Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

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Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

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Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

I came across @iMicknl’s Nest Protect integration for Home Assistant. This solves my problem with Nest Project integration until Google SDM finally starts supporting Nest Protects.

I have created a Lovelace Security & Safety dashboard where we have specific panels related to different aspects of safety and security in our home, this now includes our smoke detectors! This dashboard shows me useful information from each of my Nest Protect units.

Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

A New Google Home App Redesign Prepares The Platform For The Matter Smart Home Standard

Below are examples of two maps I created. Note: I use simple icons for the title icon and multiline object map. I plan to add a few more units and have settled on the last example for now.

Here is the map of Lovelace, where I left it for now. I think it will work well with additional Nest Protects.

Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

I also display more information when debug mode is enabled. Debugging mode is something I configure to show me more information or send me more information in notifications. It’s just one

Google Home App Will Eventually Support Nest Protect

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Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

We tested the versatile Google Nest Protect to see if it’s worth the price. Is the Google Nest Protect worth the money, more than three times the price of the average smoke detector? Join us as we go through it all!

Few would argue the importance of having quality and reliable smoke detectors in your home. The sole purpose of these devices is to warn people of life-threatening situations and are never worth saving. But is it unnecessary to invest in the entire line of smoke detectors? This hands-on Google Nest Protect smoke detector review will answer that question.

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Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

Matter Works With Google Home

The Google Nest Protect is a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector that costs more than three times the price of a regular combination detector (typically $25 to $30). The higher price gets you plenty of features, including advanced dual-sensor technology, clear voice alerts, wireless connectivity, a convenient bulb, and cellular connectivity, to name a few. Also remember the value of Google’s trusted brand in a smart home market flooded with low-quality fakes.

I conducted a hands-on test of the Google Nest Protect to help consumers decide if this smoke detector is worth its high price. I tested the Nest Protect to gauge how easy it was to set up and connect to my phone, and how quickly and efficiently it activated in smoke (simulated smoke, of course). Read on to find out how it worked so you can decide if it’s right for your home.

Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

For those unfamiliar with the Google Nest Protect, let’s first give a quick overview of the device, as this is no ordinary smoke detector. Nest Protect is essentially three security devices in one, providing carbon monoxide detection and two types of smoke detection thanks to dual sensor technology. Depending on the detection method, most smoke alarms can detect either rapid combustion or combustion. Google Nest Protect can use both for faster and more accurate detection of dangerous situations.

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Additionally, Google Nest Protect also interacts with the Nest app, which users can pair with their smoke detector to alert them of dangerous situations even when they’re not at home. If the Nest Protect detects carbon monoxide or smoke, or simply runs out of battery, it will send an alert to the user’s phone. At the same time, it will provide clear voice alerts to minimize confusion in an already stressful environment.

Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

With the Nest app, users can also connect multiple Protect detectors throughout the home – a huge advantage, as if one device sets off an alarm, all devices will be activated. And because Google Nest Protect offers voice alerts, it will give anyone within earshot a clear description of the danger and its location.

Finally, while the Nest Protect may not look like much more than a speaker, it does have a built-in motion light that lights up in light night blue when motion is detected. This indicator will flash red when the alarm sounds, helping residents navigate smoky conditions.

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Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

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From the moment I opened the package, it was clear that the Google Nest Protect was unlike any other smoke detector I’ve ever used. It came in a perfectly telescoping two-piece box with clear installation instructions—not just what to put in, but the proper order in which to do it. Despite the sophistication of this detector, these instructions made it very easy to install.

For most smoke detectors, the first step is to install a base on or near the ceiling — and that’s the case with the Google Nest Protect. It came with four high-quality mounting screws and a base with an insert made of gasket-type material. The ring attached to the ceiling without any problems and seemed to be of much better quality and material than other models I tested at the same time.

Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

When installing standard smoke detectors, at this point insert the batteries, secure the smoke detector to the base and press the test button. Not so with Google Nest Protect. You must first pull the tab from the device to activate the built-in batteries. Then download the Nest app (more on that below) and scan the QR code on the back of the Protect to pair it.

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The unit then started a self-test sequence, after which I was able to mount it to the base without any problems. In fact, the base has a lot of adjustment, which allowed me to position the Shield so that it was perfectly square to the walls (something more annoying do-it-yourselfers will appreciate).

Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

It is useful to look at installation (physically mounting the smoke detector on the wall) and configuration (downloading the program and connecting it to the device) separately. Installation, as explained above, was simple. However, there was a small hiccup in the setup.

As mentioned earlier, the Google Nest Protect must be connected to a mobile device before it can be mounted to the ceiling. There is a QR code on the back of the device that makes setup as easy as possible. In theory, all that’s required is to download the Nest app and scan that code. But it took a few tries before I could successfully pair the Google Nest Protect with the Nest app on the Samsung S21 Ultra. It certainly wasn’t a wifi issue as I was no more than 15 meters away from the router. However, Protect eventually made contact and it was smooth sailing from there.

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Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

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To set up Google Nest Protect, you need to assign a name, which is done through the Nest app. This is for several reasons, such as checking the status of individual devices, but mainly so that the audible alarm accurately describes the danger and its location in the event of an alarm. I designated my “office” as that is the room where I tested it.

Look and feel are everything when it comes to smart devices, but do they really matter when it comes to life safety devices? Probably not, but it could be a nice bonus.

Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

While testing the Google Nest Protect, I also tested several other smoke detectors. The Nest Protect stood out, blended into the room, and looked more like a speaker than a smoke detector. And because the base (ie, the mounting ring) allows the user to adjust the position of the unit with a twist, the quick adjustment allows it to stay square to the wall and ceiling for a pleasing aesthetic.

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There’s also a round button in the middle with a typical blue light that glows softly when motion is detected. However, the same indicator turns solid red under alarm conditions and the button in the middle disables the device. With many other smoke detectors, the shutdown button is hard to find and the action is so subtle that I wonder if I pressed the button if the alarm doesn’t go off immediately. With Google Nest Protect, there’s no guesswork—the tactile feel and light “click” of the button speak for themselves (especially since the alarm goes off almost immediately).

Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

The Nest app is also well designed — very simple and easy to use (once you’ve synced your device, that is). It is simple and easy to check the status of your device at any time.

The good looks of the Google Nest Protect mean nothing if the device doesn’t work well, so I simulated

Nest Smoke Detector Google Home

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