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, Dear Reader, If you’re shopping for a musician or music lover, you don’t have to



Musicians can be especially hard to shop for. They are picky about speakers and headphones and use all kinds of peripheral instruments that don’t make sense to beginners.

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However, the only holiday concern is the Honky Tonk Guitar, so here are 15 great gifts for musicians and music lovers.


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We’ve tested a ton of soundbars here at Reviewed, but none quite as good as Sennheiser’s Ambeo model. Okay, full transparency: it’s that time of year. We’ll review this, but we haven’t yet. However, Sennheiser has made quite a name for itself in the high-end speaker and headphone scene, and this soundbar debut looks very promising.


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For what you’re paying (and I admit this is a bit steep), you’re getting an impressive array of speakers and drivers: six 4-inch long woofers, five 1-inch tweeters, and two 3.5-inch top-drivers. It’s basically a complete surround system wrapped in a beautiful soundbar, a powerful sound array that will drive your favorite listeners crazy.

Having a musician friend with a metronome/tuner can be like buying a Peloton for your SO. at that time


I’ve personally used this Korg metronome/tuner combo model for years, ever since I was an undergrad when practicing five hours a day was a program requirement. With basic features such as a headphone jack, multiple backlight brightness settings and a line-in port for electric instruments, it’s a Swiss Army knife where musical precision matters.

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This little keyboard looks complicated. If not, it’s a very easy tool to learn. The famous Akai “Mini” keyboard has long been a favorite for portable low-latency MIDI controllers, offering an amazing combination of input options at an affordable price and small size.

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It’s important to note right away that it’s not a traditional keyboard. It doesn’t have its own speaker or sound. To use it, you need a soundbank of musical instruments that you interface with your music software and control digitally via a USB cable. However, this model from Amazon comes with 1,400 controllable sounds that can be mapped to piano-style keys or a bank of sensitive drum pads. I have, and trust me, if I can figure it out, anyone can.

If your musician friends are making music digitally, or you’re thinking of composing via MIDI at home, start here!


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A DUI may sound like something you want to avoid when driving to a friend or family member’s house this holiday season, but it actually means “digital wind instruments.” music,

This Roland option makes it a lot easier to really dive in, compared to traditional bass instruments, and gives the Gifty a nice feature to keep playing and practicing. It can sound like a flute, clarinet or violin and has a built-in speaker and Bluetooth capabilities, making it very easy to use.


We reviewed a lot of headphones in 2019, and one pair that stood out for their great value were Sennheiser’s PXC 550 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones.

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The PXC 550-II is the latest in these cans and is perfect for your discerning musician friends, as well as anyone looking for quality, comfortable headphones. Especially suitable for commuting and travel situations.


You don’t have to be a folk guitarist to love this guitar. One of the best value acoustic guitars in years. I bought the S6 a few years ago after reading a lot of reviews and have been using it ever since. For the price, this guitar is just as good as a guitar twice the price.

This is especially suitable as an upgrade for young guitarists looking for something that can grow and grow beyond the entry-level model. You get warm, loud tones without any problems.

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Whether you find a six-string guitar too intimidating or want to capture the sweet, smooth, island-like sound of a ukulele, this is a starter kit that most musicians should start with.

This kit offers a lot for what you pay for: Kala LTP-C soprano ukulele, online lessons, bag and lesson booklet. Basically everything a beginner player needs to get started on their own before considering lessons with a teacher. This is an especially good option for students!


This is a set of strings I’ve used on my acoustic guitars for years and dozens of guitarist friends (I’m a musician, not a mathematician).

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Elixir’s acoustic strings sound incredibly strong and warm, but perhaps best of all is the longevity with which all strings eventually “wear out”. If you have a guitar donor who basically hates changing strings, you’ll not only appreciate the sonic improvement this set of strings provides, but you’ll love not having to change them for months at a time.


This funky little keyboard was my item of choice when I tried to expand my musical horizons beyond the guitar. Too simple for a seasoned pianist, but perfect for kids and a good choice for those who might be interested in a keyboard but aren’t committed to it. Also looking for a more vintage sounding patch set. Even if you are fit.

Soundbanks don’t sound great, but this Casio has been a favorite of teachers and music teachers for years because of its simplicity and flexibility. It has songs and sound banks and can run on battery or AC. headphone jack and battery holders, and even has 50 “playable” tracks to learn how to tickle the ivories.


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Focusrite’s Scarlett Solo is what’s known as a “digital audio interface” (or DAI), essentially giving users an easy way to record in high definition at home. The Scarlett Solo has long been a favorite among home recording artists and enthusiasts due to its relatively affordable price, very simple setup, and attractive design elements.

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You can connect it to your PC or laptop via a USB cable and you can connect your instrument via a microphone (via an XLR cable) or via a 3.5mm cable. As the bundle includes headphones and an XLR cable, download the free recording software. (“Audacity” is my favorite) and start recording immediately.


Whether you’re looking to get started with podcasting, record voiceovers, or simply need a great mic for recording acoustic instruments and vocals, the Audio-Technica AT2020 has been a fan favorite for years. I’ve been using this for a while now and I’m always amazed at how responsive and accurate it is when recording.

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This range from Amazon is a great place to start. Along with the microphone, Audio-Technica’s ATH-M20X comes with a pair of excellent headphones and an adjustable clamp-based studio boom arm. I own / use all of the products in this range and have created great music with them (in my humble opinion). So does your donor!


Let’s face it: once you start buying an instrument, it can be hard to stop. Especially for string players, a basic acoustic guitar suddenly becomes an electric guitar, electric bass, ukulele or mandolin. Suddenly there were more threads than pants. It’s not an experience or anything.

If you have a gift giver who has bought all the tools they need but doesn’t have the right place to store them, this stand from AmazonBasics is for you. It’s simple, flexible, holds many stringed instruments, and is cheap enough to buy a friend 6-7 before it’s too late.


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Arguably the coolest thing on this list, and maybe even the weirdest, the Otamatone has grown in popularity among musicians since its debut as a toy in 1998. Despite the face, etc.

While this is great for kids (it’s cute and really easy to play), I took one of these with a bunch of adult musicians and had a blast.


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