Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login – If users have no way to pay you, they have no way to buy anything from you, so it’s clear that accepting a wide range of payment methods is a good idea to ensure that all users can send money after you.

In fact, third-party payment methods are available on the vast majority of sites, with 89% of our reference sites offering at least one alternative to credit card payments.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

What’s more, our 2021 Quantitative Balance Abandonment Reasons Study found that 7% of users abandoned a home in the last three months because the site didn’t offer the payment option they wanted.

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However, in several rounds of checkout testing, we’ve seen how simply presenting multiple payment options without carefully designing the payment method selector UI can introduce complexity into the checkout process and lead to paralysis the choice.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

In addition, users misunderstanding the third-party payment flow can lead to premature abandonments and orders inadvertently left unfinished.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the research findings from our large-scale usability tests that reveal how to design payment selectors and explain third-party payment flows, as well as distinguishing both what third-party payment methods are, how much and what they are. necessary:

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

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During testing, users were intimidated, experienced choice paralysis, and significantly slowed down by payment interfaces cluttered with different payment options.

It was clear that the way different payment methods are presented to users has a big impact on how easy it is for the majority who still want to continue paying with a credit card.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

In fact, “credit card” as the default payment method is especially important because many users are unfamiliar with third-party options.

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The optimal solution requires a progressive disclosure plan, where only the description, fields, and buttons for the selected payment method are displayed to users, and all content for non-selected methods is restricted.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

For users who do not know or fully understand the options presented by third parties, it will add significant friction to the payment method selection process to require users to make an active choice; For example, to actively find and select the credit card option.

We’ve consistently noticed during testing that a default selection that fits the majority will be seen as a clear “safe choice” that the site recommends users take – and therefore they’ll spend much less time and energy by focusing on alternative methods.

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Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

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In addition to the most popular choice as the default selection, the interface must take into account the fact that each of the payment methods will have different fields, descriptions and even flows associated with them, which are only relevant to users who select the only payment option.

For example, third-party payment options that direct users to the third-party site will require an explicit description of the next third-party flow, along with the custom name of the main button, see below.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

During testing on both desktop and mobile sites, we noticed that certain payment selector designs performed much better than others.

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In the single-column radio button interface used by AllPosters, most users spent a disproportionate amount of attention (shown here with eye-tracking data) focusing on the 4 alternative payment methods, despite having already entered their card details of credit, and despite the fact that none of them opted for any of the alternative methods. Notice how a single-column radio button interface with a default selection often renders the remaining options as a separate selection.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

The payment interface on ASOS, where credit cards and third-party payment methods are mixed up in a long row, has been problematic for many users, with some neglecting to make a selection altogether.

“In the beginning it was a single click, something… I’m quite surprised that later they don’t have PayPal as a payment method. Usually when I use PayPal, the site asks me to select a payment method.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

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, the user explained, believing that PayPal is not available at Wayfair. This is because alternative payment methods, including PayPal, have been completely hidden in a dropdown with “Credit Card” as the default selection.

Some design patterns cause unnecessary delays and difficulties for users. For example, radio button proximity is nearly impossible to ensure when you provide a default selection that expands to reveal a large section of nested content inside.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

For a vertical tabbed design, all payment methods and their labels are stacked vertically in a small column on the left, and the main center column then contains the expanded content for whichever option is selected.

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For a horizontal tabbed design, all payment methods have a single horizontal line above the expanded content for the selected option.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

The best performing payment method interfaces seen in desktop testing are tabbed designs – either horizontally or vertically.

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During desktop testing, tabbed models were firmly confirmed to perform well across the board, causing almost no friction for uninitiated users who preferred to simply continue with the default credit card method.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

Payment Method Ux: How To Design The Payment Selector

Crucially, at the same time, users who want to pay with an alternative payment method have no problem finding their preferred payment method.

Note, however, that while both vertical and horizontal tabbed designs can work well, vertically tabbed designs can have a large number of options (eg 6 or more), although the horizontal approach is less suitable for a very large number of payment methods. .

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

Finally, if only one payment method is available for some users (for example, in some countries), the entire selection interface should be dynamically removed because users can no longer make a choice.

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In contrast to the desktop experience, while testing the mobile sites, a number of payment selector designs were observed to work well with no users experiencing usability issues.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

When there is only one third-party payment option, simple radio buttons arranged either vertically (e.g., Neiman Marcus, first image) or horizontally (e.g., Target, second image) worked well as payment method vendors in testing furniture. Note that credit card payment was the default method in both cases, suitable for most users.

Williams-Sonoma offers radio buttons, which include logos, as payment selectors. Paying by credit card is obvious by default, but third-party payment methods are easy to find and select.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

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This vertical radio button design on NewEgg also worked well in testing. Notice how the main button changes from “Place Order” (first image) to “Pay with PayPal” (second image) once the user has selected their preferred payment method.

In fact, all of the mobile payment selection models above allowed test users to quickly determine which payment methods are available and choose the most suitable.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

Notice how all payment options are visible in a single viewport, and the graphics clearly show that users only need to choose one.

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Indeed, on mobile, the view constraints that limit the design of payment selectors can actually benefit users. Payment type options dominate the viewport, unlike on desktop where many page elements compete for attention.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

However, during mobile testing, special explanations of third-party payment flows are generally absent, making it difficult for users to know in advance what would happen when selecting a third-party option.

“I see it’s a PayPal payment. I don’t know, I think they would redirect me to PayPal right away before I could review again.

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Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

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Uncertainty about how PayPal payment would work in the absence of any explanation made the user on the German site Cyberport reluctant to use the payment option.

“Um. It says it’s “not available”. I just don’t know. “Number”, “Name”.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

During testing, we noticed that some users with third-party accounts had an existing mental model and expectations of how third-party payment flows work, while others did not.

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So even if users have previous experience with third-party payments, they may still be exposed to a new flow.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

In fact, during testing, among users who are existing third-party payment users, 19% misunderstood what would happen next when they opt to pay with a third-party payment method.

“I should go straight to PayPal. I will be redirected to PayPal when I click “Next”. The explanation of the third party process on the German website Zalando is enough for the user to be sure what would happen if he took This option.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

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A big part of the problem comes down to the fact that there are two different flows that are often found in third-party payment integrations.

The difference in how third-party payment flows work can be confusing or intimidating to users if the flow is not explained.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

Although the tests did not show that one flow performed better than the others, it made it clear that all third-party payment flows should be described.

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Regular third-party payment users who expect a certain flow but are presented with a different flow may wonder why it’s different – for example, if users expect to be sent to a third-party site, but instead , forward in The site’s own payment flow.

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

Conversely, users unfamiliar with third-party payment flows may be uncomfortable when the site sends them to a third-party payment site to sign in.

Therefore, given the diversity of what users expect and which streaming sites they choose to use, a brief explanation of future streaming is necessary, provided that

Musicians Friend Credit Card Login

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