Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Online Classes For Ias Preparation – Pick up an idea. Make this one thought your life – think it, dream it, live it. Let your brain, your muscles, your nerves, every part of your body be filled with this thought and let go of all other thoughts. This is the way to success.

Live online classes offer ease of access, expert guidance at your doorstep, real-time query solutions, interaction with other fellow students, personalized expert guidance and more.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Systematically designed for Prelims, Mains and Current Affairs preparation, our recorded classes provide a cost-effective solution for your CSE preparation.

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NCERT is the primary key in CSE preparation, but covering it becomes a challenge for a fresher in the absence of a clear strategy. Our NCERT course is perfectly tailored for early CSE preparation through selective coverage of topics related to Prelims and Mains.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Political Science and International Relations is an interdisciplinary subject that examines power and politics in many different contexts.

Sociology is the scientific study of social life, social behavior, social causes and consequences of human behavior and cultural aspects of various societies.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

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In geography, we study the earth and its physical features, as well as the relationship between people and their relationship with the environment.

State management refers to the tasks of implementing state policy. Specifically, it is the planning, organization, management, coordination and control of government activities.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Our pre-exam series program consists of subject-specific topic tests as well as comprehensive comprehensive tests to test your level of preparation and prepare you for the exam.

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Concepts of NCERTs play a vital role in CSE preparation. Our NCERT Test Series includes multi-sectional and comprehensive tests to help you strengthen your foundation.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

A series of control documents on reference literature gives an opportunity to monitor the level of preparation of your standard reference literature and to assess your strengths and weaknesses, to take timely corrective measures.

The Civil Service Aptitude Test aims to test the reasoning, analytical and argumentative problem solving skills of the candidates.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

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Art is creative and skilled expression, while culture is a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices.

The complete History section for CSE is divided into Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History, Post-Independence India, Art and Culture and World History.

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Online Classes For Ias Preparation

This category includes political and non-political movements like integration and reorganization of states, Bhudan movement, land reforms, green revolution, economic reforms etc.

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This section covers the major events of the 18th century and their impact on society including Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, World Wars, Colonialism, Decolonization etc.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Indian Politics includes a basic understanding of the Indian Constitution, its development, organs of government, constitutional institutions and the system of governance in the Indian democratic system.

Environment includes biodiversity, its conservation, environmental pollution, disasters and its management, as well as other issues related to the environment.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

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This section includes economics topics like GDP, national income, growth, development, monetary policy, fiscal policy, financial availability, infrastructure, planning etc.

Science and technology includes knowledge of general science, new technologies like information technology, space/defense technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology and their impact on daily life etc.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

IR includes India and its relations with neighboring countries, regional and global partners, groups, agreements and policies with them.

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This topic includes characteristics of Indian society, its diversity, demographics, poverty and other development issues and the impact of globalization on it.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

This section includes security challenges in internal and cross-border areas, links between development and terrorism, and the role of information and communication in security challenges.

Morality, Competence and Virtue covers emotional intelligence, universal values ​​of utility in government/public services, contribution of moral thinkers and philosophers etc. and includes case studies.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Chanakya Ias Academy In Collaboration With Manav Rachna

This section aims to test your comprehensive approach to a particular topic, in-depth knowledge, systematic and effective arrangement of your thoughts.

Chahal Academy provides the best online training for civil service exam preparation. Learn from India’s best mentors anywhere, anytime in an online UPSC CSE coaching program! Join UPSC Online Coaching today. Our experts provide online UPSC coaching with excellent, time-tested standards.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Our structured and comprehensive courses include detailed study material, updated current affairs and many other innovative features.

Quality Of Physical Classes With Convenience Of Online

Enroll with us to get guaranteed results in all entrance exams: years of experience and many successful students.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Traditional regular coaching sessions and study schedules are ideal for candidates who only focus on studies.

Smart for professionals, housewives, remote dwellers, etc., as they need to prioritize training while working and cannot keep a tight schedule. It is natural. Consistency is the key to success in UPSC Civil Services Exam so it is not repetitive. Hence, they need to adopt some unique strategy which is best suited according to their needs and time constraints.

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Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Best Ias Coaching In India

Best online UPSC CSE and other civil services training that provides videos in Hindi and English from Chahal Academy is such an excellent strategy.

There are many aspirants who prepare with the help of technological means. Because online UPSC preparation is much cheaper and convenient than regular IAS coaching and can be accessed remotely. Class schedule is very flexible based on availability.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Chahal Academy, the best online coaching for UPSC/PCS, brings you updated current affairs lectures from the most competent and reliable teachers in Delhi on your mobile and laptop.

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Chahal Academy’s Complete Online UPSC/PCS Preparation Course is suitable for anyone and everyone who is looking for UPSC Online Coaching to complete their preparation or due to some reasons cannot attend regular UPSC Coaching.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

We provide concise and informative online training videos in Hindi and English so that every aspirant can easily understand them irrespective of his/her background.

Not every UPSC aspirant, especially working professionals and housewives, can afford to attend a full-time UPSC course in Delhi or any other city. Also, many aspirants cannot afford the high fees charged by coaching centers in Delhi, or every aspirant living in remote areas cannot afford to leave their homes and bear the substantial travel, resettlement and subsistence expenses in Delhi. .

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Admissions Open]ogp(offline&online Guidance Program) 2023 In Bengaluru

Chahal Academy, online coaching classes are one of the best alternatives to traditional UPSC/PCS as they are much cheaper than traditional courses with the same quality of lectures at your fingertips and 24×7 availability.

Chahal Academy strives to provide one of the best UPSC/PCS training facilities with a systematic feedback and evaluation system. The most comprehensive online test series offered by Chahal Academy ensures that applicants have access to the best critical self-assessment system to identify their weaknesses early and continuously work towards achieving their dreams with ease and speed.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Chahal Academy focuses on complete foundation course to provide single mark solution to students at each stage of this exam. Along with the core course, we also integrate essay preparation and conduct a series of tests to assess student progress. We offer the following courses:

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How To Prepare For Upsc Civil Services: A Beginner’s Guide

Chahal Academy came into existence in 2011 to provide quality education to students preparing for civil service examinations. Currently we have more than 20 branches in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad and other parts of India. With years of experience and having placed a large number of students in various prestigious services, this institution can proudly claim to be the most trusted institution for complete basic program. Chahal Academy emphasizes its experienced teachers, comprehensive coverage, passionate classes, frequent exams, detailed explanations, excellent study material and personal attention. With a small group of only 30-40 students, we are able to focus on each student and bring out the best in them. Our personalized mentoring program is one of the most requested features with proven results in recent tests.

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

Also, with a team of 8-12 experienced faculty under the guidance of Mr. Sumesh Chahal, we systematically complete the entire prelims and mains syllabus with a clear schedule. Faculty are very senior, updated and experienced. We continually rebuild our reputation by maintaining exceptional standards year after year. Our material is the best till date. Our style is simple, efficient and formal. Our essence is deep and relevant.

A standard CHAHAL ACADEMY class of 2:30 hours focuses on fundamentals and question solving. Aim to spend the first 2:10 hours explaining the concept clearly with examples and the remaining 20 minutes to practice writing in class. Appropriate student notes are provided to help students maintain a daily writing habit. It is enriched with contemporary debates as well as newspaper issues. Class includes latest articles on current topics. No dictation is given; Discussion in the classroom only. Materials are provided in printed, electronic and handwritten form. In most institutions, class dictations are conducted, which occupy 50% of the course time. So, our six months course is equivalent to 12 months course in other institutes. This is the reason most workouts don’t cover it

Online Classes For Ias Preparation

As Upsc Prep Goes Digital Once More, Here’s A Look At The Best Online Ias Coaching Institutes

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