Musicians Insurance

Musicians Insurance – Musical instrument insurance, practiced to perfection For more than 25 years, Lark Music has helped musicians protect what matters most: their instruments and equipment.

As a musician, your instrument is your most valuable asset. Whether you play for fun or make music for work, you can’t underestimate the importance of taking care of your instrument. Losing or damaging an instrument is devastating, and in addition to the emotional distress, the costs involved in finding a replacement can leave you hanging.

Musicians Insurance

Musicians Insurance

Make sure you keep your show on the road and protect your valuables. If you’re wondering if you need musical instrument insurance, here are a few reasons why the answer is yes.

Denton Music And Arts Collaborative Provides Insurance For Musicians And Artists

Our musical instrument insurance is perfect, designed for people who make live music by people who love music. Whether you’re a professional on the world stage, a beginner with your first instrument, or an instrument collector, dealer or manufacturer, Lark Music offers flexible, affordable and specialist coverage that lets you play protected.

Musicians Insurance

Whether you have suffered loss, theft or accidental damage, getting insurance is a wise decision. When something like this happens, you want to know you’re talking to someone who understands your world. At Lark Music, our specialist advisors can make instant changes and tailor your policy to your precise needs, whether you have a single instrument or a large collection.

Whatever instrument you own, there will be a suitable insurance plan. And if you haven’t been able to locate your instrument on the Lark Music website, rest assured that you can still get expert coverage from a broker who loves music as much as you do. You’ll receive a variety of benefits, including three levels of protection (global, national or domestic) and cover for all risks, including fire, flood, theft and accidental damage. You may also be covered for any rental tools you use.

Musicians Insurance

Musical Instrument Insurance For Amateur Musicians By Joseph White

We understand that some claims involve additional costs, such as travel to a specialist supplier or repairer, so we’ll make sure these are covered for you too. We offer two types of coverage: Signature and Essential.

Signature coverage is a personalized service for customers who are professional musicians, producers or dealers who wish to insure instruments of exceptional value. Essential Cover, meanwhile, offers flexible cover for musicians of all ages and abilities, with a quick online system that makes it easy to get a quote and buy a policy. We also know you won’t want to wait after a claim, so we settle the approved amount quickly with a simple bank transfer.

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Musicians Insurance

The most valuable tool is yours. Let’s take care of it. Click here to get your quote now.

Ethical Insurance For Musicians

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Musicians Insurance

Before taking out any insurance policy you should always check that it covers all possible musical scenarios you may encounter. Read the fine print, check local guidelines for any territory your music may take you to, and contact your insurer if you’re unsure.

Whether you’ve spent your hard-earned pennies on a guitar, own a vintage synth that’s increasing in value, or make or play music for a living, knowing that you and your equipment are covered in the event of fire, theft, damage or other divine acts that destroy tools can provide true peace of mind.

Musicians Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance For Musicians

But like any other scary financial product, arranging insurance can be a confusing minefield. It doesn’t matter if you’re covering a car, the contents of your home or your stereo, with so many policy types and endless fine print, how do you really know that the policy you choose will cover losses or replace or repair valuable gear in the worst of cases?

To help you understand the pros and cons of musician insurance, including how you can cover yourself as a working musician and your crew, we’ve reached out to specialist UK insurers Insure4Music (opens in a new tab ) for the latest information on your approach music insurance John Woosey, founder of Insure4Music’s parent company Ripe, offers his expert advice and shares some key considerations before taking it all in.

Musicians Insurance

John is the founder of Ripe and has overseen its rise to become one of the UK’s leading specialist insurers. In 1997, he was the owner of a successful marketing and advertising agency when he discovered a gap in the golf insurance market, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then it has built a portfolio of specialist insurance products, including musicians and music equipment.

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“You may not think of music as a hobby or a risky profession, but there are many advantages to taking out specialist music insurance. Tools can be expensive, so if your equipment is damaged, lost or stolen, a repair or replacement can cause a significant financial setback. Accidental damage, for example, can be very common, especially if you carry tools outside the home. Our data shows that the average damage claim costs almost £600.

Musicians Insurance

“In regards to equipment insurance, we cover: theft at your home, away from home, in a motor vehicle or studio; accidental damage; malicious damage; and loss

“Source of your instruments, you may also consider liability insurance, which covers you in case you injure someone else, damage someone else’s property, or cause damage to a venue where you play. Our liability coverage includes professional indemnity of £1m, which will cover your legal liability if you are found to have given negligent advice – this is also the case with our music teacher cover.

Musicians Insurance

Performer And Musician’s Insurance

“Additional cover includes Personal Accident – which entitles you to compensation if you suffer an accident while using music, entertainment, audio or lighting equipment – and worldwide if the music takes you abroad.”

“Our specialist insurance policy is designed with the needs of musicians in mind, so it includes a number of specific benefits for that purpose.

Musicians Insurance

“For example, you can insure multiple instruments up to a total value of £50,000, for example, with a single item limit of £15,000. You can also extend your policy to cover loss of earnings for up to 52 weeks, as well as cover the cost of equipment rental and breakdown.

Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada

Another reason why musicians choose to take out auto insurance is to protect the no-claims home insurance discount

Musicians Insurance

“Another reason why musicians choose to take out car insurance is to protect their no-claims home insurance discount. Making a claim against your home contents policy as a result of damage, loss or theft of the instrument can result in the loss of the no claims discount and an increase in your policy premium.

“Finally, we know that music is your passion or your livelihood. We therefore aim to ensure that your equipment is repaired or replaced quickly after your application is approved, so you can continue playing with as little disruption as possible.

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Musicians Insurance

Allianz Musical Insurance Continues To Support Our Inclusive Music Making Programmes

“Our top tip is to always read your policy wording carefully to make sure what you’re taking out meets your specific needs. You should also compare different excess amounts and consider whether this matches what you’d be willing to pay for a possible future claim.

“With Insure4Music, you’ll insure each item for its individual value, up to a total value of £50,000 with a single item limit of £15,000. If that item is less than three years old and you bought it new, we’ll treat it as old. If it’s over three years old of age, that item will be covered by its current market value.

Musicians Insurance

“We always recommend reading the policy text very carefully. Check the fine print as the small distinctions are very important if you need to make a claim. Make sure you can meet all the requirements about where the tool or other equipment is stored, e.g. , both at home and elsewhere.If in doubt check with your insurance company and they will be able to help you.

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I am a musician who plays. What kind of coverage should I look for to cover my equipment at music venues or while traveling?

Musicians Insurance

“Our equipment insurance covers your equipment at home and while you are playing. Familiarize yourself with the details of your policy either way. Leaving items unattended on stage or in a recording studio can void your insurance in the event of an accident. We can also cover your gear in a vehicle, but it needs to be stored in a covered trunk, not just in the back seat.

“Our equipment insurance also covers your equipment for theft, loss and damage. This includes accidental damage, such as spilled liquids. Coverage may also include laptops if you use one in connection with music at home.

Musicians Insurance

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“We offer public and worldwide liability insurance that allows you to build your coverage. Public Liability covers your legal liability if you injure another person or harm a third party

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