Musicians List

Musicians List – Pan-African television entertainment channel WatsUp TV and PR and ratings agency Avance Media have announced the first list of the top 100 African musicians for 2021.

The list which includes musicians from 26 African countries has notable names like Angelique Kidjo, Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid, Mohammed Mounir, Cassper Nyovest, Khaligrapgh Jones, Sarkodie and other musicians who continue to pave the way for African art and the pace for the next generation to follow .

Musicians List

Musicians List

The list includes 18 women, 9 groups and 73 men with Nigerian actress Rema being the youngest at age 20 and Egypt’s Mohammed Mounir the oldest at age 66.

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Nigeria leads with 26 representatives, followed by Ghana with 10 musicians, Ivory Coast with 7 and South Africa with 6 musicians.

Musicians List

Regarding the list, WatsUp TV CEO ABD Traore noted that this annual list is focused on spotlighting the most influential African musicians in the industry and taking into account their respective career success, brand value, digital impact and continental outlook. He also noted that this publication precedes several engagements that will involve honors to celebrate their work and the craftsmanship they have given to the continent.

Celebrating excellence and career success, Avance Media CEO Prince Akpah describes these musicians as the best collective of African ambassadors showing the world what the continent has to offer musically.

Musicians List

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WatsUp TV is a 24-hour digital and satellite entertainment music TV channel created for the Pan-African bilingual community and also broadcast on various TV channels across Africa.

Avance Media is Africa’s leading rating and PR agency with a focus on creating varied content for the global market. Reports and webinars are limited to the regional terms of your Pro and Prime subscription, as set out in “Purchased Regions”.

Musicians List

In our latest monthly survey examining young consumers’ music behavior and tastes, we found that three out of four 13-33-year-olds say music is part of how they define who they are. Young consumers’ digital music habits allow them to access it anytime – and more than 60% say they listen to music all day. Music is their second language, and we continued to track their musical tastes to see which musicians are their favorites today. We asked young consumers to tell us, “who is your favorite celebrity in music? It could be a music artist, band, producer, etc. be.” and limited their open-ended responses to a list of their top 17 musical acts.

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How The Biggest Names In Music History Entered Retirement

We should note that, as we saw last year, many respondents responded in one form or another with “no answer”. A 32-year-old woman told us: “I like a wide range of music – no particular favourite,” while a 17-year-old woman said: “I don’t have a favourite, I love all music equally, no one artist is my favorite .” A 21-year-old male respondent explained: “I don’t have a favourite. I have a very broad taste in music that transcends genres, artists, years, etc.” This sentiment is representative of a broader attitude that young consumers have towards music: 84% of 13-33 year olds agree: “My taste in music does not fall into one particular genre or category,” and 82% say they don’t. only listen to one genre or category of music. Men and women were almost equally likely to say they don’t have a favorite artist. But for 90% of 13 The 33-year-olds we interviewed came up with a favorite musician/band, and here are their top 17:

Musicians List

For those keeping track, yes, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé also made the top two spots for their favorite celebrities — showing the power of the musician’s influence and fandom. When we look at the reasons why these two female artists rank as their two favorite musicians, we see some similarities, but also some interesting differences.

The respondents who mentioned T. Swift and those who mentioned Beyoncé obviously cited both artists’ talent and music as a reason. But those who mentioned Swift were more likely to talk about her personality, her relatability and her authenticity. Phrases such as “down to earth” and “genuinely kind and caring” were used. A 27-year-old man explained, “She’s relatable … She feels like a normal person, not a celebrity,” and a 25-year-old woman said, “I like her personality. She’s weird and funny and she talks to her fans as if she wants to be the role model for young women that she is.”

Musicians List

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Meanwhile, Beyoncé fans used descriptions like “queen” and “flawless.” A 29-year-old woman wrote simply: “G.O.A.T.” (That’s “Greatest Of All Time” for those out of the loop.) One 18-year-old told us, “I think she’s a symbol of strength, power and culture. She’s brave and makes powerful music,” and a 20-year-old woman wrote: “Beyoncé is a strong, powerful woman who has recently started speaking out about issues that are important to me. Her stance on feminism and fighting racism is hugely inspiring to me and I look up to her and look forward to more from her.” For young people today, relatability may be the most prized quality a celebrity can have, but when it comes to music, there’s clearly still room for a diva, “queen” persona.

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Taylor Swift topped both lists, but men were generally much more divided on favorite artists, with less consensus. As with favorite celebrities, their top answers are skewed to men, while almost all women’s favorite artists are women.

Musicians List

The list of top five teen music artists marks the first time Taylor has been knocked off the top spot – by the band 21 Pilots. Teens (mostly female) who mentioned them as a favorite generally admired their talent and their lyrics. A 17-year-old female told us that she chooses the group because: “The music they produce is so powerful and so different from any other music released today. A lot of young people struggle with mental health issues, and Twenty One Pilots can help them get through it.” On a 15-year-old female fan said, “Like Bo Burnham, Twenty-One Pilots doesn’t sugarcoat things. The songwriter talks about the world and how it really is rather than how society wants us to see the world. The lyrics really make you think and feel things. When I listen to their songs, I feel sad and happy at the same time.”

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Their child-friendly (and parent-approved) status can also help. A 17-year-old female explained, “They have great songs that I can listen to without sex, money, drugs or bad words.”

Musicians List

Enjoy your free article! Want to see more? Just sign up for 3 free articles a month Rock stars, they’re just like us, right? Unless your day job takes you around the world to perform in front of thousands of adoring fans day after day, they might be a little different than us. One experience that many of the world’s most famous musicians have in common with the rest of us, however, is retirement.

Retirements come in many forms in the music world, from long farewell tours to hastily arranged one-off farewell shows. Whatever form these final performances take, the end result is always a performer walking off the stage (at least for a while).

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Musicians List

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At us, we care about all people who are retiring, including the most famous retired musicians. With legendary artists such as Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne and Paul Simon embarking on retirement tours this year, we decided to take a closer look at the finale, encores and farewell tours of some of the biggest names in music history.

We wanted to find acts who performed a final tour or similar, and examined lists of the top performers in music history from a variety of sources, including Rolling Stone magazine and a ranking of the highest-grossing artists in history. We referenced the career histories of notable artists to see if they performed a final tour or show, focusing on those who did so expressly in name and leaving room for those who did so in spirit, such as the Beatles.

Musicians List

In total, we found 24 of the biggest names in music history and collected data about their retirement tours. This includes the year(s) these tours took place and the number of shows they performed. The collected research is represented in the graph above.

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While many artists chose to play one last show before calling it quits, some legendary acts continued further down the road. Mötley Crüe signed a legally binding agreement preventing them from ever touring under the Crüe name again after the end of The Final Tour, which took place during 2014 and 2015. The band made the most of their last hurray by visiting 151 cities and play 158 shows in that time.

Musicians List

It doesn’t quite compare to Tina Turner, who stopped in 185 different cities while performing nearly 200 times in 2000 on what she always called her “last big world tour.” While she finally did another tour of that magnitude, she kept her word 8 years in advance.

However, both road warriors pale in comparison to Cher. Between 2002 and 2005, the diva’s Living Proof: The Farewell Tour included

Musicians List

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