Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone – Built around the famous Yellowstone Hot Springs, the Old Faithful area is home to winter wildlife, a warm river, three hot spring areas (Upper, Middle, and Lower), several hotels (one of which is open in winter), and excellent skiing.

While getting to and staying in Old Faithful can be expensive, the experience of being in the middle of a winter wonderland makes it worth it. The closest you can drive is West Yellowstone at the West Entrance or Flag Ranch near the South Entrance. From these locations (or Mammoth), a snowmobile or snowmobile is required to reach Old Faithful.

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

Bison and elk live here year-round, taking advantage of the warm ground and thin ice around the thermal area. Wolves and coyotes are often seen right next to the sidewalk. In the spring, the area hosts black and brown bears that prey on the carcasses of animals that did not survive Yellowstone’s harsh winters.

Imagine An 80 Year Winter: Researchers Say Yellowstone Volcano Caused 2 Cool Periods

Most snowmobile trips must be accompanied by a licensed guide. Check the park website for a list. Several unguided snowmobile permits are allowed each day, but for getting in and out of Old Faithful, a snowmobile is the best option. Snowshoe tours depart from Old Faithful for day trippers.

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

If you want to stay in Old Faithful during the winter, you have to stay in the snow lodges and cabins. The Snow Lodge is a nice, simple hotel with a dining room, bar, ski and gift shop, and a great lobby for reading, playing board games, or drinking hot cocoa. Just outside the Snow Lodge you’ll find an ice rink and free skates to borrow.

To stay at Old Faithful Snow Lodge, log on to the Xanterra website or call 866. GEYSERLAND. They’ll want to know how you’re getting there, so be sure to look into snowmobile reservations, too. If you plan to fly in with a Xanterra coach, the accommodation bookings people will be able to help you.

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park

Be sure to reserve dinner at the Obsidian Dining Room when booking your hotel. They fill up fast!

Register for the shuttle online up to a year in advance. If you don’t care where the shuttle goes, sign up as soon as possible to secure your seat. Bear Den Ski Shop 307.545.4825

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

Xanterra also offers day trips to the canyon from the snow lodge. These tours include excellent skiing, an interpretive guide and lunch.

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Guide To Cross Country Skiing Old Faithful, Yellowstone

Check out my itineraries and guidebooks to plan your trip. Amazon Services LLC is a participant in the Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Read our full disclosure policy for more. Yellowstone National Park is a magical place in winter. However, snowshoeing the park’s more than 100 miles in the winter brings new memories and a completely different experience. Stanhavlick and his wife, Margaret, explore the best Yellowstone National Park has to offer. He completed part of the 100-mile (161 km) journey to Old Faithful over three years and three different trips.

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

Both Stan and Margaret are winter enthusiasts with extensive experience in winter sports and winter camping. Prior to this trip, Margaret had started attending the 14ers regularly in the winter. In fact, he completed a sledding trip to Lewis Lake the year before to train to climb Mount Rainier in Washington state.

Stan also has impressive endurance and is the first person to cycle across 6 continents in 14 years, that’s 20,000 miles (over 32,000 km)! He is also a mountaineer, ski instructor, and triathlete with successful summits around the world, including all of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks. Stan’s cycling and hiking expeditions have helped raise more than half a million dollars for the Colorado Cancer Foundation.

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

Visit Old Faithful In Winter

Their arduous journey, an experience to remember, was accompanied by a lot of preparation, including a backcountry permit and booking a year in advance. Also, the rangers would inspect the luggage before their trip, so everything had to be considered.

They planned to snow 8–10 miles (13–16 km) a day, in all weather conditions. Their trip was originally scheduled for March 2007, but the early arrival of grizzly bears in the park put them on hold. Instead, they postponed their trip and in December 2007 they reached the peak of their motivation and physical endurance in Yellowstone National Park.

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

Flag Ranch, near the southern entrance to Yellowstone National Park, is where the adventure began. The plan was to ice the road to Old Faithful, a geyser known for its frequent and somewhat probable eruptions, and reach its destination on the 23rd.

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Yellowstone National Park In Winter: Things To Do & Where To Stay

Pulling their two 50-pound (23 kg) sleds loaded with supplies, they traveled 40 miles (66 km) over a snowy road closed to vehicles in winter to reach their destination, camping each night of the journey. After arriving at Old Faithful, Stan and Margaret take Snowcat back to the Flag Ranch to celebrate.

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

Their journey from the Flag Ranch to Old Faithful was difficult. The journey crossed the continental divide three times with incredibly rugged terrain and a massive blizzard to boot! The wind and cold temperatures are tough conditions, but as Stan mentioned, “We had the right gear, the right attitude and the ability to persevere.

However, with cold temperatures and constant elevation changes came beautiful views of the Lewis River, as well as remnants of the devastating 1988 fire in Yellowstone National Park. As Stan recalled, “Through the trees and as we dropped into the valley near Old Faithful Snow Lodge, we could see chimney-like smoke rising from the thermals. Their destination was within reach. The thrill of the adventure and the weight of their accomplishment began to mount as Margaret realized, “Oh, my God, I’ve done it!

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

No, Yellowstone Hasn’t ‘closed’ Over Volcanic Concerns

Their first adventure from Flag Ranch to Old Faithful was so successful (and so much fun) that they decided to snowshoe a route through Yellowstone National Park this winter — this time via the West Entrance.

After their harrowing adventure south to Old Faithful, Stan and Margaret begin the next leg of their journey in Yellowstone National Park. The following year, in December 2008, they snowshoeed from the West Entrance of Yellowstone to Old Faithful, a total of 27 miles (43.5 km).

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

Compared to their first expedition, this route was much less intense. Other than fewer miles overall, the terrain in the west is fairly flat. Over the course of four days, the pair followed the road around the park, this time winding along the Madison River.

Yellowstone Digital Slide File

Filled with a wide variety of wildlife, including dozens of species of birds, swans, eagles, moose, otters and beavers, this trail is a great option for those new to hiking. Instead of 10 miles (16 km) a day on snowshoes on his first adventure, this route of travel required about 7 miles (11 km) per day. But with the lighter terrain, there was more activity along the road. As luck would have it, the weather was mild and no serious snowstorms were imminent.

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Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

After another successful snowshoe trip, Stan and Margaret spend the day off admiring the scenery and planning their next adventure.

Three years after entering Yellowstone from the west, Stan and Margaret began the final leg from Mammoth to Old Faithful in December 2011. The final leg of his snowshoeing adventure was also his longest at 82 km. The trip was most difficult due to the lack of snow and the temperature, which dropped to -16 F (-27 C) at night!

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

About Old Faithful, Yellowstone’s Famous Geyser

On this particular route, the air was so cold that as they crossed the intersection of West Yellowstone and Mammoth, the morning frost revealed ice crystals on the road and trees—an amazing sight.

Snow is frozen on the pine trees on the road to Old Faithful from the north. Photo: Stan Havlik

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

The landscape from the north, like their journey from the south, was uneventful with frequent changes in elevation. However, the walk also followed the river, The Boiling River, a geothermal river within the park. Adventurers may encounter wolves, coyotes, and of course buffalo as they are close to Yellowstone National Park. These animals cannot be reduced in any way.

Yellowstone’s Most Famous Geyser Could Shut Down, With Huge Ramifications

Margaret shares an experience with a herd of buffalo on her way that could have led to disaster. “There was a clearing on either side of us and then we saw a herd of buffalo running straight towards us. They were disturbed by a truck.” Immediately, Stan and Margaret removed the waist belts that attached their sled to get away from the herd. Fortunately, the herd left the field before reaching the couple. His advice for these animals: keep your distance from the buffalo and show respect. These precautions can go a long way when you don’t know what you’re going to run into.

Old Faithful In Winter Yellowstone

From his three expeditions through Yellowstone National

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