Musicians Jokes

Musicians Jokes – From Drake to Doja Cat to Rick Astley, memes and music have a long history (Source: instagram)

Funny music memes like Rick Rolling, Djent, and others are common these days. In this world of comics, music also has its fair share of jokes and meme songs.

Musicians Jokes

Musicians Jokes

These memes range from silly jokes about artists to memes about mythology and the stories behind them. However, what unites them is that they come from music or artists in some way, shape or form.

Mandolin Jokes And Memes

In today’s age of internet popularity, sharing memes has also become a way for fans to talk about their favorite artist. Sometimes something a singer does or says evokes a memory that draws his fans closer.

Musicians Jokes

Memes go a long way in making an artist a person and many have risen to the top with just memes. Some of today’s biggest artists like Drake and Doja Cat have memories to thank for their fame.

The rock band Nickelback lends itself well to music memes. Although their music is not as bad as they used to despise it, they deserve to be mocked.

Musicians Jokes

Musician’s Theory Of Relativity

This meme was born from their song, Picture, where the lead singer, held up a picture while singing “look at this picture”. Fans have since hacked the words to make it look like he’s saying “Look at this graph” while buying a bar graph instead of an image.

This meme was born from the use of the song “Roundabout” by Yebo in the anime, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It was used as a tracking motif.

Musicians Jokes

Since then, video cuts have been used at key moments when something is about to happen to increase the suspense.

Music Dotted Quarter Note Joke Prolonged Life Musician Shirt

The Wonderwall meme is based on the fact that the title track of the English band, Oasis is popular among beginner guitar players.

Musicians Jokes

The funny thing here is that there is always a party for that one guy with a guitar who uses it to flirt and hit on girls. The meme here means that the men’s favorite song is Wonderwall.

An electronic song, “Sandstorm” by Finnish DJ Darude is not a meme song by any means. However, he became one for no reason.

Musicians Jokes

Jackson Browne Quote: “musician Jokes Are A Kind Of Joke That Usually Have To Do With How Much Money Someone Makes. Musicians Are Always Starvi…”

In the early to mid 2010s, when people asked what a song was called, regardless of genre, someone would say “Darude Sandstorm”.

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So, the song became a song to trick or trick people into clicking Darude’s song because of its inconsistency.

Musicians Jokes

Shooting Stars is another electronic song turned meme. This one is from Australian duo Bag Raiders.

Frédéric Chopin In 2021. Music Jokes, Classical Musicians, Classical Music Hd Phone Wallpaper

The meme here is that the song is used with images of people falling. For example, someone can fall, usually in a silly way, and the meme maker plays a song while the person is edited to look like they are falling. space or how difficult the green screen will allow.

Musicians Jokes

Spaghetti Mom is a meme from rapper Eminem’s song Lose Yourself. In the song, she uses the name Spaghetti Mom.

Although the rapper uses this phrase to express his hostility, saying that he can taste food because of vomiting, the internet found it funny and soon edited the entire song to repeat his mother’s spaghetti.

Musicians Jokes

Face The Music T Shirt

The Oh No meme is based on the Tiktok sound of a musician named Capone. In it, they sample Shangri La’s “Walkin in the Sand.”

In the meme, users show a video of a person who might fall or get hurt and then freeze it while playing the “Oh no . Oh no. Oh no no no no” part of the song for comic effect.

Musicians Jokes

Run is a song by the rock band Awolnation. The meme behind this song is similar to the aforementioned Oh no meme.

Harmonica Jokes… Harmonica Repair Kit

The user will play a video where something dangerous will happen, but instead of freezing it, it will show the theme of the video while playing the song. The part of the song used is simply “Run” while the amazing music plays.

Musicians Jokes

The Cacarron meme is based on a song called “Chacarron Macarron.” The song is by a Panamanian singer named Rodney Clark from El Chombo.

The part of the song used is a funny chorus, and the meme shows a person or animal doing something silly or walking and talking while the music plays. play to show the absurdity of the title.

Musicians Jokes

Open Mic Night At River Jams » Go Chippewa County Wisconsin

The See You Again remake meme is made by mixing two sounds. These two sounds are used in sequence to deceive people.

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These sounds are the opening sounds of any video from the adult website, Pornhub, followed immediately by the wailing after the chorus to the song See You Again by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa.

Musicians Jokes

GTA San Andreas is a game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. This meme comes from the music used in the game’s loading screens.

Happy Musicians With Guitars Laughing Stock Photo

The meme shows a video of someone doing something cool or annoying and then the video suddenly cuts out and GTA San Andreas loading screen music plays to emphasize whatever is happening in the video.

Musicians Jokes

This meme comes from the music that plays at the end of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is used in conjunction with a humorous situation.

So, the way the meme works is that the user plays a negative social situation or problem that the subject of the video is dealing with, and at the top, the video cuts to show the credits of Curb Your Enthusiast.

Musicians Jokes

Harmonica Jokes/humour Musician Jokes|funny Harmonica Joke|humor Musicians|harp Players

Ultimate is a song by Floridian singer Denzel Curry. It’s a powerful and powerful rap song.

The meme surrounding the song shows someone completely losing it and/or starting to scream over the music and kick. The song is used to build up the scenes in the video.

Musicians Jokes

The song was popular and used back in the days of the social media app, Vine.

Lavar Walker Live At Jazz And Jokes @ Chateau Elan Winery And Resort

The X-Files is a 90s television show about the mysteries surrounding the universe. His theme song is the subject of this meme.

Musicians Jokes

However, instead of focusing on real privacy, the videos used in these memes usually revolve around something that distracts from the topic of the video and playing the theme song of t -. Anything that bothers the subject is usually a bad thing but also very stupid.

Numa Numa is probably the oldest music meme ever. It revolves around a video made by vlogger Gary Brolsma.

Musicians Jokes

Jazz Musician Jokes That Only Musicians Find Funny

On December 6, 2004, Gary uploaded a video called Numa Numa Dance where he danced to a song called “Dragostea Den Tei” by the Moldovan pop group O-Zone.

His dance was not a dance of any kind but Gary was playing with his body.

Musicians Jokes

Hotline Bling is a song by Canadian rapper and singer Drake. It was released as a single on July 31, 2015.

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Hysterical & Silly Guitar And Music Jokes & Memes

The music video for the song was released on October 27, 2015, and received a lot of attention. It featured the rapper dancing in front of different colored neon lights.

Musicians Jokes

Despite being popular, the song went viral and spawned many memes due to Drake’s sweet dance moves. The internet went on to make Drake perform his dance moves in several other videos with a green screen and thus turned it into a funny meme.

However, Drake’s memefic did not end with the song’s popularity, but also made the rapper more popular as this song has 1.9 billion views on YouTube. It also reached number 2 on the Hot 100.

Musicians Jokes

Some Guitar And Musician Memes That Are Hysterical

Moo! a song by American rapper Doja Cat. Released as a single on August 31, 2018.

The joke song in which Doja sings that he is not a cow, its video became as popular as Drake’s. But, unlike his music video, this one was intentional.

Musicians Jokes

Released on August 11, 2018, ahead of the single, the rapper wore a sexy cowboy outfit while eating a burger and fries. The video background also contains several anime clips and video game clips.

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The song became popular because of Doja’s antics and because of his singing. Its success is seen as pushing Doja into the mainstream, despite the silliness of the video.

Musicians Jokes

Harlem Shake is an electronic dubstep song by American DJ Baauer. Released on May 22, 2012.

However, the song became popular and trending when YouTube sensation Filthy Frank released a video of himself and his friends dancing to the song.

Musicians Jokes

Guitar Jokes With Paul Reed Smith — Music Is Win

The video featured Filth Frank and three others in full-body spandex suits moving their hips to the song’s lyrics. He started a movement called “Do the Harlem Shake” where people dance to the song without meaning to.

Míle milí is a song by pop singer and songwriter Vanessa Carlton. Released as a single on February 18, 2022.

Musicians Jokes

The song became a meme for both its melody and its opening piano parts. The music video featured the singer riding a piano that appears to be traveling through town, while the opening parts of the piano play

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