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Musicians Job Board – Whether you’re a music producer, mixing engineer, songwriter or session musician, there are seemingly endless ways to make money online these days. One of the latest innovations is harnessing the power of the Internet through remote session mode, which is none other than the exclusive SoundBetter platform created for this very purpose.

For the novice, SoundBetter is a platform that connects musicians with the world’s best mixers, mastering engineers, singers, songwriters, producers and studio musicians. It’s full of people who have collaborated with top artists, from Kanye West to The Killers.

Musicians Job Board

Musicians Job Board

I’ve been active on SoundBetter for several years now, and as a premium provider with over 200 five-star reviews, I know a thing or two about how to make this platform work for you.

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It may seem simple, but unfortunately it needs to be said. Your profile is the ultimate point of reference for your potential customers. It’s the last thing they’ll look at before deciding whether or not to work with you, so you need to make a good impression.

Musicians Job Board

Everything you put on your profile is a way for potential clients to get to know you before you even talk. I can’t tell you how many profiles on SoundBetter I’ve seen that are half-assed, fully wired, or an exact carbon copy of someone else’s.*

*During my hiatus from SoundBetter (and the internet in general) I’ve met a lot of drummers who have literally unraveled my life. It can’t be a guy (or girl).

Musicians Job Board

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Have you ever heard the saying, “If you treat everyone, you treat no one”? Don’t be someone who tries to do everything. It will never work. Don’t fill your profile with 20 types of services you provide and list a bunch of unrelated ones with no imaginary links.

Instead, pick a few things you’re good at (eg guitar, songwriting, producing, mixing), pick a few genres you can work with (eg pop, hip-hop, electronic) and sample songs that match. Show their intersections (eg I was the guitarist, songwriter, producer and mixer of these songs on my profile).

Musicians Job Board

Because if someone comes to your profile and sees you strumming a metal guitar, mixing EDM, or singing country music, they won’t know what you do, even if they’re good at it.

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So pick your ribbon and show it off through the services you offer and the audio samples you stream.

Musicians Job Board

SoundBetter has two membership levels for providers: free and premium. Anyone can create a profile for free, but a premium account gives you access to Job Boards where you can bid on jobs and allows your profile to rank higher in search results.

The most important thing is that the bonus is not an ordinary salary. It’s a process. You must apply and complete an interview before your profile can be greenlit.

Musicians Job Board

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So it makes sense to queue after completing your profile. It can take months (or longer) to enter the negotiation stage of the premium process, so it’s best to get your name in early.

When it comes to remote work, trust is the name of the game. Step 4. Ask all your existing customers to write reviews

Musicians Job Board

Like sites like Upwork and Fiverr, reviews are SoundBetter’s currency. They speak loudly like almost anything, so each one is helpful.

Musician Job Profile

There are two types of reviews on SoundBetter, verified and unverified. Verified reviews are earned only by completing work on the platform, but unverified reviews will still appear on your profile thumbnail in search results, which seems fine.

Musicians Job Board

By asking all of your past and current clients to endorse you in the review section, you can send a clear message to your prospective clients very early on that you are an experienced and competent service provider. It builds trust, and when it comes to remote work, trust is the name of the game.

Now we start playing the game. SoundBetter’s search results are based on an algorithm that takes into account a number of factors, including how active you are on the site, how recently you’ve completed tasks, how many tasks you’ve completed in the last 30 days, and your number. Number of verified reviews, to name a few.

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Musicians Job Board

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All of this (and more) will determine where you go in the hierarchy of expertise when clients are looking for a fit for their project. If Google has taught us anything, being on the first page pays off.

Ranking in the search results or higher is the biggest factor that drives you to work harder on this platform, so you want to do everything you can to make it happen. You’ll make 92 cents on the dollar (SoundBetter takes 8% of everything you do for them, PayPal – 5% and 3% respectively) so it might sound like a paycheck at first, remember?

Musicians Job Board

It’s about leveraging existing relationships to create new ones, and you don’t want your existing customers to do anything but use another payment platform. Who knows, they might even want to become a SoundBetter provider themselves.

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Want to try SoundBetter for yourself? Sign up here and be sure to hire me for drum parts (come on, you know I should). Media Match & Music Jobs Network brings our subscribers the best deals in the industry with daily news, breaking stories, original editorials, guest articles and exclusive audio and video content from the worlds of film, TV, music and gaming.

Musicians Job Board

The site features a searchable database of over 118,418 media professionals, a searchable database of 105,415 media companies, a confidential community posting forum, and a job board that brings together the best new opportunities in the US and beyond.

Media Match & Music Jobs Network is led by global technology and executive teams of global experts in film, television, music, social media and software design based in Los Angeles, London, Dublin and Rio de Janeiro.

Musicians Job Board

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Our social networking facility supports local and international collaboration, and members can create personal profiles, upload supporting media, and connect with companies and individuals through the site with just a few clicks.

Companies can search our database and directly find professionals whose skills perfectly match their needs, while promoting their services and distributing their content through the magazine’s editorial and advertising sections.

Musicians Job Board

As a pioneer in the music, film, television and gaming industries, thousands of companies around the world trust us. Today, we have a database of over 37,000 companies using the site to help them find the best talent in the industry.

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Media Match & Music Jobs Network features current industry news, original editorials, guest articles, and tons of daily video and audio content. Everything you need to get your career on the right track.

Musicians Job Board

What to expect from Media Match & Music Jobs Network, we continue to bring you the best industry opportunities and breaking news and breaking stories from the worlds of music, gaming, film and television. original articles, guest editorials, and exclusive audio and video content.

Stu McLellan Director Stu, a Scottish resident of Los Angeles, is the group’s operations director and occasional coder. When not at the computer, it’s underwater or on a bike.

Musicians Job Board

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Moritz Schuh Head of Technology Originally from Germany, but based in Brazil, Moritz develops the code and systems that underlie Media Match & Music Jobs. She especially loves traveling to tropical destinations!

Matt Williams Creative Director As Director of CRM, Matt is responsible for all editorial, advertising, business development and social media. He also likes t-shirts, Game of Thrones and disco balls.

Musicians Job Board

Anna Editor-in-Chief Based in London, Anna runs a US media site where she delivers news and writes content. He is also a musician and songwriter.

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Ilaria Narella Front End Developer Ilaria is our in-house UX/UI developer with experience in community and content management, graphic design and copywriting. She enjoys traveling, writing and cooking.

Musicians Job Board

Carmine Loru is originally from Sardinia, Carmine lives in London and is involved in the US music business but also follows the Italian division. She speaks Catalan, likes to eat, travel, read, play and listen to music.

Paul Dickie Site Manager Paul runs UK Music, fills jobs and does a good job with customer service and social media. He is also a music producer and CEO of a record company based in Prague.

Musicians Job Board

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Stefano Tartaglia Site Manager Born in Italy, Stefano runs Italian media and music sites in London.

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