Musicians Hearing Services

Musicians Hearing Services – Whether you need earplugs to get close, or play loud music, hearing protection for musicians is essential to your hearing health. Prolonged exposure to loud music can cause problems such as hearing loss or tinnitus. Any loud noise can cause irreparable damage. Our custom earplugs allow you to protect your hearing while communicating effectively, which is important in any noisy environment.

You may be entitled to the Musicians Health Scheme. To know more, click here for details.

Musicians Hearing Services

Musicians Hearing Services

Each ear is unique, so having custom-shaped ear tips provides protection for your ears while providing enough space for ear comfort and isolation. Many musicians say they can hear their instruments well, as well as balance with the instruments around them. Benefits include:

Musician’s Hearing Clinic

Our headphones for loud music are designed especially for musicians. Incorporating a special filter, the earbuds are configured to provide a predictable reduction of ambient noise by 10, 15, 17, 20, 26 or 27dB while maintaining clear sound for performance. This means you can hear your instrument while hearing the mix with other musicians around you.

Musicians Hearing Services

One of our highly trained audiologists will take your unique impression into mold making. Your feedback will be used to create your earplugs, which are individually designed to fit the size and shape of your ear.

If you have a large number of people who need custom earplugs, we can do site visits on your behalf.

Musicians Hearing Services

Our Hearing Care Professionals

Early intervention can help any hearing loss, so why not get a hearing test at the same time. To make an appointment, please call us or fill out the form.

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Musicians Hearing Services

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What Musicians Need To Know About Ear Protection

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Musicians Hearing Services

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Musicians Hearing Services

Seaford Hearing Care Centre

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Audiologists play an important role in protecting the hearing of musicians by providing hearing evaluations, tests, counseling programs, appropriate protective equipment and advice on best hearing practices. especially for musicians. The information on this page can help you better understand the factors that contribute to music-induced hearing loss (MIHL) and the challenges musicians face in designing hearing protection and hearing protection. This page contains:

Musicians Hearing Services

Music rooms are often noisy, and music volume levels can change quickly and vary greatly, even within the same song (from 70 dB to 120 dB!). Additionally, since practice makes perfect, musicians are likely to spend hours practicing and practicing their craft. Previous studies show that many musicians are at risk of hearing loss. Hearing loss caused by exposure to very loud music is called Music-Induced Hearing Loss (MIHL). Consider the following points.

Musicians’ Wellness Program (mwp)

Audiologists can play an important role in educating musicians and providing effective opportunities for healthy hearing that maintain high-quality musical experiences.

Musicians Hearing Services

The environment musicians find themselves in varies greatly in terms of sound levels and the risk they pose for permanent hearing loss. Being informed about the harmful causes in a person’s group can help to prevent hearing problems caused by music and its effect on the work and life of musicians. Audiologists can help musicians understand the details and which areas put them at risk of hearing loss.

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Musicians Hearing Services

Turn It Up? Musicians Run Far Higher Risk Of Hearing Loss

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Musicians Hearing Services

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Starkey Hearing Aids Review

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Musicians Hearing Services

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Musicians Hearing Services

How You Need To Prevent Hearing Loss As A Musician

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Musicians Hearing Services

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Like Losing A Hand’: Musicians On The Crisis In Hearing Loss

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Musicians Hearing Services

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1. All images on this website are used under Creative Commons or other licenses or created by the creators of this website. Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are playing on tour in 2012. Townshend, who suffers from hearing loss and tinnitus, has worked to help raise awareness for professional musicians. Rick Diamond/Getty Images, file

Musicians Hearing Services

Why Custom Hearing Protection Is The Best Investment You Can Make For Your Hearing Health

It’s a rock adage that says if the music is too loud, you’re old, but a new study shows that the volume is all right: Professional musicians are four times more likely to suffer hearing loss caused by noisier than the general public.

According to what is probably the largest study to date of hearing problems related to people who play music as a profession. German researchers who investigated the health insurance records of 7 million people from 2004 to 2008 found that working musicians topped the charts for hearing loss.

Musicians Hearing Services

Professionals were also 57 percent more likely to suffer from tinnitus – a constant ringing in the ears – because of their work, according to scientists at the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology.

Hearing Clinic Manchester

“Given the number of professional musicians and the severity of the consequences… hearing loss in professional musicians is of great public health importance,” concluded Dr. Wolfgang Ahrens and colleagues.

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Musicians Hearing Services

In a German study, more than 2,200 were professional musicians out of 3 million people aged 19 to 66. About 284,000 cases of hearing loss were reported, and there were 238 cases among musicians. Overall, professionals were 3.6 times more likely to experience noise-induced hearing loss.

The data may be new, but the problem is not, according to experts and advocates who have been warning about noise-induced hearing loss for years.

Musicians Hearing Services

What Level Of Hearing Loss Requires The Use Of A Hearing Aid?

“We’ve known for decades now that noise-induced hearing loss, particularly at rock concerts, was setting the stage for a new generation of hearing loss.”

“I’m an old punk rocker. I’ve dedicated my life to it,” said Kathy Peck, executive director of HEAR – Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers – who founded her group 30 years ago with the help of Pete Townshend of The Who.

Musicians Hearing Services

Townshend is one of the few rockers who has spoken publicly about hearing loss and tinnitus. Others include Ozzy Osbourne, Neil Young and Phil Collins, who retired from music in 2011 due to medical issues, including hearing loss.

What Is Normal Hearing?

Hearing loss was not considered a major problem years ago, certainly not as much of a priority as vision loss, said Dr. Nancy Snyderman, ear, nose and throat specialist. But the same thing happened.

Musicians Hearing Services

“We’ve known for decades now that noise-induced hearing loss, particularly at rock concerts, was setting the stage for a new generation of hearing loss,” said Snyderman, who was not surprised by recent research.

Noise-induced hearing loss can be caused by sudden loud sounds, such as explosions or gunfire, but it can also be caused by repeated exposure to loud noise. Whether they are musicians on stage or in the pit or rock singers near the speakers, professionals are constantly exposed to noise levels that are so high that they can threaten or actually damage their hearing.

Musicians Hearing Services

Mandy Lewis, Author At Musicians’ Hearing Services

Hearing loss begins with prolonged or repeated exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels, according to the National Center for Hearing Loss and Communication Disorders. Take it as a symphony orchestra

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