Musicians First Choice

Musicians First Choice – World-class training opportunities exist in each area where deep personal investment and exclusive access to decision makers can develop the next generation of leaders. They are overwhelmingly made up of privileged young people.

Ilumina is committed to overcoming systemic barriers to world-class training and leadership opportunities for talented musicians from South America and elsewhere in the world. Most of these musicians come from low-income groups and community-focused music programs that lack the resources to help talented students advance to the professional level their talents deserve. They fight to get and fund more research.

Musicians First Choice

Musicians First Choice

Through music festivals, our educational and entrepreneurial programs and mentoring structures, we identify and support young talent to access and fund top music education around the world, develop professional opportunities and build skills and entrepreneurial projects that can then reflect value to their communities.

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Ilumina’s model is to invest deeply in individuals with extraordinary potential to move the investment forward. The results were astounding. In just six years, nearly 60 percent of young musicians working with Ilumina have gone on to receive top university training. Of these, 98% of applicants are accepted by their first choice institution.

Musicians First Choice

Ilumina’s robust arts program unites collective musicians from diverse backgrounds around the world and inspires new work. We believe that diversity and equity are values ​​that should generate new energy on stage—in a way that can be seen and heard—and that when we include more voices, we should expect to do better and more Innovative work. Our family of artists share a commitment to being fair about how we connect with our audiences and where we perform. We believe that all communities should have the opportunity to see compelling live performances, whether at the sawmill on our festival coffee farm or in the world’s most famous concert hall.

Ilumina works with communities to provide equitable music education and live performance opportunities for all, with a focus on agricultural areas and suburban cities where live performances often have little or no presence. Our community work is holistic – we’re trying to develop an ecosystem where artists from communities get invested, we perform sustainably in those communities, and young artists who get invested reinvest that knowledge and invest in their future Communities make an impact.

Musicians First Choice

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We also support the music community internationally, sharing Ilumina’s deep investment model through hands-on music experience through on-site educational placements and course assistance. Their R&B and disco hits include “Armed and Extremely Dangerous”, “Smart Pants”, “The Player (Part 1)”, “Guilty”, “Love Thang” and “Doctor Love”. In addition to Warner Bros., they’re also signed to soul label Philly Groove Records and disco label Gold Mind. Records and Salsoul.

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The band consisted of lead singer Rochelle Fleming, Annette Guest, Wardell Piper and Malanie McSears. They played in after-school clubs in and around Philadelphia. Radio DJ Georgie Woods introduced them to sound engineer Norman Harris.

Musicians First Choice

The single quickly became an R&B Top 11 hit in early 1973 and broke into the UK Top 20.

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Wardell Piper left the band to go solo before the release of their first album, and while she sang on the album, it wasn’t printed on the sleeves. She was replaced by singer Joyce Jones.

Musicians First Choice

Their newfound success gave the band national exposure on television shows such as Dinah, Soul Train and American Bandstand. Other R&B songs followed. “Smarty Pants” peaked at No. 25 in R&B and became the group’s biggest UK single, peaking at No. 9 on the UK Singles Chart,

Jones left the band and was replaced by Ursula Herring. At Warner’s, they recorded dance floor hits including “Gotta Get Away From You Baby”, “Ain’t He Bad” and the album’s title track “So Let Us tertain You”. In 1977, the trio switched labels again, this time recording for their producer Norman Harris’ label Goldmine Records,

Musicians First Choice

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The single is from their album Delusions, which AllMusic critic Ed Hogan considered the trio’s best record.

The trio officially disbanded in 1980, but in 1983 Sal-Soul Records released “Let No Man Put Asunder” from their 1977 album Delusions.

Musicians First Choice

The single peaked at No. 13 on the Billboard Dance Chart, becoming the group’s signature song and remains popular in the house music scene.

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Rochelle Fleming continues to record and perform internationally as a solo artist. Annette Guest became a successful songwriter for artists such as Stephanie Mills.

Musicians First Choice

Official members Annette Guest and Ursula Herring and Andre Jackson perform again as The First Choice.

With samples from a number of artists including Todd Terry and The Jungle Brothers, the group had an influence on early house and techno music, most notably First Choice’s 1977 track “Let No Man Put Asunder.”

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Musicians First Choice

First Choice (group)

On August 6, 2014, First Choice held a reunion concert at the East River Bandshell in New York City, featuring the original members: Rochelle Fleming, Annette Guest, Wardell Piper and Ursula Herring.

The concert features many of the band’s former record label partners from Salsoul Records. The group is still performing, but without Rochelle Fleming. In 2019, rapper J. Cole sampled their song “Wake Up to Me” on his song “Middle Child.” After film scores have become a staple of the pop culture lexicon, it can be difficult to separate film score songs from the artists who sang them. But as outside songwriters craft these blockbuster hits and bring them to superstar musicians, the artist who ends up playing them is often not the first choice, as Kenny Loggins recently said in

Musicians First Choice

Loggins is best known as the voice of “Danger Zone,” the 1986 original Top Gun pop-rock anthem that hit No. 2 behind Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.” Song, reproduced in the long gestation

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, became one of the biggest hits of Loggins’ career, though he was far from the first person to sing it.

Musicians First Choice

Logins earlier this month in

World premiere. “I know Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon said, ‘I fell over,’ because the notes were too high.” He couldn’t hit the high notes. So you never know why someone is going in and out. “

Musicians First Choice

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In another interview, Loggins dropped the names of several others who are said to be performing the iconic song. “Well, it’s an urban legend now. A lot of people claim it,” he explained. “Mickey Thomas claimed it for Jefferson Starship. Toto claimed it. … REO Speedwagon claimed it, but I get it.”

Songwriters Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock reportedly approached Bryan Adams and Corey Hart to perform the song, However, neither option was successful. In his red-carpet interview, Roggins attributed the song’s success to Moroder, explaining that he made few changes when performing the song.

Musicians First Choice

“Danger Zone was primarily written by Giorgio Moroder, who was definitely writing for the visual effects,” he says. “So the entire opening of the movie has the aircraft carrier scene, and he’s seen it. He’s got the rhythm, he’s taken the idea of ​​the melody from it. And then I come in, make a little adjustment at the last minute, and sing the song, really. , at the 11th hour, because those who thought they should record it failed.”

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Loggins was known in the 1980s for “Danger Zone,” Caddyshack’s top 10 hit “I’m Alright,” and from

Musicians First Choice

, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song. (Last year, he released all of his hit soundtracks exclusively on Record Store Day, titled

) Asked whether he preferred “Danger Zone” or “Freedom,” Loggins told reporters, “Today, it’s definitely ‘Danger Zone,’ and you won’t let me say anything else.”

Musicians First Choice

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Musicians First Choice

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