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Musicians Union – The musicians’ union did not hide that the overwhelming majority is in favor of remaining in the European Union. We believe the benefits for musicians to stay have been enormous and we are now seriously concerned about what the future holds for our members.

“We suspect this will be very bad news for musicians. Over the years, MU members have benefited from open borders, a protective copyright regime, and various directives that directly benefit their workplace. We will no longer be able to run joint campaigns with former EU partners, nor will we be able to participate in EU social dialogue commissions with live and audiovisual performances. We must prepare for the introduction of border controls with the possibility of work permits and/or travel visas for musicians working in Europe. My first reaction is deep depression. We must definitely pay attention to the crucial months to come.”

Musicians Union

Musicians Union

We want to assure all MU members that we will continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation and will issue further announcements as information becomes available. It is important to remember that the negotiations to leave the EU will be long and drawn out, so there should be no immediate change of conditions or travel for musicians. We will ensure that we continue to represent our members’ interests every step of the way. If you have immediate concerns, please contact us.

Aviva Completes £13m Bulk Annuity Deal For Musicians’ Union Pension Scheme

We use cookies to provide the best possible experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume you’re happy with it. Ok Reject Cookies About Cookies As a live music agency, we’re here to protect the interests of the musicians we represent and offer valuable services to our clients. It is our job to ensure that the booking process is fair, simple and that everyone involved fully understands the contracts they are signing. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t occasional problems, so it’s good to know that as a working musician there is a separate independent body that has your back.

Musicians Union

I first joined the Musicians’ Union (MU) when I was offered my first management job. It wasn’t a particularly detailed contract, but just because I was told “it’s just a standard contract” didn’t mean I shouldn’t have used a qualified professional to check that everything was completely legal.

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Without the budget to hire a professional lawyer, I decided to sign up with MU, a long-standing organization that works hard to protect the rights of its 30,000 members and offers many services as part of membership fees, including free ones. legal advice.

Musicians Union

Songwriters! Mcps Explained In Simple Terms By Musicians’ Union

MU offers a number of other benefits that are sure to help you in your career, below are a few worth mentioning from the perspective of a freelance musician performing at functions and events:

You never know what could happen at an event, so it’s important to always have your own Public Liability Insurance (PLI). PLI is something that is stated in almost every live music contract and is a requirement that is stated in all contracts issued here at Bands For Hire. It’s also the document most often requested by venues, so you should secure a copy of it before you start your band’s career.

Musicians Union

Lucky for you, MU membership comes with PLI cover of up to £10m and automatically renews every year without you having to lift a finger. Even more reassuring, you can download an electronic copy of the PLI from the MU website on renewal day.

Report Sexual Harassment & Discrimination In Music

Many musicians simply do not bother to insure their instruments. It is either ignored or considered something not worth the extra annual cost. While you can be extra careful with your prize-winning Gibson, you never know when an overzealous audience member will feel the overwhelming urge to pick up that guitar and proudly show off their guitar skills to the rest of the audience. Wow, it’s happened too many times to mention.

Musicians Union

Whether you’ve been offered a record label deal, a management deal, or a long-term cruise ship deal, you should be careful before signing on the dotted line. Legal contracts are often extremely complex and difficult for the everyday musician to decipher; While it’s good to be able to interpret contracts on your own, it’s always good to get an opinion from a professional music lawyer who can spot things you’ve missed. MU offers free legal advice to each of its members, with just one thing to worry about when the time comes.

It’s hard to believe that a service like Unpaid Royalty Recovery exists, but unfortunately we live in a world where unscrupulous individuals and companies sometimes avoid paying musicians for their hard work. If you work with an agency like Bands For Hire, you already have a team of people on your side, but your argument will be even stronger if you also have an organization like MU behind you.

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Musicians Union

Svenska Musikerförbundet / Swedish Musicians Union — Keychange

Many musicians work as freelancers and are therefore self-employed and responsible for their own contracts, whether direct bookings, session musician work or teaching contracts. As a MU member you will be able to download a range of contracts to suit your needs, each covering your interests, something I have used for many years working in a functional area.

These are just a few of the important provisions from our perspective, but there are many other benefits of joining MU, such as personal accident cover, professional expense cover, networking events, partnership advisory services and career development advice.

Musicians Union

Above all, MU is here to give voice to all its members and improve conditions for musicians everywhere. If you’re an active musician, that should be a good enough reason to show your support. For more information visit the MU website at The Musicians Union of Maldives (M.U.M) is a non-governmental organization representing the interests of musicians working in all sectors of the Maldivian music industry.

Musicians’ Union — Dermot Rushe

And has over 200 members to date. As of 25 May 2021, M.U.M is also registered as a charity with the Maldives Tourism Authority.

Musicians Union

Although there have been many attempts throughout the history of music in the Maldives to create an organization to suppress musicians, M.U.M was the first to be successfully created. M.U.M was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, when tourist resorts ceased operations due to travel restrictions around the world. Most of the musicians in the Maldives work as third-party contractors at tourist resorts, and when these closed down, the musicians’ livelihoods also declined. In addition, many musicians had difficulty registering for the income support supplement, which was also provided by the then-Gov.

This led to the founders of the union, along with many other musicians, organizing and forming a union to advocate together and on behalf of all musicians in the Maldives.

Musicians Union

Career Development Week 2022 — The Rhythm Studio

The union was invited to the Alimony Advisory Committee formed by the Ministry of Economic Development and worked with the ministry to review eligibility criteria, while acting as a mediator between musicians and the ministry.

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Around the same time, M.U.M also launched a campaign calling for long-term illegal recruitment of foreign musicians at tourist resorts in the Maldives.

Musicians Union

According to the country’s Foreign Workers Act, it is illegal to employ foreign artists in the Maldives instead of local artists, so the Maldives Immigration Department has decided to take action against companies and businesses that employ illegal foreigners in the Maldives.

Musicians’ Union Vows To Fight Job Cuts At Bbc

The union has also partnered with local law firm S&A Lawyers LLP to provide free legal services to union members.

Musicians Union

M.U.M has also partnered with the Ministry of Tourism in events organized as part of the 50th anniversary of the Maldivian tourism industry.

And also incarcerated musicians at the UNWTO Global Community Tourism Summit held at Crossroads Maldives and Paradise Island Resort and Spa. The MU movement, which supports a universal basic income, was launched at the TUC’s Young Workers conference in April. We appreciate the concept, history and feasibility of UTD.

Musicians Union

San Antonio Philharmonic, Musicians Union Agree To Contract

Imagine that there is no poverty among musicians. This is not difficult to do, at least not for the growing number of proponents of universal basic income or UBI.

Imagine a fixed monthly amount that the government pays everyone, without means testing, that guarantees dignity and financial independence. Imagine freeing musicians to do what they do best without worrying about rent, mortgage or food bills.

Musicians Union

For dreamers. Maybe. But a growing number of economists, employment experts, sociologists and trade unionists believe that UTD is an idea whose time is fast approaching.

Hollywood’s Musicians Union Local 47 Building Could Become La Landmark

And as a sign of this growing momentum, the Musicians’ Union passed a motion in support of the UTD last summer, which was presented at the TUC’s Young Workers conference this spring (April 2 and 3). The initiative is led by MU Fellow and clarinetist Sam Murray, who teaches music

Musicians Union

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