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WATCH | ‘Shut up, okay?’: Joe Biden tells reporters at G7 summit as he calms concerns over US debt ceiling crisis

News In The Us Today

News In The Us Today

The incident occurred during a bilateral meeting between Joe Biden and Australian President Anthony Abbots on the sidelines of the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima, Japan.

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US President Joe Biden appeared “annoyed” when reporters interrupted his interaction at talks on the US domestic debt ceiling on Saturday. “Shut up, okay?” Biden told reporters when he was interrupted in his defense, having dealt with these conversations before.

News In The Us Today

Biden reacted during a bilateral meeting with Australian President Anthony Albanese on the sidelines of the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima, Japan. Asked about the domestic debt negotiations, the US president downplayed the impasse. Debt talks appeared to be at an impasse as Republican lawmakers and the White House clashed over spending cuts. “This (negotiations) is taking place in stages… I have been in these talks before,” he said, when reporters interrupted him to ask questions.

“Shut up, okay?” Biden replied, before laughing and continuing to explain the whole process.

News In The Us Today

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Also read: Biden heads to Japan for G7 summit, says ‘work needs to be done on global stage’ What is the US debt ceiling crisis?

Simply put, the debt limit is the maximum amount the US government can borrow to meet its financial obligations. The debt limit, currently at $31 trillion, needs to be raised so the government can continue to pay the country’s bills. The dispute between the White House and House Republicans has raised concerns about a potential federal default, which could have serious consequences for the US economy and the world economy.

News In The Us Today

At issue is Republicans’ desire to cut non-defense spending while insisting on increased funding for the Pentagon. That could affect domestic programs like education and health care that Democrats oppose.

Does Anyone In America Believe That?

The White House’s countermeasure is to keep defense and non-defense spending flat next year, aiming to save $90 billion in fiscal year 2024 and $1 trillion over 10 years, according to the Associated Press.

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While both sides accused the other of being “irrational”, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that the US could lose its ability to pay all its bills by June 1.

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To seal the deal, Biden on Sunday instructed aides to call the top Republican speaker, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who blamed the White House for backtracking on negotiations. The threat of a debt default could trigger a recession, but Biden expressed confidence that the default could be avoided.

News In The Us Today

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Newsletters, Reminders and Recommendations Get personalized news and exciting offers Bookmark the stories you want to read The Des Moines Register, Iowa’s largest newspaper, reportedly ran a profile of a 24-year-old man in Faced with generous treatment later. They have increased the police presence in the office after much opposition.

The newspaper’s publisher has denied that the print edition will disappear entirely, following reports Wednesday that USA Today has begun “shedding” its print edition for the first time in 37 years.

News In The Us Today

“Two people familiar with the matter” told the Poynter Institute that as part of a “major reorganization” at the company, the future of USA TODAY will be an “abandonment” of print as Gannett, which owns the paper, invests New. Media corporate acquisition groups.

Q&a: Trump, The Capitol, And Social Media

An editor told Poynter that during a lengthy “practice meeting” with regional newspapers between Gannett CEO Paul Bascobert, “there was no mention of print.” The report also mentions that it could take years to fully complete the print edition.

News In The Us Today

Des Moines registration hit after report unearths old, offensive tweets of local man who raised $1 for charity

“Gannett has no plans to discontinue USA TODAY’s print edition, which remains an important part of our business.” Gannett remains committed to high-quality journalism for the communities we serve and our ongoing digital transformation, we are delighted to have found a like-minded partner in the new media space, said Wadsworth. “

News In The Us Today

Coronavirus Usa Live Updates: Trump Press Conference, News, Cases, Deaths And Stimulus Checks Today

“We believe the combination of our two companies will transform the print and digital news business, and when the transaction closes, we look forward to delivering compelling benefits to our audiences, customers, employees and shareholders.” What it takes to create American newspaper? Hear from the founders who created USA TODAY 35 years ago and inspired a new generation of journalists.

– approachable, first person plural – usually less than decent. But our motives are good: it signals to readers that we see no distance between them and their new paper. We are the people’s newspaper.

News In The Us Today

The headline in our first issue is the death of Princess Grace of Monaco. Instead, some other newspapers reported that Bashir Gemayel was killed. But USA TODAY founder Al Neuhaus argues that Americans care more about the former Grace Kelly — Hollywood royalty turned real royalty — than the Lebanese leader they never knew.

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New Infections Falling; States Ease Indoor Mask Rules: Covid Updates

The other big news of the day was the plane crash in Spain, prompting Neuhaus to write this headline on his 1926 black Royal typewriter: “Miracle: 327 survive, 55 dead.” The method—spotting good news among bad news— it is called news. of hope.

News In The Us Today

His staff wanted the paper to last. Wall Street barely gave him a chance. The US has not had a daily newspaper with a large circulation since World War II. More than 20 metropolitan papers merged or folded in the months leading up to the announcement.

USA TODAY was born from death, and that’s a good reason for journalists to cheer. However, many people do not. Critics label us “McPaper” and deride our tables and vignettes as junk food. If USA Today is a good newspaper,

News In The Us Today

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Editor Ben Bradley says, “I was doing something wrong.” (Neuhaus happily admitted that Bradley was doing something wrong.)

Gives tips on how to tell a story quickly and clearly. There’s a commandment that follows its imperative: “Don’t waste words.” Our original sports columnist Phil Musk likes to say that there’s an adjective he uses every week, whether he needs it or not.

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Employees typically work 12-hour days, except when we work longer hours. Our daunting task is to reimagine newspapers as we make them. The urgency in the newsroom is where everyone comes together. ok that’s it

Usa Today Resumes Its Bestseller List For Books After Monthslong Hiatus

Deck. “When Al wants to wakeboard, we all paddle harder,” quips statistics expert Bob Barbro.

News In The Us Today

The paper’s original sports editor, Henry Freeman, assembled a team (including Barbro) to redesign the score and rankings. These expanded entries soon became the norm for other papers. (Freeman was recently awarded a Red Smith Award for his outstanding contribution to sports journalism.)

“Men, Women: We’re Still Different” was one of our first headlines. Sophisticated people scoff at this thread. We also have enough self-awareness to laugh. We are still laughing. When we released a new logo (the blue dot) for our 30th anniversary, Stephen Colbert quipped, “Coincidentally, it’s also a pie chart showing how important it is to USA TODAY % of people who are confused by the new logo.”

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Comedians tell some famous jokes. It didn’t take long for a newspaper that wasn’t supposed to be a brand with enough national awareness to become a trusted name in the comics world.

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, his 1987 book about the newspaper’s founding and early years. In his 2007 update, he noted that much of what was considered original to USA TODAY was actually stolen from television, including color, weather, and shorter, sharper stories.

News In The Us Today

Our kiosks even look like TVs. At first, these awkward blue-and-white boxes were used to hand out paper quarters. At their peak, some 80,000 of these structures dotted the country’s urban landscape. Today, not much remains – who wears eight quarters? — though you can find decommissioned boxes in the backyards of many who worked for the country’s newspapers.

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The editors who scoffed at our approach so soon after we started were hunting most of it for themselves. Other newspapers began to look more and more like us – and, sure enough, we began to look more and more like them. Our stories are getting longer and more serious. We recognize that nothing sells a newspaper like news.

News In The Us Today

By the mid-1990s, editor Dave Mazzarella was committed to shady investigations and in-depth coverage of businesses. Neuhaus, now retired, complained that USA TODAY was becoming too much like its big-city rival. Bradley praised him mildly. “I read the newspaper everywhere I go,” he said in 2007. “If I left the big city, I would be so happy for USA Today that I couldn’t stand it.”

His travel reference is apt. USA TODAY has long been a paper for the business traveler and has been ubiquitous in hotels for years. Neuhaus’s original idea was that a newspaper with a national perspective would appeal to mobile nations. Now, more than three decades later, our challenge is to engage people on mobile.

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The newspaper that invented the story was born for the age of Twitter. It has attracted more than 1 billion in the last month

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