National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum – LOUDON, N.H. – The new Northern Motorsports Museum in East Loudon will have no video games or interactive exhibits. Not even a touchscreen.

Instead, the museum aims to showcase the history of New England auto racing, starting with the 1915 Duesenberg, the 47th car that won NASCAR’s famous Talladega Race in 1981. Ron Bouchard of Massachusetts.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

“If you’re a funny person, no matter how old you are, you don’t need a computer. You don’t need a phone. You don’t need all the information,” says former race car driver Raymond Boissoneau. Produced 32 racing cars and helped select the cars displayed in the new museum. “They came here for the experience. They heard about these cars. They heard their parents or friends talking about these cars, and that’s what they brought.”

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The museum, which opened June 12 at New Hampshire Speedway, is the first in New England to tell the history of the sports region through the cars and drivers of the early 1900s.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

“It’s as much a part of New England as any other sport that’s a big part of people’s lives,” said former NASCAR pit TV reporter Dick Berggren, who has been working for two years to make the museum a reality. . There are people who love the Boston Red Sox and go to every game. There are people who love racing and come to this racetrack and watch all the Cup races. “

For two decades, the New Hampshire track has hosted a top-class NASCAR race every year. But NASCAR announced in March that one of the 90,000,000-fan races will move to Las Vegas in 2018.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

Inside Track Motorsport News

Meanwhile, national television viewership for NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series has dropped from 8 million in 2004 to just 4.6 million last year. Since 2010, the number of fans in the stands has fallen by 30 percent, along with revenue.

“I think NASCAR/all of motorsports is in decline,” said Cara Peters of Winthrop University, a marketing professor who has studied NASCAR and brand museums. “The NASCAR organization knows that fans are getting older and the world of the sport is changing, and they are planning to make some changes to make it more relevant to the younger generation.”

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National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

Museums can be part of the solution, such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a new museum in New Hampshire. But Peters says he needs a strong narrative, public relations and entertainment beyond die-hard racing fans. While the museum offers “the pleasure of doing something different from your everyday life,” he said, more viewers “must ignore the car.”

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The Motorsports Museum doesn’t offer high-tech exhibits, but it does immerse fans in old-school racing car culture, which is a novelty in itself. Visitors can get inside the car, look under the hood, and even get down on the ground and look up at the sky. Some of the cars have been restored and are still racing, while others look as if they took their last spin decades ago.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

The museum has a collection of nearly 40 cars, motorcycles and even snowmobiles, including Connecticut’s Joey Logano’s No. 20, which won his first top-level NASCAR race at New Hampshire Speedway, and the 2005 New Hampshire Lola. Bill Binney has competed in world-class events in the United States and Europe, including Le Mans.

“It’s great that we have a church in the Northeast that honors our racing heritage,” said David McGrath, executive vice president and general manager of New Hampshire Motor Speedways.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

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There are also race apparel, helmets, trophies, old race newspapers, and photographs that chronicle the history of the sport in New England, beginning with the first egg race in 1896 in Cranston, Rhode Island. Salem has road pictures from 1925. , New Hampshire, tree-lined, 49-level bank. There are stories of dirt roads in New England, including at the Kane Fair, where one photo shows fans huddled behind a wall as cars drive through.

Berggren, who owns a 1932 MG factory car, one of the earliest dragsters, and several soapbox cars, remembers the first time he raced in Connecticut with his father when he was 8 years old. The type of guys you hope to visit the museum.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

“It was the most amazing experience of my life.” “I couldn’t believe the color of the car, the drama, the speed, the sound, the excitement of it all.” The action gets tougher and the action gets hotter with the Outlaws World NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series. , and money grows when summer comes.

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June marks the beginning of a three-month period in which racers and teams strive to be at the top of their game, and fans flock to the Midwest to catch up.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

The June 2022 race begins with a North Dakota/South Dakota split at River Cities Speedway and Huset Speedway. From there,

He races dually at Knoxville Raceway, Iowa. After that, Beaver Dam Raceway in Wisconsin is gearing up for an epic weekend with a $20,000,000 special.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

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RIVER CITY TICKETS (Fri., June 3) HOUSTON TICKETS (Sun., June 5) KNOXVILLE TICKETS (Fri.-Sat., June 10-11) TICKETS FOR (Fri.-Sat., June 17 -18)

The three-week run begins soon after at the home of 10-time Outlaw World Champion Donnie Schatz. The Fargo, N.C., native has won 12 of 27 races and heads to Grand Forks, ND for the first round of the River Cities Speedway North tour. The Tony Performance Racing Ford Performance Carquest #15 driver is chasing his 24th career victory in his home state.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

In the most recent race, defending champion and current wins leader Brad Sweet won the final round in August 2021 to overtake Sheldon Haudensild. Before that, Kyle Larson’s impressive victory over Logan Schuhart in August 2020 will be forgotten in the last corner. Don’t count out another final round when the series returns on Friday, June 3.

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The series will head to Husset Speedway in Brandon on Saturday, June 4, with a pre-race party planned. It will also be the day Outlaws World host Johnny Gibson joins team owners Tony Stewart, Dennis Roth and nine other inductees into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Iowa.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

The tournament continues on Sunday, June 5th, and Huset is expected to win the $100,000,000 high pot between the 23rd and 25th of this month. David Gravel, driving Huset’s #2 for Big Game Motorsports’ Tod Quiring, became the latest winner to follow his boss twice in 2021. Aaron Reutzel took home $50,000,000 on the road last year. He leads previous winners Schatz (4), Haudensild (1) and Sweet (1).

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The annual Brownells Big Gun Bash returns to Knoxville Raceway on Monday and Saturday, June 10-11. For the Outlaws World teams, this doubleheader is their only chance to tackle the Zoo’s black mud before they battle it out for the Knoxville Nationals in August.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

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Full-timers will have to move 1/2 mile away for two nights with locals like Brian Brown, Austin McCarl, Davey Heskin and Aaron Reutzel. Schatz (10 wins) and Sweet (3 wins) have the most wins in Knoxville outside of Nation Outlaw, but Kyle Larson in 2020 and Carson Macedo in 2021 had the most appearances over the June weekend.

Long waits on Wisconsin’s Beaver Dam Highway for three weeks. Traditionally a one-day event, SLS Promotions played two matches on Sunday and Saturday, June 17-18, offering $20,000,000 in the finals.

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

Brad Sweet is tied with Darin Pittman for the most wins in the world (4), while Sheldon Haudenschild’s NOS energy drink, Stenhouse Jr.

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Fans who can’t make it to the track can get all the action on DIRTVision with a Platinum FAST PASS subscription for $299 a year or a 39-month FAST PASS subscription. RIVER CITIES winners (27 races):

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

1 win – Brad Sweet, Cody Darrah, Darin Pittman, David Gravel, Craig Kinser, Kyle Larson, Logan Schuhart, Sammy Swindell HUSET WINNERS (48 races):

1 win – Aaron Reutzel, Sheldon Haudensild, Kyle Larson, Brad Sweet, Tim Kaeding, Brooke Tatnell, Terry McCarl, Brian Paulus, Stevie Smith, Dave

National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame & Museum

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