – English Forest – Birdsong – Beautiful Scenery Video and Sounds: Lots of birds and leaves rustling in the wind. Nature Sounds Playlist by Spotify: This playlist contains a variety of songs that follow the sounds of birds, rain, and rivers. 6. Pink and white noise Strong colors indicate sound quality. For example, white noise, when all frequencies are played at the same time with equal intensity, sounds louder than pink noise. Both sounds are useful for memory. In a 2017 study published in Scientific Reports, participants who listened to white noise while learning new words remembered the new words better than those who learned they were silent. Researchers have determined that noise can increase the ability to learn new words. Pink noise has been shown to have memory-enhancing effects. In a study published in Frontiers in Human Neurochemistry, adults who listened to soft noise while sleeping had better memory in a later test. According to Psychiatrist Dr. Suruchi Chandra, hearing pink noise through transcranial brain stimulation has shown positive results for his patients. “Many of our patients have seen improvements in many areas, including mood, motivation, focus, sleep and brain fog,” said Dr. Chandra writes. “Patients often describe an increased feeling, more happy and relaxed, after the first 4-5 sessions of stimulation of the pink tone.” Remember that the pink noise that Dr. Chandra recorded was delivered through electrodes placed on a person’s head. Even if you don’t have access to that kind of therapy, it doesn’t hurt to listen to pink noise on Spotify! White Noise for ADHD, Concentration and Focus: This is more than just white noise on your Spotify playlist. He also has a brown voice (bar

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