Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme – Association of Independent Music Partners with ACS custom to raise hearing health awareness in the private sector

LONDON – To mark World Hearing Day 2022, the Association of Independent Musicians (AIM) today announced a new partnership with hearing protection specialist ACS Custom. Joining the AIM membership as a Fellow of AIM, ACS will provide guidance and advice on hearing health to AIM members in the independent music industry.

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

World Hearing Day is an initiative of the World Health Organization held every year on March 3 to raise awareness about deafness prevention and hearing loss and to promote ear and hearing care around the world. This year the theme of the day is ‘Listen for life, listen carefully’.

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“Every trade organization knows that they provide advice and guidance on health and wellness within their business. Therefore, ACS is proud to be a partner Hearing Care AIM to raise awareness of custom hearing health and provide the best possible protection for its members,” said ACS Director Jono Hill. Who also has classical music inspired by tinnitus and hearing loss.

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

Jono said, “Early on in the music industry I had no idea that I would have damaged my hearing until it was too late. Raising awareness and making music out loud is about educating everyone, especially the new generation of music producers and entrepreneurs.

ACS will provide AIM members with exclusive pricing for custom high quality hearing protection. Today Jono Hill will take part in an AIM webinar to discuss hearing health, including how the ear works, how it can be damaged and how you can protect yourself from hearing loss.

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

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AIM CEO Paul Pacifico said: “Protecting hearing health and wellbeing is important to everyone working in the music industry and is a priority for AIM. We are pleased to partner with the leading hearing professionals at ACS, who ensure our members receive the best advice and hearing protection available.” Sometimes, as we all know, exposure to loud music for long periods of time is a serious concern and a danger not to be taken lightly. should not

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Do you think of ringing or ringing in your head…..all the time? Chronic Tinnitus Ever feel like you can’t hear music or talk to friends? Loss of hearing in noise.

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that more than 1.1 billion young people are at risk of hearing loss, with 40% being exposed to harmful levels of noise from recreational activities. Musicians are 3.5 times more likely to have hearing loss and 1.5 times more likely to develop tinnitus than the general population.

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George Odum, Emeritus Professor at Bath Spa University and Fellow of the Guildhall School has for some time championed this issue. He did a research project that questioned the health of music students. After a year of research, alarming data showed that 26% of students had tinnitus and 17% had hearing loss. The significance of these data requires professional clinical investigation. Too much loud music is the result when it damages your hearing and is a disaster for those who like music for fun and especially for singers!

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

Research by the charity Help Musicians UK shows that musicians and DJs are 3.5 times more likely to be exposed to music and around 1.5 times more likely to develop tinnitus in public.

I created a survey to mark World Hearing Day (March 3rd) for parents to comment on their children’s hearing care practices. 54% of parents said their child attended a major music event alone or with an adult. In this regard, 88% of parents do not know the hearing protection provided to their children. 70% of parents say they are concerned about their children’s exposure to noise levels. 25% of parents say that listening to loud music causes temporary deafness or ringing in their children’s ears. 41% of respondents said their children were not taught the importance of hearing protection.

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

Musicians — Hearing Health Foundation

I think that’s great, especially when listening and listening for fun is a big part of youth popular culture. This subject should be in the national curriculum, I think. What everyone can see are two very important things. Sound level and your exposure time. Noise is measured in decibels (dB) and it is important to remember that it is a logarithmic measure of sound pressure. So a 3dB increase in noise level is more than enough. If it’s twice as loud, you need half the exposure time. Here’s an example: A speaker that isn’t driven hard has about 94dB (A) Leq (average). Your safe time at this volume is about 1 hour. So, if you increase the sound level by 3dB to 97dB (A) your safety experience is now about 30 minutes. My hearing has always been damaged by listening and playing loud music without protection and I always have music induced hearing loss and tinnitus. Sad to talk to young musicians at festivals and gigs who say they had hearing problems in their 20s! We took sound level readings in places and sometimes the sound on stage alone was 100dB(A)+. Your safe ad time is about 15 minutes!

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Using headphones in social music venues or in the music industry is not easy. However, these days, the next generation of musicians and producers are more aware of the dangers of loud music. This comes from dedicated hearing services such as the WHO, Help Musicians UK, the British Tinnitus Association and the ACS.

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

There are many earplugs in the market and you should buy the best one you can find. Don’t forget it’s your hearing you’re trying to protect, and if you love music, it’s one of your greatest assets! What you want is to prevent hearing loss – these are headphones that block out the music for your ears so you can maximize your listening time. You don’t need a lot of attention. Let’s go back to the 100dB example. Do you remember how old you were? Yes, 15 minutes. So, with a 15 dB reduction from a filter-type earplug you’ve increased your protected listening time by 8-hours. Simple! I call these headphones ‘ambient hearing protection’. You can hear and feel the music and they will not spoil your enjoyment of the sound – music without muffle, you can get with other types of earplugs. The ACS Pacato16 has the best frequency response of any universal music earplug in its class. Affordable headphones are great as a budget option, but if you’re serious about sound, they’re the way to go. Fortunately, they conform to your ears, creating a seal that doesn’t let in excess noise. Don’t forget that everyone’s ears are different shapes and sizes so earbuds don’t always guarantee a perfect fit, protection level and frequency response. Molded ear plugs give you the best acoustic seal in the ear canal, and you have a choice of attenuating filters to reduce volume by varying amounts depending on your music environment.

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It is now known that the culture of hearing care is making its way into the music industry thanks to the good work of charities such as Help Musicians UK. However, we note that this important subject area is not required for elementary education in higher or higher music education programs or schools. Horrible, I thought.

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

But it’s time for them to change – but I think we challenge those working in education and the music industry to raise awareness of the effects of exposure to loud music, to make it easier for future music lovers and musicians. Secure in this environment and play safe now so they can listen tomorrow. (Pro Security).

We are delighted to offer this fantastic initiative in partnership with the Music Association and Help Musicians UK – a UK charity for musicians of all genres.

Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

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Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

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