Outdoor Chair With Back Support

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Finding the right camping chair for your bad back can be the difference between a great camping vacation and dealing with back problems. Especially if you struggle to sleep in a tent with nothing but a thin pillow between you and the ground.

Outdoor Chair With Back Support

Outdoor Chair With Back Support

If you hate the way most chairs lack support or sag so much that they sit you in a squatting position, then this review is for you. I interviewed physical therapists to find the best camping chairs for shared bad backs and compiled a list of chairs based on their advice.

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When I spoke with Benjamin Killen, DPT of the University of Mississippi Medical Center to find out what the best camping chairs for back pain are, he told me it’s not that simple. For starters, “bad back” can vary from person to person.

Outdoor Chair With Back Support

“There’s not necessarily a connection between a person’s body and back pain or treatment,” Killen said. “As with most back problems, there may be a bigger problem that needs to be addressed, and just buying a chair won’t change that. However, if you’re experiencing back ‘pain’ or back pain, the best thing you can do is find a chair that’s comfortable and avoid chairs that don’t fit. There’s no blueprint or one-size-fits-all. This is what it looks like, and, frankly, what one person agrees with may look completely different to another.”

Killen also notes that there are chairs you want to avoid, such as chairs that don’t support or backs that give easily and can put you in an awkward position or make you too heavy when you try to get out of the chair. According to Killen, if you have trouble climbing from a low seat, it’s best to avoid a low seat and choose a higher one.

Outdoor Chair With Back Support

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With this thought in mind, my goal in this review is to include the various chairs and models that suit the different “susceptibles” out there. Due to those issues, I was only able to test the GCI Freestyle Rocker, Big Agnes Big Six and YETI Hondo Base Camp chairs. But for the other chairs in this review, I searched and included chairs that have the best features for camping with a bad back and arrived at this choice.

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While no single chair will solve your back problems, there are options that provide more support than others and at least won’t irritate or harm your back. However, it’s best to try a few chairs and see which ones hurt or help you before buying.

Outdoor Chair With Back Support

While they make some of the best fishing coolers, YETI has introduced some camping chairs to their lineup as well. Two months ago I worked in Hondo, which means that I spent many hours in it, and I have no complaints about comfort. The height of the Hondo is perfect and not too deep. And the frame and armrests make it easy to stand on the couch without it sliding or looking like it’s going to twist when I turn. One thing I like about the YETI Hondo Base Camp Chair is the tight seat and back, which won’t break easily even after sitting in it all day. However, I do wonder about the durability of the fabric and how it would fare if outside or inside a tent for some time (I tested the Hondo in my home office). But until now, the equipment retains its shape and tension, and if something happens to your Hondo, it comes with a five-year warranty.

Portable Camping Outdoor Chair Heavy Duty Lumbar

Despite the Hondo’s build, 16 pounds makes it manageable for camping, especially with the Carry Handle. And it packs up well for its size, so you can easily store it when not in use or on the go. The additional Hondo cup holders are a nice touch and fit the YETI brand. The main disadvantage of this chair is the high price. When I had the right to use the test model, I have to admit that I would have a hard time paying around $300 for the chair. And for a few more dollars, I would probably buy a YETI Tundra 45 and sit on it. But if you have a bad back and want a comfortable and supportive camp chair, the YETI Hondo Base Camp will be worth the investment.

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Outdoor Chair With Back Support

If space is at a premium in your car or hiking backpack, the Agnes Big Six Camp Chair will take up less space than most of your other camping gear and packs, up to the size of a camping blanket. Color-coded aluminum frame ends make the chair easy to set up. Although the seat can be a little hard on the frame, the tension creates a very supportive seat that doesn’t sag and feels very supportive. It likes to hug you when you sit in the chair, so it might not be suitable for big campers. However, this chair is very comfortable, enough to sleep on.

One thing that stands out about this chair is how light it is. At just over three pounds, it feels lighter than that. However, one problem with being light is that the seat leans forward when I stand up, so if you’re a light sleeper and like to move forward when you sit, the Big Six will disappoint you. over there. And these heavy-duty items will also put a strain on your wallet. However, this chair packs down really well and is lightweight making it a versatile option that you can take with you even when camping on the road or at the beach.

Outdoor Chair With Back Support

Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Folding Chair Heavy Duty Support 450 Lbs Oversized Steel Frame Collapsible Padded Arm Chair With Cup Holder Quad Lumbar Back Chair Portable For Outdoor,black

If you’re looking for a chair with a comfortable padded seat, the RTIC Big Chair has plenty of cushion for your back. And if you want to take a nap with some of your coolest friends, the left armrest has four built-in coolers to keep you both cool. When the padded seat is placed in a high position, depending on your back is not good, some campers will not find it suitable, especially if climbing from a low position or squatting position to do for your back. But if sitting in a very comfortable chair helps reduce your back pain, this is a good choice. And the double-digit list price is lower than other options in this review, so this chair offers comfort and easy packing at a reasonable price.

Many camping chairs can make you feel like you’re curled up into a ball when you sit in them, mostly because they don’t have a back and/or support table. STRONGBACK Elite, however, offers both. With extra strength that contours to your back and extra padding, this camping chair provides great support for campers with a bad back, especially around your back lumbar area or making you uncomfortable. And the high back provides support for your back and neck as well. While this chair is not as light as the Big Agnes Big Six, it is one of the lighter chairs in this review at less than 12 pounds. And if you rely on cup holders, I wouldn’t hold your breath on this one. But if solid lumbar support is your ticket to outdoor fun, look no further.

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Outdoor Chair With Back Support

Most camping chairs are great for sitting by the fire or just carrying luggage. But when you really need to stretch out after a long day on the trail, most camping chairs don’t give you that option. Thankfully, the Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger from GCI Outdoor lets you do just that. The locking mechanism allows you to stretch almost 180 degrees without worrying if the seat will fold back. But you can rest easily in an upright position as well. This chair is recommended for sleeping, and the extra head pillow makes it hard not to struggle after a day outdoors.

Darche Eagle Xv Camp Chair

This chair comes with a large footprint, so you’ll never take it off the beaten path. But it folds up nicely for travel or storage. While this chair isn’t the cheapest option, it certainly won’t break the bank. I have used many GCI products in the past and have had no issues with longevity. If you want one of the best camping chairs for a bad reclining back, this is a chair that’s hard to beat.

Outdoor Chair With Back Support

If you need a camping chair, the GCI Freestyle Rocker, which has an aluminum frame, is ideal

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