Photography As A Fine Art

Photography As A Fine Art – According to Jones, a photograph can never be compared to a painting on a gallery wall. But O’Hagan argues that it shouldn’t be: photography is its own medium, separate from other art forms, but does not deserve recognition.

In the five years since that debate, art photography has left its mark on established institutions and up-and-coming galleries. History museums have opened new photography wings, and new photography museums have been created around the world. “[There are] more photography festivals than ever in a month,” O’Hagan wrote months ago.

Photography As A Fine Art

Photography As A Fine Art

Fine art, and art that developed at that time. But in a field full of possibility, what separates the great artists from the rest? In addition to 500px ambassador Taya Ivanova, we asked respected New York City galleries, Fine Arts owner Daniel Cooney Daniel Cooney and Foley Gallery owner Michael Foley for their insights and tips on tapping into this ever-changing genre.

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According to these three experts, the number one trait that all great fine art photographers share is a unique perspective. This doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel, but it does mean you have to be willing to risk yourself in some way. “What drives my interest is when you put everything on the line,” explains Michael. “It’s often vulnerable or personal work.”

Photography As A Fine Art

If a photo is scary and exciting because it says something about who you are, you’ve struck gold. We all have thoughts, fantasies, and taboos that we hide from view — art can illuminate them in mysterious and powerful ways.

Sometimes, the easiest way to think and find your voice is to stand in front of the camera, not behind it. “Most of my photos are self-portraits,” says Taya. “Photography has taught me to be more compassionate, to feel comfortable in my own skin, and has pushed me to find beauty in every part of my life.

Photography As A Fine Art

What Is Fine Art Photography — Types Of Photography Explained

“One of the best things it has given me is the ability to connect with other people. I’ve noticed that anyone, artist or not, can easily tell when they see that I share a lot of emotional photos of myself.”

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You can get naked like Nan Goldin, or you can dress up and play Cindy Sherman. Maybe you took one photo and moved on, or maybe you’ve spent decades perfecting the art of self-portrait. The main thing is to know yourself as a person and as a photographer. When asked why she takes pictures of herself, Francesca Woodman famously replied, “I always do.”

Photography As A Fine Art

After decades in the business, Daniel and Michael have agreed that there is no way to be an artist. Even commercial photography can enter the world of fine art with the right goals and circumstances. William Eggleston began shooting color transparency films when they were widely used for advertising; In fact, the art world considers color “vulgar”. Michael said, “Eggleston had a lasting impact because of it, and most importantly, he probably didn’t even know he was doing it.”

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So if someone’s camera, lens, film, or style doesn’t match their art, make sure it’s faulty. “I wish I had experimented earlier in my career,” explains Taya. “If your favorite genre is fine art, that’s great. But don’t let that limit you. Try landscapes, macro photography, surrealism, fashion photography, etc. If I were to describe ‘fine art’ in one word, I’d call it mind-blowing open If all photos are taken in a certain way, like They can be considered fine art.

Photography As A Fine Art

When Taya first started, she had a phone with a 2 megapixel camera and it worked flawlessly. Unusual or underrated tools make great gifts. Man Ray didn’t even use a camera to make his famous radiographs, and his technique is still relevant today.

“There are cameras out there selling for tens of thousands of dollars these days,” says Michael. “Get the right equipment for your image. Want to use a can of oatmeal to build a pinhole camera? Great! Feel you need a first step? Take it. Trust me; I don’t think it matters. Just let it work with the subject.”

Photography As A Fine Art

Fine Art Landscape Photography: The Complete Guide

“I love seeing people go back and explore early techniques in photography and apply contemporary perspectives,” Daniel tells us. Try alternative processes such as daguerreotypes or tintypes and put a new spin on an old classic. This exercise not only pushes you outside your comfort zone, but also connects you to your photographic roots.

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You can do almost anything digitally these days, but Taya suggests slowing down and doing things by hand whenever possible. It takes more time, but the result is worth it. “I love looking at practical effects, meaning props that you don’t put into Photoshop,” he says. “Some things are impossible to edit, but there is something special about creating an entire collection with your own hands. Oleg Oprysko and Tim Walker are great examples of that.”

Photography As A Fine Art

Pushing the handmade trend to the limit, we are entering collage territory. “Collage is at the top of all media right now,” says Michael. “I think it’s a reflection of the world that seems so fragmented and fragmented these days. It could be digital assembly or paper cutting – whatever that is.”

Fine Art Photography

“I tell any new photographer to connect with the artists they admire,” says Taya. “Fear not. Fear not. I happily respond to every email I receive, so if you need a little guidance you can always message me.

Photography As A Fine Art

Daniel agrees that making creative connections is the way to go, “I don’t mind meeting artists, [but] I think artists benefit more by building a network of other artists.

Taya clearly shows the difference between correlation and comparison. Meeting artists, editors, and galleries is a great way to learn, but at the same time, it’s important not to trust other people’s opinions too much.

Photography As A Fine Art

The Importance Of Fine Art Photography

“Listen to your instincts,” Taya advised. “It’s easy to get lost in the world of social networks, everyone has a different style and every successful photographer has millions of followers. While these things are great, they shouldn’t determine the value of your work. Photography should fulfill and uplift you. , does not cause you to feel stressed.

– and viewers are so sophisticated because we are bombarded with images and understand them so well on an instinctive level, says Daniels. “Because of that, I’m more interested in photos that touch in person and in the world off-screen.

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Photography As A Fine Art

“Photographers need to realize that, at least in my part of the world, they create objects. Viewing prints or pictures on the iPad doesn’t work for me. I have to look at the photo prints like I see them on the wall. Maybe you print it at home or send it to a lab. Whatever you choose, learn how the process works and experiment with different methods and papers.

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A good artist’s journey usually starts with an individual (see tips 1 and 2), but as they grow, they tackle complex, global, and contemporary topics. “There’s a movement on cultural or political content right now,” Michael told us. “We often talk about how photography and the people who create it are more reflective of contemporary culture.”

Photography As A Fine Art

This doesn’t mean that the work has to be overtly political, but that it has to be guilty. Think about topics that inspire you and use your creativity to come up with what matters most. We’ve put together this quick guide to introduce you to the medium and answer one of the most frequently asked questions, ‘What makes photography art?’ .

If you’re inspired by the work of contemporary fine art photographers and are looking for photography to sell, look here.

Photography As A Fine Art

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Whether or not photography can be considered a fine art has been debated for centuries. In 1839, Louis-Jacques Mande Daguerre invented a photographic process called Daguerreotype. This process produces accurate images on very fine silver-plated copper foil. Daguerreotypes cover subjects ranging from still life to animal anatomy, and were introduced as a eureka moment for both science and art.

But the versatility of photography has raised questions about its legitimacy as an art form. In 1853, a member of the London Photographic Society complained that photography was “too literal to compete with works of art”, failing to inspire the imagination. Creative expression at once

Photography As A Fine Art

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