Popular Clothing In The 70s

Popular Clothing In The 70s – The 70s meant hippies, disco queens, rockers, punks and retro nerds, beautifully captured by Yves Saint Laurent, Emilio Pucci, Stephen Burroughs and Halston in styles that have continued to rock the industry.

70s clothing styles, showcased by Bianca Jagger, Diana Ross, Cher, Debbie Harry, Farrah Fawcett, Grace Jones, Jane Birkin, Ali McGrath and Diane Keaton, continue to take the world by storm.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Popular Clothing In The 70s

In this article, we’ll explore the best 70s fashion looks and styles still seen on the streets of London, Paris and New York.

Fashion Fads Of The ’60s & ’70s

A major inspiration for the fashion styles of the early 1970s were freedom fighter hippies and flower power movement shapers such as Ali McGraw.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Porter’s signature ’70s clothing is popular with current celebrities who dress in bohemian styles, such as Kate Moss, Zoe Kravitz, Beyoncé and Jon Ambrose.

One of the most recognizable looks of the 1970s, hippie fashion was first and foremost a form of protest.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Outfits That Define 70’s Style

Accessories vary by outfit, from large necklaces to brightly colored bracelets and, in some cases, mood and anxiety rings.

Sold at very affordable prices in every store, there were shoes for every occasion and every outfit, from flared pants to business suits, and even shoes for bohemian outfits.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Some of the most popular shoes of the 70s were pointy-toe knee-high boots, goo-goo boots, crinkle boots (boots with a shiny, wet look), goofy boots, and fry boots.

This Wild Paper Clothing Trend Of The 1960s Was The Early Version Of Fast Fashion

Another popular type of 70s boot was the granny boot, a fashionable 1920s lace-up boot that ended just below the knee.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

In the 60s, wearing a pantsuit was more of a political statement than a fashion statement, a sign of solidarity with growing feminist politics.

One of the most notable is Bianca Jagger – the Nicaraguan actress who became a social and human rights defender thanks to her pantsuits and ties.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

S Fashion Designers That Paved The Way

By the late 1970s, the pantsuit had become the preferred business attire of female executives, as a new symbol of power proving they were as serious and powerful as the men they shared the office with.

Casual suits made of different colors, washes and shades of material began to appear in the late 1960s, marketed as casual summer wear for the wealthy.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

It was especially the “leisure suit style”, consisting of a denim jacket and matching trousers for casual wear, which gained popularity in the mid-1970s, especially the blue denim leisure suits faded.

S Fashion Men: How To Create 1970s Retro Look

Composed of a fitted jacket and trousers, the front of the jacket features traditional denim topstitching and is embellished with pockets.

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Popular Clothing In The 70s

From 1960s sailor uniforms to mainstream fashion, this style became popular in the 1970s.

Similar to loafers but made of denim, bell bottoms (also known as bell bottoms) became fashion icons after Sonny and Cher featured them on “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.”

Popular Clothing In The 70s

The Best ’70s Style Clothing To Wear Right Now (35+ Must Have Styles!)

The most popular bell bottoms of the 70s had wide flares below the knee, in a style that often covered boots.

Some of the most common sweater vest designs of the 70s were diamond-patterned, but variations were popular, such as v-neck or crew-neck stripes.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

This trend has translated into sweater coats, sweater dresses, long sweaters and even sweater suits, many of which are trimmed with faux fur.

Most Popular Fashion Trends From Year You Were Born, 1950s To Present

From the elegance of peacetime paisley prints to the bright turbans of Studio 54, the 1970s ruled.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Wrapped around the head and adorned with rare brooches and exquisite jewelry, turbans were the latest fashion statement of the time in flamboyant colors and smokey eye makeup.

Many 70s jumpsuits were flared at the legs with different styles of sleeves, from sleeveless to long bell sleeves.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

S Fashion & Style Icons

Women’s Wear Daily first used the term hotpants in the 1970s to describe shorts made in luxury fabrics such as velvet and satin for fashion wear.

However, by the second half of the 1970s, hot pants were associated with prostitution, plagued by social stigma which caused them to fall out of use.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Although clothing made from peasant clothing is not new, the “folk look” or “folk fashion” was first used around the 1970s.

The Unforgettable 70s And 80s

The term was used to describe a style of dress inspired by classic village clothing and peasant clothing.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Followers of the look wore simple clothing based on European peasant clothing, American pioneer clothing, and ethnic styles.

Peasant shirts and dresses of the 1970s were loose, baggy and easy to sew, worn with sandals, clogs or boots.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Charlie’s Angel — The Current List

Tie-dye and crochet were all the rage in the 70s, and many dresses and dresses these days feature both trends in one.

From dresses to bags and tops, the crochet trend was wildly popular, seen as a romantic and feminine idea with a summery twist.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

At the same time, the rock and heavy metal subculture favors earth-toned tie-dye shirts, like those worn on stage by Jethro Tull or Led Zeppelin.

Flashback Fashion: Celebrities Rocking Retro

The disco music genre emerged in the mid-70s, creating a unique fashion craze that continues today.

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Popular Clothing In The 70s

Young people congregate in nightclubs dressed in disco attire and styles designed to show off their bodies in the lights of the dance floor.

The style of 70s disco fashion included fancy dresses made of synthetic materials, such as jersey wrap dresses and knee-length dresses with cinched waists.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

That ’70s Fashion Show

Additionally, belted dresses flattered all body types and could be worn in the office by day and to nightclubs and discos by night.

In the 70s, the platform shoe, introduced by music stars, was another way to display style and good taste.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Stacked shoes dominated the fashion decade of the 70s with many variations, from metallic leather glam rock to clog-like shapes and simple wide-strap sandal styles.

Shop The ’70s Street Style Trend

Teenagers in the 70s paired platform shoes with colorful knee-high socks, often brightly striped, some with separate glove-like legs for the feet, called ankle socks.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

After denim jackets and sweater vests, collared sweaters were a great alternative to more formal styles.

In bold colors and patterns, 70s knitwear was still present in recent years, but in a slightly more muted look, perhaps evolving into classic 80s fashion looks.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

A Short Study In 70s Monochrome — Unpublished

Pearls came into fashion at the start of the 20th century; However, the difficulty of obtaining it and the prohibitive prices meant that very few women could afford it.

With the advent of mass-produced faux pearls in the 70s, every woman could buy pearls in earrings, necklaces or bracelets.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Some of the most popular pearls of the 70s were in bright pastel colors instead of plain white, paired with pale satin, Raquel Welch-style evening dresses.

Men’s 70s Fashion Trends You Should Wear Today (and How To Do It)

While in the 70s, some special shoes were made of fur, mainly feathers, such as ostrich, marabou, chandel and turkey.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Once a symbol of wealth, the feather boa took on a theatrical, campy aesthetic in the ’70s, often featured by Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and Elton John.

As gender-neutral clothing was popularized and celebrated in the 1970s, the trend spawned an unexpected phenomenon outside of unisex fashion.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Influential Women Designers In Fashion History

This was the era of uniform clothing, where matching clothes and separate clothes were worn by men and women (as a couple).

With a military history – worn as a lightweight uniform for warmer climates – the safari suit was designed for African safaris and similar travel for the wealthy.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Popularized by Ernest Hemingway in 1950s fashion, the safari costume was chosen by celebrities, filmmakers, cameramen, writers and journalists in the 70s for its casual yet rugged look after creative outdoor adventures.

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S Mens Clothing

Made from a cotton blend, the safari-style look, also known as a ‘bush jacket’ and ‘field suit’, was very comfortable in wet and hot conditions.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Glitter rock, also called glitter rock, is a musical movement born in England in the early 1970s.

Androgynous 70s glam rock fashion included embroidered shirts, velvet sport coats, tartans, colorful shawls worn as collars like tuxedo jackets, frilly shirts, high neck jackets, cotton shirts satin with large necks and drain pipes.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Hip Vintage 1970s Dresses, Skirts, Pantsuits & Other Fab Retro Fashion For Women

Styled in a layered shag, the flaky style – also known as “wings” – the hair resembles a small wing at the temples, stars of the TV series Charlie Engels popularized the 70s gypsy hairstyle.

In 1977, Blondie punk singer Debbie Harry started a new trend with her shoulder-length platinum blonde hair worn with long bangs.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Initially, briefs were introduced as a piece worn to prevent intimate undergarments such as panties or bras from showing through.

The 1970’s Was A Great Time For Fashion And Clothing! Also The Decade Where Men Weren’t Afraid Of Showing Their Chest Hair & Gender Fluid Clothing!

But, in the 70s, thanks to Diana Ross, the boudoir-inspired satin slip became part of the trend for outerwear as an undergarment, worn at parties and social events.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

Crafted from layered chiffon, polyester satin, and charmeuse, often trimmed with lace, satin dresses defined sartorial pragmatism in the ’70s.

This trend gained popularity again in the fashion of the 90s and is still found in today’s fashion trends.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

S Men’s Clothing Ads Reveal The Cringe Worthy Fashion Fads Of The Disco Decade

Styles from the 1970s are easy to recognize today thanks to the high waist and full cut through the hips and thighs.

Popular in the early 70s, flared jeans weren’t tapered to a narrow leg, either at the leg or just above, also known as “baggies”.

Popular Clothing In The 70s

It was then that Levi’s 505 jeans became popular, especially in the music scene, a trend that propelled the brand into 80s fashion and the 90s fashion decade.

S Fashion For Men

Popularized by Jane Burkin in the 1970s – the image of reality

Popular Clothing In The 70s

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