Musicians From Philadelphia

Musicians From Philadelphia – In celebrating the legacy of black music in Philadelphia, Philadelphia is thinking far-sighted; Historically, generations of black artists have been able to create without limits. This year’s Black Music City program has honored this legacy with several projects.

Sister Rosetta Tharp is the inspiration behind singer-songwriter Erin Dillard’s Black Music City project, Sister Rosetta Tharp was photographed with a guitar in New York, circa 1940. Michael Oks/Getty Images Hide caption.

Musicians From Philadelphia

Musicians From Philadelphia

Sister Rosetta Tharp is the inspiration behind singer-songwriter Erin Dillard’s Black Music City project, Sister Rosetta Tharp was photographed with a guitar in New York, circa 1940.

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From John Coltrane to Tierra Weck, Philadelphia has historically been home to generations of creative black artists. This year, the Black Music City Program honored this legacy with a range of projects, from community concerts to unique compositions and more.

Musicians From Philadelphia

Partnership between public radio stations WRTI and WXPN; Marketing startup/capacity development REC Philly; Project musician; DJs A total of $48,000 was awarded to 23 artists and to create new works of art that enrich Philadelphia. History of black music. Grantees presented their work during the June Summer Celebration. Some projects are completed, while others are just starting.

You can view the full list of Black Music City grant winners here. Read on for a deeper dive into the three projects.

Musicians From Philadelphia

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Late 1990s – early 2000s; A legendary open mic session called Black Lily was held on a tiny banking street called The Five Spot, and Jill Scott; Relatives Family Soul Provided a launching pad for Philadelphia artists for Floetry and more. . Philadelphia writer; Photographer and scholar Stanley Collins explores this moment in his Black Music City project.

Media history A documentary podcast that explores the event through the infrastructure of the music industry and more.

Musicians From Philadelphia

“If you look at Philadelphia, its long history of soul music and black music traditions in general, you also see a really rich history of gospel music,” Collins said. “And when you look at the late 90s and early 2000s, everything starts to make sense. Many of the musicians and artists who make these records move from church rehearsals to Black Lily. So look at someone like James. Poyser or Keith Pelzer or Dre and Vidal. They all play in the church, like children of pastors, or in different choirs. So it helps to build a bridge between history and phonetic connection.”

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A publication about music and culture with bold images and original illustrations. Hide John Morrison Signature/Design by Patrick “Pecu” Quinn.

Musicians From Philadelphia

Composer Also a lifelong consumer of producer and music journalism. For his Black Music City project, he teamed up with designer Patrick “Pews” Quinn and cover photographer Mike Beon.

A music and culture publication with bold visuals and creative themes inspired by the free spirit of the Beastie Boys.

Musicians From Philadelphia

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A magazine published for several years in the mid-90s. He hopes to further develop the project, which many years ago began as a collection of Morrison’s interviews and essays. “Growing up, I always wanted a magazine and an independent label,” she says. “That desire is still in me.”

It also addresses disparities in music media ownership: “A lot of black music and black culture is created by non-black people, especially white people, and white writers in white-controlled literature. Like, the antithesis of… that goes without saying, but I’ll say it: It doesn’t mean I don’t want to work with white writers, I try to do whatever I do.”

Musicians From Philadelphia

When singer-songwriter Erin Dillard first heard the music of Philadelphia’s sister Rosetta Tharp in 2020, she was completely lost. “You always hear about old rock pioneers like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley; It’s so cool,” Dillard said. “But when I heard about [Tharp], I thought, ‘This weird black woman plays the guitar here and no one talks about it. This is madness!” I wish I knew about it sooner.”

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Dillard’s record binges; reading documentaries; She read everything she could follow. For her Black Music City project; Dillard recorded Tharp’s “Did’t It Rain” under his stage name emospacebird and directed a music video for it. In the video file, Dillard watched video of Tharp singing at a train station in England and performing on disused tube tracks. She was wearing a pink dress and a fur coat; Tharp is depicted in it.

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Musicians From Philadelphia

“When I researched her, it wasn’t exactly normal to act cool at the time. But I read that she was on the road with another woman and they said they were romantically involved,” Dillard said. “So I wanted to see the sapphic quirkiness in her and take her style but add some feminine, masculine qualities to it. I tried to imitate this, how she looked and how she moved, and I can only hope that this will happen. justice.” RunHideFight and Thorazine are two Philadelphia rock bands made up of musicians who have been playing rock since the 1990s.

Geeta Dalal Simons, left, and Kristin Weiser play music in the game room converted into a rehearsal space at Geeta’s home in West Philadelphia. Read moreJose Moreno

Musicians From Philadelphia

Rock Club The Pharmacy Earns Itself A Grant Funded Basement Studio For Local Musicians

All three women were players in the Philadelphia rock scene in the 1990s. Simons, then known as Geeta Dalal, fronted Rockula, Swisher and Dr. He has played guitar in bands such as Bob’s Nightmare.

Weiser – swimming dogs; May Pang, who plays bass for Suffacox; Featuring singer Lynette Byrnes, including Gala Lombardo and The Tights. and the punk rock band Thorazine, named after Rogan, used an antidepressant (producer SmithKline Beecham, now GlaxoSmithKline, sued and publicized the band in 1995).

Musicians From Philadelphia

But when the millennium arrived, all three women had children and put rock music aside. The first of Rogan’s two sons, Ryan, was born in 2003, the same year that Weiser gave birth to her own son, Dexter. Simons has two daughters, Devi, 8, and Rani, 7.

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But they found they couldn’t leave their gear in the basement. The Rock Moms had to get back on track.

Musicians From Philadelphia

Simons and Weiser play RunHideFight together, which features Simons hits like “Mom of the Year” and “Eat My Heart Out”, a backstage rendition of “Eating Grief” for her mother, who passed away in 2015. The band’s namesake, Weiser, says it’s “to stand up for what you believe in no matter the politics or the odds”.

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The band included drummer Jon Kois and guitarist Brother JT; Featuring John Terlesky, also known as John Terlesky, famous rocker of the 1990s Original Sins. In November, he became a surprise quartet as the opening act for punk legend Pere Ubu at Johnny Brenda’s. This is their third concert at Barbary, which will take place on January 20 as the opening act for the glam band Creem Circus. They play at the Alternative Gallery in Allentown on February 10th.

Musicians From Philadelphia

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In addition, Rogan leads Thorazine with her guitarist husband Elliott Taylor, who reformed in 2014. The four, including original drummer Dallas Cantland and bassist Hoover, have been touring since reforming and recording their first album in 20 years. Its release is scheduled for the end of this year.

RunHideFight and Thorazine players are the Firenze Tavern in Chinatown; J.C. from Dobbs South Street, and Upstairs at Nick’s (just two of the bands that featured musicians who frequented Nick’s, Rogan’s and where her husband lives in the ’90s. Future Chord) were back on fire.

Musicians From Philadelphia

These include: Kate Campbell’s hard-hitting drama group Poppy, which features her husband, bassist Brian Campbell, and her brother, Craig Heim; Campbell released his debut album Mt. Vengeance also stars Rich Fravel (formerly of Uptown Bones and Latimer).

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. Heim also stars in Scram, a revamped punk-reggae duo featuring brothers Matt and Greg Mungan, due to play PhilaMOCA this weekend.

Musicians From Philadelphia

In many cases, adult rock musicians, after becoming parents, give up their instruments only to pursue rock music.

“When I took up bass again, I realized how much I had missed,” said the 51-year-old Weiser.

Musicians From Philadelphia

Local Musicians Often Play In Longtime West Kensington Music Store

Weiser sat with Simons on the third floor of their West Philadelphia home. She shares it with her restaurateur husband Stephen. In music, Weiser says she lacks the sense of “creative community” that she lost when writing novels – she published a semi-novel.

“I forgot how big it is. I didn’t know I was donating so much,” she said.

Musicians From Philadelphia

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