Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram – A random number of classical and pop stars have joined yMusic to perform at the Sarasota Music Festival next weekend.

The performance of six works specially composed for the ensemble of contemporary chamber music is the first time in the festival’s 53-year history that an “external” group has performed. The three-week festival brings together about 60 student musicians from around the world, along with top teachers, in master classes, chamber music and orchestral performances, but in the past concerts were given only by students and teachers.

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

YMusic are six New York instrumentalists creating a Venn diagram of what happens when classical and pop music intersect. Staff – Rob Moose, violin and viola, C.J. Cameriori, trumpet, Gabriel Cabezos, cello, Alex Sopp, flute, Hideaki Aomori, clarinet and Nadia Sirota, viola – have played with Bon Iver, Paul Simon, Nico Muhly, Sufjan Stevens and numerous classical and pop ensembles.

The New Musician’s Guide

“Part of the mandate I was given when I was hired was to think creatively of new ways to increase audiences and in no way destroy the core of the festival,” said Jeffrey Kahane, who took over as festival director has creative direction. Festival this year as only the third music director in the history of the festival. “There is room for new ideas and new paths. And one of the things that I thought was a great addition was the idea of ​​bringing in an outside ensemble that brings a fresh perspective while being able to do things that the festival traditionally doesn’t do.”

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

The ensemble’s program includes Son Lux’s “Eleven” and “Paris”, Tim Andres’ “Safe Travels”, Andrew Norman’s “Music in Circles”, Sufjan Stevens’ “Year of the Dog” and “Clearing, Dawn, Dance”. “. by Judd Greenstein.

YMusic was formed by Moose and Cameriori in 2008 when they began seeing classmates and friends of Juilliard perform at various indie rock shows.

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

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“We’ve seen other orchestral instruments in pop concerts,” Cameriori said in a recent phone interview after a recent rehearsal with Paul Simon. Cameriori is the horn player in Simon’s band; The group is working on Simon’s new project, which was set to premiere June 17 at the Eaux Claires Festival in Wisconsin.

“The idea was to use yMusic as a collection of contemporary classical composers and associate each of those composers with a specific piece by Paul Simon,” said Cameriori. “Each composer accepted the challenge of writing in their own voice, seen through the lens of Paul Simon’s song. It’s really unique.

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Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

“When we started, we had no idea that the ensemble would function independently,” said Cameriori, who as a trumpeter is an “outlier” chamber ensemble. (“In the band, I play mostly brass,” he said. “I try to fit right in between the flute and the clarinet. I usually play very softly.”) Post-rock band Son Lux (formed by Ryan Lott) has wrote a piece for yMusic. “We sat down and played it and thought, ‘Oh, that sounded good to us.’

Progressive Chamber Music

The group also premiered 134 Eldridge, a work by mandolinist Chris Thile, a MacArthur Fellow who now hosts Prairie Home Companion, at Carnegie Hall last December.

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

“We were excited to see what it would be like if we removed the mandolin from the band,” said Cameriori.

Composers Marcos Balter, Bryce Dessner, Gabriel Kahane, Missy Mazzoli, Nico Muhly and Andrew Norman as well as members of Sun Lux were hired for the Paul Simon project.

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

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Gabriel Kahane, his father said, “is a very gifted composer and like all members of yMusic, someone who is finding his feet again in several worlds.”

Jeffrey Kahane himself envies this ability, which he hoped to acquire as a teenager when he was interested in folk and jazz music alongside the classical world.

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

“In a way, yMusic fulfills what I dreamed of as a teenager on a much more evolved level. Different musical worlds are not musically exclusive. It is possible to inhabit different musical worlds.

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Like other faculty members of the festival, yMusic will teach and offer a master class for student musicians.

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

The Sarasota Music Festival runs through June 24 at Holley Hall and the Sarasota Opera House. Tickets range from $27 to $65. Additional information: 941-953-3434; Special Gems – 4:30 p.m., June 22, Holley Hall – Ravel Sonata; Poulenc Sextet; Roentgen-Maier Violin Sonata in B minor Rising Stars III – 3:00 p.m., 23 June, Holley Hall – Mozart Clarinet Quintet; Shostakovich String Quartet No. 7; Strauss/Hasenorhl “Til Eulenspiegel – Once Anders!” yMusic – June 23, 8 p.m., Sarasota Opera House – Haas Qind Quintet; Schumann’s Piano Quartet in E flat major; yMusic Ensemble Selections Adagio and Rhapsody – 8 p.m., June 24, Sarasota Opera House – Barber Adagio for strings; Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G major; Andres “A Paraphrase of Brian Eno’s Subjects”; Gershwin/Grofe “Rhapsody in Blue”. These medics turned to music to find healing in lockdown – and their videos have been a boost to music lovers around the world.

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A medical ensemble swapped gowns for concert blacks in a Venn diagram that’s not as tight as you might think.

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

Ber Fellows 2019 20 — Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy Of Music

The National Virtual Medical Orchestra (NVMO), a group of 50 doctors, nurses, frontline workers and medical students from across the United States, was formed in May as orchestras around the world halted performances during the COVID-19 pandemic .

Founder John Masko, Boston-based conductor and music director of the Providence Medical Orchestra, wanted to give healthcare professionals who are also classical musicians the opportunity to make music together.

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

“Over the years of working with medical musicians, one thing has always been clear to me and that is the irreplaceable, spiritual role that music plays in their lives,” Masko told Classic FM.

Classical And Pop Overlap In Ymusic Concert

“Working with these healthcare providers to reignite the flame of orchestral music at such a harrowing, dark time has been the greatest privilege I have ever had in music.”

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

The ensemble grew during the lockdown and now consists of musicians from 16 medical orchestras across the country, as well as several independent musicians.

The artists, who are skilled in both medical and musical instruments, have hundreds of thousands of views on their videos, many of which have been posted to Classic FM’s Facebook page.

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

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Her music to date includes the wonderful ‘Nessun Dormitory’, directed by registered nurse and former professional opera singer Tracey Welborn, and a suitably costumed performance by Berlioz.

“Nessun dorma” by the National Virtual Medical Orchestra A nurse and medical orchestra perform a virtual “Nessun dorma” 💔😭 Bravo to tenor and nurse Tracey Welborn, who toured as an opera singer before joining Veterans Central Virginia Affairs Health Care system worked. He sings with the National Virtual Medical Orchestra, an ensemble of medical professionals founded by conductor John Masko. You can support her amazing musicianship here 👉 This video was produced by Charles Staples, Jason Staniulis and SkoVenture. Posted by Classic FM on Monday October 5, 2020

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Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

“Many of us have been musicians longer than doctors, scientists or nurses. “I started playing when I was four,” says violinist Dr. Erica Hardy to NPR.

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For dr Hardy is also about escapism. “Music gives us space; We use a different part of our brain,” he says. “It’s time to do something different and break away from medicine. We try to play all the notes, but if we hit the wrong one, it’s not a matter of life or death!”

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

The musicians say they dedicate their music making to all the professionals who have helped us heal over the past few months.

: “At least before the pandemic started, very few of these acts really knew about each other.” One of the things that’s already happening is that medical musicians across the country are discovering each other and reuniting a lot of old friends.

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

Which Diagram Represents The Relationship Among Female, Mothers And Doctors?

“We hope that the unifying impact of this ensemble can continue in some way, even though we no longer produce virtual shows, because we can be together again in person.”

“Hello world! We are together in music,” one viewer commented at one of their performances. Another wrote, “Thank you for the gift of excellent music! It’s a breath of fresh air and humor amidst the madness.”

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

Time to Say Goodbye: What are the lyrics, who sings them and what do the Italian lyrics mean?

Dr. Estrella Hong, Dma

Hear the melodious song of a supermassive black hole in the Milky Way…that awoke 200 years ago. PORTSMOUTH – The New Hampshire Art Association is hosting a printmaking exhibition in July open to all New England printmakers, including NHAA members. -Members.

Musicians Instrumentalists Violinists Venn Diagram

The exhibition runs from June 29th to July 31st at the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery at 136 State St., Portsmouth. The deadline for online submissions is May 27th. They should be works that have been created within the last five years and will not be exhibited at the Levy Gallery for a year. There can be up to three pieces

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