Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

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We are currently studying the new UL standards for smoke detectors that are expected to come in 2024. We are also investigating the manufacturer of X-Sense. More details here.

Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

A house fire is a nightmare scenario. Working smoke alarms and the early detection they provide are an important element—perhaps the most important—in keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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After more than 70 hours of fire safety research, interviewing five experts and reading over a hundred pages of smoke alarm data, we recommend the First Alert SA511CN2-3ST Interconnected Wireless Smoke Alarm with Voice Location as the primary alarm in our extensive research. whole house fire protection system.

Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

Available in two packs, these alarms can be linked together so they all go off at the same time. They also tell you in which room the fire is.

The UL Listed First Alert SA511CN2-3ST Alarm comes in two packages, and the units (and any extras) can be linked together so that if one goes off, they all sound, giving you extra time to identify the problem and evacuate. . This wireless setting is internal to the alarms and does not require a phone app. You can also mark each unit by location, so that in the event of an alarm, they all indicate which room the danger is coming from. The First Alert SA511CN2-3ST is the only model that combines all these functions in one package – and for a price that is only slightly above average for the category, it is good value. Also because it has a voice alarm instead of a beep or a sound, the experts we interviewed told us, it is more convenient to wake up a sleeping baby.

Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

Best Smart Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detectors And Monitors Of 2023

Similar to our selection, but also equipped with a carbon monoxide alarm, these photoelectric smoke alarms can be linked together with voice alarms, so you can identify threats based on location.

If you​​​​​​are buying a smoke alarm and have not yet installed carbon monoxide alarms, we recommend using the First Alert SCO501CN-3ST combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with voice location on each floor. This photoelectric alarm is identical to our main selection except for the addition of a carbon monoxide alarm which detects CO from faulty or incorrectly installed chimneys or fuel burning appliances such as some ovens, dryers or water heaters. This feature adds significant cost, as one unit is usually slightly cheaper than the two packs of our top buy.

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Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

The First Alert SA303CN3 is slightly better at detecting fast, burning fires than the rest of our picks, but is generally slower to trigger and is best as an additional part of the system.

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For the most complete and efficient smoke alarm system, we also recommend adding one battery-operated First Alert SA303CN3 smoke detector per floor. This alarm uses a different detection technology, ionization, so it’s slightly better at detecting fast-burning fires than our other picks. It’s not as good as a photoelectric alarm at detecting slow, smoldering, smoldering fires—and in studies, ionization alarms tend to go off a few critical minutes later—so it’s recommended for supplemental use rather than your primary alarm system .

Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

The PR710 can’t connect like our picks, but it has the 10-year sealed battery that some states and municipalities require.

The smoke alarms we recommend use AA or 9V batteries, but if your city or state requires a 10-year sealed battery in your smoke alarm, we like the First Alert PR710 Slim Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with 10-Year Battery. This UL-approved alarm lacks connectivity, so it doesn’t have the whole-home protection of our top picks, but otherwise it should offer the same smoke detection performance. Research has shown (PDF) that 10-year batteries may not last 10 years, so we still recommend testing them on a schedule and not getting complacent. First Alert also sells the P1210E photoelectric smoke alarm with a 10-year battery, a slim profile safety path light, which is the same alarm, but with the addition of a path light that turns on when the alarm is activated.

Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

Best Smart Smoke Detector 2022

We spoke with a number of people in the fire safety industry: Joseph Keenan, assistant fire chief for Burlington (Vermont) Fire Department; Judy Comoletti, Chief of Public Education, National Fire Protection Association (now retired); John Drengenberg, director of consumer protection at UL; Timothy Sendelbach, editor-in-chief of Firehouse Magazine, who has 30 years of experience in the fire and safety industry; and Tom Kiurski, training coordinator and director of fire safety education for Livonia, Michigan, as well as a columnist for FireRescue1. Kiurski has 35 years of experience in the fire service.

In addition, we spent hours reading hundreds of pages of studies on smoke alarms, such as NFPA’s comprehensive report on “Smoke Alarms in US House Fires,” “Evaluation of the ’10-Year’ Smoke Alarm Project” by the National Center for Healthy Housing . report (PDF) and the Vision 20/20 report “The Smoke Alarm Problem” (PDF) among many others. Please note that the National Center for Healthy Housing is funded in part by The Home Depot Foundation.

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Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

Working smoke alarms are essential in every home, but they should be considered as part of a comprehensive fire safety plan. Your plan should include other safety features such as fire extinguishers and escape ladders, but most importantly, base your plan on knowing what to do in the event of a fire. Timothy Sendelbach of Firehouse Magazine told us, “The best advice I can offer is to practice fire drills with the test button on the alarm to familiarize family members with the sound and the recommended actions to take upon activation.” For more information, we recommend NFPA’s page on how to create a home fire escape plan.

Google Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smart Smoke/carbon Monoxide Wired Alarm White S3003lwes

It is important to understand state and local smoke alarm regulations before purchasing. We found that many regulations conflict with each other – and with our recommendations. No company sells a one-size-fits-all smoke detector that can meet every country’s requirements.

Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

For example, our top recommendation, the First Alert SA511CN2-3ST Interconnected Wireless Smoke Alarm with Voice Location, uses two AA batteries, but many states now require models with 10-year sealed batteries. We have a recommendation that you also meet this requirement.

The First Alert website has a nice interactive map that can help you understand your state’s requirements. We also recommend that you contact your local fire department for more information about your area.

Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

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There are two very different types of smoke detectors: photoelectric and ionization. Each detection technology has its advantages, and as training coordinator and fire safety teacher Tom Kiurski told us, “I recommend having both types in your home.” This is also the official position of NFPA and UL (PDF).

Photoelectric sensors are triggered when smoke enters the alarm and reflects a beam of light onto the photocell. For slow, dirty and smoldering fires, photoelectric alarms are much more sensitive and effective than ionization alarms. They are slightly less effective at detecting fast, burning fires – but the difference in performance is small enough to lean towards the photoelectric model as our primary choice and the ionization model as a secondary alarm.

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Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

Ionization alarms are less expensive and good at detecting small particles in fast-burning fires, but not so well in smoldering, smoking fires. Ionization alarms contain a small amount of radioactive material (americium-241) that ionizes oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the air, a process that creates a small electric current in the detection chamber. The alarm monitors this flow and if smoke enters the room, the flow is interrupted and the alarm sounds.

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Many studies have quantified the differences between the two types of alarms in response time. The NBC Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate simulated a smoldering couch fire with several smoke alarms placed 15 feet away. Two photoelectric alarms sounded at just under 20 minutes, and two ionization alarms at 22 minutes and 28 minutes. According to the fire chief who supervised the test, when the second ionization alarm went off, the fire was in the “free burning phase [when] it was completely unsurvivable.”

Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

For fast-burning, burning fires, a study (PDF) by UL and the Fire Protection Research Foundation found that ionization alarms responded about a minute faster, on average, than photoelectric alarms. That may not sound like much, but a house can reach “unsustainable conditions” in just three minutes,

According to a study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (PDF). You will likely have less time to escape in a fast moving fire, so this minute can be crucial to your survival. As UL director of consumer safety John Drengenberg told us, “You never know what kind of fire is going to happen.” In other words, ionization alarms play an important role in the overall system.

Nest Smoke Detector Installation Video

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Given that both types of sensors have their advantages, you can conclude that your best bet is a dual-technology alarm that has both photoelectric and ionization sensors in one unit. But there is a good reason not to rely entirely on these combined alarms. Ionization sensors are prone to annoying alarms, especially from cooking and steam showers, and people often turn them off because of this type of interference. So although Joseph is

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