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Most of us lead two lives. One Life takes place in the real world, where we move from one place to another, meeting other creatures along the way. Communication and interaction happens in real time.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Resume Builder From Linkedin

A second life is lived online. Here we create a digital version of ourselves with various online profiles, articles, photo posts, etc.

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We sometimes communicate with others through social networks and courier services. And we’re always just a short search or a few clicks away from the billions of other people who live on the internet.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

So what about sociology class? The point I’m trying to make is that job seekers these days need to take a hard look at their digital selves because it’s almost certain that employers will be looking for them online.

Your online profile cuts the job search both ways. Those Facebook photos of your wild weekend in Ibiza may not show you in the most professional light, so make sure they aren’t posted for everyone to see.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Best Online Resume Builder For Tech Jobs In 2023

At the same time, you can take steps to ensure that your professional image is supported online. LinkedIn is undoubtedly your best friend when it comes to increasing your chances of getting hired through social media.

But LinkedIn will only help you if you know how to use it to your advantage. And here we will say. We’ll tell you how to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

A few years ago, LinkedIn discontinued the builder service. Instead, you can now upload your LinkedIn profile as a PDF file or share it via a link. This may seem like a tempting shortcut to building your resume.

Free Resume Builder: Create A Professional Resume Online

We’re all about simplicity and efficiency, especially since that’s what makes our resume stand out. But simple doesn’t always mean effective. And it’s a hassle to export or share your resume directly on LinkedIn.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

We’ve said it many times before: an effective resume should be tailored to specific job opportunities. When applying for a job, you should focus on convincing the employer that your skills and experience match the job requirements.

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Unless you plan to update the content of your LinkedIn profile with each job you do, the content you send out will not be tailored to the needs of potential employers.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Intuitive And Professional Resume Builder

You will send the employer a long list of previous jobs and experience that may or may not be relevant to the potential position.

A better strategy than using your LinkedIn profile as a resume is to use it as the starting point for a specific, customized resume.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Another beauty of LinkedIn is that you have unlimited space to list all the great things you’ve done in previous roles, as well as other skills and accomplishments.

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Then, when it comes to applying for a particular job, you can pull things from your LinkedIn profile that you think are relevant to the position you’re applying for. Of course, some adjustments may be necessary.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Once you have your resume, be sure to include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your resume. This way, you can encourage the employer to find out more about you.

Like all social media sites, LinkedIn has various privacy and visibility options. When you go to your LinkedIn profile page, you will find a button in the upper right corner called “Edit Public Profile and URL.”

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Free Online Resume Maker, Resume Builder 2023

Here you will find the option to choose who can see your profile, including your LinkedIn contacts, other LinkedIn members, or the public who can find your profile through a Google search.

Here you also have the option to create a short, custom URL for your LinkedIn profile. This will use the format It is recommended to change it from the default long link.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Try to choose something short so it’s easy for employers to remember and fits well when included on your resume or other social media accounts.

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By building inbound links to your LinkedIn profile, adding a profile link to your social media accounts, blog or other sites, companies and employers will have additional opportunities to find you.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Let’s assume that every employer will eventually find their way to your LinkedIn profile. With that in mind, you want to put your best (digital) foot forward. Just like your resume, your LinkedIn profile needs to stand out in order to stand out.

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As already mentioned, you can include more content on your LinkedIn profile than on your resume. So, you can take full advantage and complete as many profile features as possible.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

How To Put Linkedin On Your Resume

LinkedIn will give you reminders of the missing sites to help strengthen your profile.

On a more general note, here are some tips for improving your LinkedIn profile to support your job search.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Yes, it helps to put a face to the name. Choose a professional photo that is suitable for employers. Attach it to a photo on your CV if you have one.

Linkedin Import Improvements

When editing your profile, you have the option to select a title below your name. This will show up in a Google search if an employer tries to search for your name.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

The default setting is to show the title of your current job in the title, but you can change it to be mandatory or show more than just your job.

For example, if you are an experienced engineer, you may want to use something like this instead of your current job title

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Turn Your Linkedin Into A Beautiful Custom Resume With Cakeresume

The summary section is your chance to give people a clear picture of who you are, what you can offer, and what drives you.

Unlike the summary statement, the LinkedIn summary is long and allows you to create a strong picture of yourself using many words.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Make sure you use keywords that are relevant to your field. It shows your expertise, but it is also valuable for search engine optimization, helping your name to be associated with certain Google search terms.

Linkedin Headline Generator

Because your resume is limited in area, you can’t include all of your amazing work or educational achievements. However, you can add these items to your LinkedIn profile.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Review the options and don’t be afraid to add sections that you think might support your job search. You can use these sections to expand on what you might cover in your resume or cover letter.

For example, if you mention a specific project or work result in a job application, you can upload content related to that work to your LinkedIn profile so that employers can see it for themselves.

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Resume Builder From Linkedin

Online Resume Builder

Don’t miss the importance of this simple information. For privacy reasons, you may not want to include your phone number or email directly in this section, unless you limit the visibility of your profile to personal contacts only.

But if you have a personal blog, website or portfolio link that you want employers to see, it can be posted here.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

One thing you definitely won’t be able to add to your resume is a series of recommendations from current or former colleagues.

Linkedin Profile Review With A Chrome Extension

However, on LinkedIn, when you add a specific skill to your profile, people in your network can find that skill. These tips can reassure potential employers that you practice what you preach.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

You can ask your LinkedIn contacts to endorse these skills, or you can ask them to write a full recommendation that will be included in your profile.

This referral is a great way to boost your credibility and will support any legal references you may submit as part of your job application.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

Professional Resume Builder

A well-designed and professional LinkedIn profile may not be part of a formal application requirement, but it is a valuable informal source of information for potential employers.

It’s a good idea to point employers directly to your profile by including a LinkedIn link on your resume.

Resume Builder From Linkedin

But even if you don’t, they will look you up online. When they do, show them that you’re more than just your resume or cover letter.

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Resume Builder From Linkedin

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