Musicians Jobs Near Me

Musicians Jobs Near Me – Through the Spotify promotion, we leverage our network of some of the biggest curators on the platform to make sure you get massive improvements in games and fans.

Our plugger gets you to radio while our music marketing team ensures your video gets put in front of new fans.

Musicians Jobs Near Me

Musicians Jobs Near Me

Our dedicated team of managers have helped build some of the biggest artists on the charts today and they are here to help you.

Music Director Job Description

Music Gateway has a unique set of services that have helped Artists launch their careers and pushed them further than ever before. Whether it’s promoting your latest release, breaking into new territory, or getting guidance from our seasoned Artist Managers who have worked with some of the biggest names in music – we’re here to help.

Musicians Jobs Near Me

Your gateway to the music industry Distribute, publish and promote your music for free Get started for free

We deliver to all major digital outlets and unlike other music distribution services – we don’t take a cut. That means you keep 100% of your sales royalties.

Musicians Jobs Near Me

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You lose 50% of your royalties (even if you use a Performing Rights Organization)

Register your song with our Music Publishing service and we’ll collect ALL the royalties you earn, including those your PRO doesn’t earn.

Musicians Jobs Near Me

Join our long standing free music licensing sync agency and we’ll get your music delivered to music watchdogs and media buyers including Netflix, Disney, 20th Century Fox, SKY TV and The BBC

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Talk to us about successful marketing campaigns with detailed reports and access to a large network of curators, radio stations and press contacts.

Musicians Jobs Near Me

All members get access to an AI-driven mastering suite to enhance and fine-tune your track to make sure it’s ready for release.

Store your music in industry standard, ready-to-share formats complete with metadata and discovery information to ensure your music is not only record label ready – but discoverable as well.

Musicians Jobs Near Me

Music Teaching Careers

Join our sync agency for free and our sync team will work hard to find and secure placements with a worldwide network of watchdogs, studios, agencies and broadcasters. You retain all your rights and royalties because we only charge a small fee if your music is stored and you are paid. Check out some of our recent placements via music watch.

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“I’m so excited to see my Spotify go through 1 million streams, that’s crazy. MG gets 20 official Spotify playlists. Very successful campaign”

Musicians Jobs Near Me

“I’ve neglected all the other systems that use the Gateway on a daily basis to pitch, store music, manage metadata & send music files to our sync client”

Quality Control Associates, Give’r, Jackson, Wy

“I’ve been a member for years now… I love this team, everyone is so genuine & trying to help artists navigate really difficult areas of the industry. I really appreciate what you guys do!”

Musicians Jobs Near Me

“It was great to be on board at the early days & watch it quickly grow into an impressive music licensing hub. Likewise, the team hasn’t lost their personal touch!”

“It’s really helped me grow as an artist, bringing together all aspects of my brand, my music, my personality to bring it all together.”

Musicians Jobs Near Me

My Life Through A Jobs To Be Done Lens: Why I Hire Music

“Music Gateway represents reality, movement, freshness and today’s technology at the same time. I love it!”, look for highly qualified instructors to join our school community in Metro Detroit and Metro DC. While we don’t need a specific type of instructor at this time, we probably will soon. We keep all prospective teacher information on file and refer to it first before posting available positions. So if you are an instructor interested in teaching at Expressions either now or in the future, please contact us and ask to be added to our candidate instructor file!

Once we receive your application, we’ll email you within a week to let you know if we’d like to schedule an interview. After completing the interview, we’ll quickly tell you why we’d like to invite you to become an EMA instructor!

Musicians Jobs Near Me

I love working at Expressions! The community is warm and friendly, the facilities are great, and all the supplies and music I need are readily available. It’s a great balance of friendship and professionalism that I feel lucky to be a part of. The administrative staff is top notch, so I always know when someone calls with cancellations or if I have a new student scheduled. Everything is super organized in Expressions, and it makes my life easier. I don’t have to find students to enroll, bill them, explain policies, set schedules… basically all I have to do is the fun part – teach! Expression is a great place to work and I recommend it to anyone who loves music, fun and interesting people.

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Throughout the year, students can move in or out. This can leave teachers with gaps or holes in their schedules. At our school, we spend a lot of resources on advertising and marketing throughout the year to keep our teachers’ schedules full. We continue to enroll new students for our private music lessons even in the typically slower enrollment months of April and July.

Musicians Jobs Near Me

Unlike internet referral services, it is in our best interest to keep your schedule full! With other companies, they want as many teachers as possible. It doesn’t matter if you only have two students. We have to pay for the studio and it takes time and money to hire instructors. That’s why we want you to have a well-rounded and successful schedule as a music teacher! It is easier to support one teacher with a full schedule than to support 15 teachers with many students each. 𝒓𝒔’ 𝒔𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒅𝒖𝒍𝒆𝒔 𝒂𝒓𝒆 80-95% 𝒇𝒖𝒍𝒍.

Our organized and friendly administrative and management staff takes care of all the details. From scheduling to collecting fees to organizing recitals. These details are handled by our administrators, not teachers. This means teachers are free to focus on teaching and not be distracted by administration or handling awkward situations when it comes to collecting or scheduling tuition fees. Driving across town for a few lessons, trying to remember who owes the month’s worth of tuition, and trying to save yourself time from canceling unpaid students are a thing of the past.

Musicians Jobs Near Me

When Your Career And Your Rock Star Dreams Collide

Most schools or music stores hire their teachers as come-and-go independent contractors. At Expression, our teachers are part of us

, so even if they only teach a day with us, they’re classed as employees, which gives us a lot of advantages when it comes to looking for a car loan, home mortgage, or other application that looks more lucrative for consistent work. employee. to a contractor position. Employee work can sometimes be tough for professional musicians, so we’re proud to offer this perk! Our teachers are paid by direct deposit every two weeks.

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Musicians Jobs Near Me

Our teachers get paid when students don’t give 24 hours notice. Although they provide 24 hour notice, we do our best to book on-site makeup lessons so you can still get paid. Our teachers are very comfortable knowing how much income they will generate in any given month.

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Make-up is only done during your regular study schedule; no make-up on a random day and time. Students register for make-up lessons without other students present. This means that if one of your students is absent, we will change the lesson time to a substitute time for another student. This system is flexible for our students and families, and means you don’t have to worry about spending time outside of your regular schedule doing makeup, or teaching makeup lessons for free.

Musicians Jobs Near Me

There is no school curriculum or set of method books. Unlike many other schools or music stores, we don’t want to sell goods or books. We rely on teachers at EMA to be experts in their fields, and encourage them to use the material they feel is most appropriate for each student.

We handle all book orders and can order anything you want for your students! So when your students need new books or sheet music, fill out our quick online Material request form, and we’ll take care of it for you and have it in your hands within a week!

Musicians Jobs Near Me

Music Director, Itasca Orchestra & Strings Program, Grand Rapids, Mn

All recitals are fully organized and run by EMA staff, and are offered on a monthly basis. We have a beautiful concert venue in Novi and our administration team takes care of all the logistics from helping students get in to setup/physical damage, as well as everything involved with the post recital reception.

We provide beautiful, comfortable and spacious teaching spaces for our teachers. All of our locations are very clean, new, and well-maintained with spacious waiting areas for all students, and large, comfortable classrooms. Plus we

Musicians Jobs Near Me

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