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After their debut in 2019, many pop music fans in Japan called Kage Fuji the first breakout act of the Reva era, which began in May of that year. Since then, Fujii has lived up to domestic expectations — selling out arena shows, landing valuable commercial deals and earning some of the best album sales of the year with her sophomore effort this spring, “Love All Serve All.”

Newest Musicians

Newest Musicians

But his biggest hit to date — and his first chance to make a global impact — was completely out of his control.

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This summer, Southeast Asian TikTok users translated Fuji’s 2020 release “Shinunoga E-Wa” as “I’d Rather Die” (he sang about how he eats needles to spend more time with his love. ), video collages about your choice of objects. Using it to record a voice, be it an actor, an anime character or a member of BTS.

Newest Musicians

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Newest Musicians

Musicians Who Started Their Careers On Tiktok

, Ohio — The corona pandemic rocked the music scene this spring, delaying shows, tours and releases for many musicians and bands.

But the downtime and isolation proved to be a source of inspiration for many local artists. Looking at aspects of life during the pandemic, some coronavirus-related songs have been released in the past few months.

Newest Musicians

Most weeks of the year we write about a local band or musician releasing new music at Greater. Now that it’s officially summer, we’re taking a look back at some of the tunes released during the spring season.

Meet The Charlotte Symphony’s Newest Musicians, Part I

Local singer-songwriters Matt Moody and Hannah Stock (full name, Hannah Stocklich) perform “How Are You Today?” came together to share their experiences with the coronavirus crisis through a new song.

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Newest Musicians

“‘How are you today?’ It’s a common question we ask others and ask in our daily lives before implementing health measures,” the two musicians shared in a statement. “This song really sympathizes with what the world is going through. It’s nobody’s fault, but we have to do the right things for each other in hopes of returning to a normal, healthy society.

Musicians DJ Red-I and MellowXZACKT team up to release a new single this spring called “Trip to Jamaica.” The song, which features beats by DJ Red-I (aka Brittany Benton) and verses by Melo, came after Benton sent the rapper a few pieces of music for consideration.

Newest Musicians

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“I wanted to make a summery track — one that gave you a summery vibe on the rooftop or by the pool — but it was still hip-hop,” Benton said.

Based folk-pop trio Prom Queens gathered several influences on their debut album, “Menagerie,” which came out this spring. The group’s vintage vibe has drawn comparisons to The Prom Queens’ live shows for artists like the Everly Brothers.

Newest Musicians

Quinn L’Esperance’s single “Human Connection” has taken on new meaning with the coronavirus crisis. The singer, who grew up in Mayfield Heights, focuses the song’s lyrics on her move to Los Angeles and her efforts to create relationships and connections in a new city.

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“I started with that idea in mind,” L’Esperance said. “It became this song of empowerment and unity. When we all come together, it really has power, and when we connect with each other, it really affects us as a whole. And especially with this crisis that we’re going through, we’re all going through it together.”

Newest Musicians

Blues-rock group Welsh Arms released “Stand” this spring, inspired by the inequalities and injustices band members see in the world.

“Now, more than ever, we are at a time when the world needs to unite, and we hope ‘Stand’ is a reminder and a call to action to reach out both internally and externally,” Getz said in a press release. “Our hope is that we can all begin by removing the walls that prevent us from accepting and loving our neighbors because of the way they look or their political, social or spiritual beliefs.”

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Newest Musicians

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DJ $krilla’s new single explores the reality of living through the coronavirus pandemic. DJ $krilla, aka musician Chris Harris, put the track together after local filmmaker Matt Pallotta approached him about a song to use in a new independent film, “A Social Distance.”

“We may be in quarantine, but our creativity doesn’t have to be,” Harris said. “We are all adapting to this pandemic, but it is important that we trust our healthcare professionals for guidance.”

Newest Musicians

Two prominent singer-songwriters have collaborated on a new EP inspired by the coronavirus lockdown. Brent Kirby and Ray Flanagan released “Down Time” in May. The two musicians created the recording by electronically sending videos back and forth, adding to each other’s parts and virtually producing each track while on location in two different locations.

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Local musician Justin Gorski isn’t letting the coronavirus pandemic get in the way of his big spring release as Big Hoek. His new album, “Home”, marks Gorski’s return to recording after nearly a decade.

Newest Musicians

Local singer-songwriter Nathan Hedges found plenty of inspiration while staying home for weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hedges and his band Cities & Coasts have debuted a new single inspired by the experience. “Can’t Work” explores the precarious nature of work during a pandemic.

“A lot of people are out of work and it forces you to reevaluate. It’s a mixed bag of emotions,” Hedges said. “If you’re a musician or any kind of artist, everything is inconsistent with income. It’s feast or famine.”

Newest Musicians

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Akron-based musician Michael Weber found a way to collaborate with Northeast Ohio’s music community during the coronavirus pandemic with his Quarantones project. Local musicians send Weber cell phone videos of song components based on musical ideas that Weber initiates. They combine them with additional music, resulting in full, thematic videos. Episodes feature several musical guest appearances including Neil Jazza, Mark Lee Shannon, Hannah Rae Leach, Kyle Cooke and more.

Weber, a local rocker who hosts The Michael Weber Show and once won MTV’s “Awesome,” said he started the project when he started missing gigs due to the pandemic.

Newest Musicians

“What seems to have happened is, I’m in a bit of a mental funk,” he said. “I’m trying to figure out what I can do to make myself better because I’ve missed the camaraderie of working with people I love to work with.”

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Band Post Saga have released their first new music of 2020 in the form of their single “Call My Name”. Singer Donna O’Connor said the lyrics to “Call My Name” were inspired by challenges in a personal relationship.

Newest Musicians

“I wrote ‘Call My Name’ in 2018 after I started a relationship with a woman. I quickly learned that she was still in love with a man,” he said. “I’ve always felt that way all my life. When I started a new relationship I was anti-male.

Musician Cory Michaels has released a single titled “Bridges” ahead of his album “Give All Yourself,” which will be released on July 3.

Newest Musicians

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“It’s a song about not wanting to leave because there’s love,” Michaels said. “I think that’s the perfect message for the world right now… We need to build bridges between communities.”

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Newest Musicians

If trepidation was the predominant emotion when I launched last year’s edition of The 100, this year I feel overwhelming hope. Wherever you read this from, things are very different: many of you will still be able to see live music again. But the past year has proven that emerging artists can not only subsist in uncertain times, but also rise. Fan communities around the world have rallied around the newcomers and supported them by buying records, snapping up merch, watching their live streams and, for the lucky few, catching them in the flesh.

Meet The Talented Emerging Artists Making Their Mark In 2022

So as we head into another uncertain period, there are glimmers of hope – new artists cutting through the noise and making a name for themselves. We hope many of the musicians on this list do more of the same

Newest Musicians

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