Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Professional Ear Plugs For MusiciansMusicians have unique needs when it comes to hearing protection. They need to protect their hearing, but they also need to be able to clearly hear their own music, as well as the music and voices of other musicians when they play.

Traditional store-bought earplugs are ideal for hearing protection. However, they often provide musicians with too much protection, muffled speech and sound in the process. They make music and voices sound very muffled and unnatural. While traditional hearing protection can reduce very high frequencies, musicians generally do not need this type of hearing protection.

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Most musicians do not need maximum protection. What they need is low-mid frequency protection. This is possible with headphones designed for musicians.

The Best Earplugs For Concerts In 2023

Musician’s earmuffs are available in both fitted and non-fitted options. Off-the-shelf musician earplugs reduce volume by about 20 decibels, enough to reduce unwanted sounds without distorting speech or music.

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

These types of earplugs are deep enough to allow the mold to seal the bony portion of the ear canal. This deep application reduces the so-called blocking, hollowness or hum in the musician’s voice that can sometimes occur with lower quality headphones. These types of deep-fitting earmuffs are popular with musicians because they allow them to hear quality sound while practicing and performing.

For musicians playing to large audiences, in-ear monitor earphones (IEMs) are the current standard in musician technology. They allow musicians to hear the music they perform as clearly as the audience, while protecting the musician’s ears from extremely loud PA systems and the audience.

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Minuendo: Introducing The Newest Kind Of Earplugs For Musicians

IEMs work best if they are custom molded to fit each musician’s ear. However, there is still an option for general purpose music monitors. Universal IEMs often come with interchangeable foam or silicone ear cups for a semi-custom fit.

Both earmolds and IEMs can be custom-made (using molds) to fit the unique shape of your ear, usually by an audiologist or hearing care professional.

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Molds for making earmuffs or in-ear monitors are the most important part of getting a good custom fit. The quality of the materials and technology of the mold directly affects the sound quality, sound insulation and comfort of the mold.

Pro High Fidelity Earplugs

Because this part of the process is so important, be sure to hire someone who is experienced and trained in making impressions for high-quality musician earplugs. Most audiologists are trained in this process and know the importance of proper fitting.

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Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Talk to your audiologist about their experience fitting earmuffs and IEMs for musicians and your options for high-quality professional hearing protection. We may monetize the products offered on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more >

Concert headphones are the MVP of personal accessories: they’re easy to use, comfortable and, most importantly, protect your hearing while allowing you to enjoy performances in full, mind-blowing fidelity. If you spend time listening to concerts, work or play in noisy environments, or are just looking to isolate yourself and get some peace, earplugs are a must. It’s all about finding the best concert headphones for you.

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

These Earplugs Are Great For People Who Are Sensitive To Sound

When we listen to music at maximum volume, we are subject to what audiologists call “distraction factors.” Your favorite song blasting through your headphones is never too loud, but the sound of a jackhammer across the street is unbearable—often, they’re just as dangerous.

People are psychologically attuned to loud sounds they like — like music — and believe that if the sound doesn’t hurt, it won’t hurt them. But as anyone who has woken up with tinnitus after a show knows, that’s not the case. Fortunately, protecting your hearing is an easy, affordable solution, as we present to you in our roundup of the best listening gigs for 2023.

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Let’s be real: Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent. It creeps up on you slowly, painlessly; by the time you realize there’s a problem, it’s often too late to do anything about it. Making a bad decision now could come back to haunt you decades later: just ask Dave Grohl, Jucifer (the underground duo whose battle with hearing loss inspired the movie The Sound of Metal) or countless artists who have spoken for their severe problems with hearing impairments from spending their entire careers at 11.

The Best Earplugs For Concerts, Commutes, And Everyday Trying Not To Go Deaf

Noise-induced hearing damage manifests itself in a variety of insidious ways, from muffled high pitches and frequency drops to tinnitus, persistent ringing or buzzing in the ears. But the good news is that this type of hearing loss is almost always preventable. All you need is basic ear protection.

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Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Sound-induced hearing loss occurs as a result of sudden sound damage (such as a blast) or prolonged exposure to high intensities. The general rule is that the louder the sound and the longer the exposure, the greater the risk of hearing loss. For example, according to decibel exposure time guidelines, an 8-hour exposure to a sound level of 85 decibels (equivalent to street noise) is considered safe, but at 100 decibels (the sound level of a typical rock concert), the safe time exposure limit is 15 minutes. (Free sound measurement apps like Decibel X can measure ambient noise and help manage your exposure.)

The lifelong audiophile and musician is a lifelong advocate of hearing protection; we’ve compared our own experience with headphones over the years, including many of the products here. It is difficult to measure the actual level of attenuation provided by earmuffs without specialized equipment, so for this we rely on the specifications provided. But we were able to evaluate fit and comfort in different ears and in different scenarios, and tested features like fit as much as possible. Since hearing loss is a medical condition, we consulted audiologists who are also musicians for their advice on dealing with the unique hazards of the concert environment.

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Custom Earplugs For Musicians

At the risk of sounding like a mysterious aunt, no one can protect your hearing but you. Start your journey to a safer, more enjoyable concert experience with our guide to the best earplugs.

Why we love it: These affordable silicone tips feel great in your ears and offer balanced attenuation for a more natural sound usually only found on more expensive models.

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Many earplugs, including the disposable foam models that come standard, do a good job of attenuating noise, but end up blocking far more highs than lows, resulting in that dull, low-pitched tone that makes you want to take them out of your ears you. The perennial favorite Eargasm hi-fi headphones include filters that remove attenuation—it’s like turning down the overall volume knob, not just the treble. The tapered triple-flange design of the ear easily secures a seal in the ear canal, which is critical for effective protection. And, two shells are included in the package, allowing you to perfect the perfect fit. The included waterproof aluminum case attaches to a key ring for easy portability. A Smaller Ears model is also available, as well as a Slide model that offers adjustable attenuation—a feature usually only found on higher-end models.

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Ear Plugs W/ Custom Elf Case

For a less expensive option, consider Mack’s Hear Plugs Flanged Silicone Ear Plugs, which use an open membrane filtration system for clear, natural sound across the frequency range.

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Why they’re on the list: These popular models offer adjustable dimming—and they look so cool you can convince your kids to wear them.

There aren’t many headphones that double as a fashion accessory. The Loop Experience Pro breaks the mold, so to speak, offering powerful, high-fidelity hearing protection in a sleek, jewelry-inspired housing that looks more stylish than the orange foam pads stuck to your ears. Obviously looks have nothing to do with hearing protection, but we’re fans of anything that adds to the coolness of headphones if it inspires you (or your kids) to wear them.

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

The 13 Best Earplugs To Protect Your Hearing In The Rave

The Loop Experience Pro headphones attenuate sound evenly across the entire frequency range; two removable Loop Mute silicone filters allow you to adjust the attenuation (-18 dB or -23 dB) to your environment and preference, within the self-titled “loop” The resonant chamber helps optimize sound quality.

The Loop Experience Pro Kit includes four silicone eartips, three foam eartips, two sets of Loop Mute filters and a plastic carrying case. Models come in a variety of colors and metallic finishes (silver, pictured above) and can be cleaned with soap and water. The silent version, without the adjustable filter, set at -27dB (red above), is only $20. If flash isn’t your thing, try the completely transparent Eardial headphones, which practically disappear in your ears.

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Why we love it: Get the perfect level of sound attenuation and the perfect fit with these highly customizable passive headphones.

Musician Series Blk Ear Plugs

Designed and manufactured in Norway, the Minuendo silicone earplugs are billed as the first passive (non-electronic) earplugs to offer “step” sound attenuation. (As someone who can’t live without actively adjustable headphones, the “battery drain” struggle is real.)

Professional Ear Plugs For Musicians

Unlike many headphones in this category, these include switches or removable filters to increase or decrease the volume

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