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Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

All the guys here are very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. They have a great selection of guitars. I was in the market for my first acoustic, then I played some Breedloves they had and had to buy one. Discovery S CE in all African Mahogany!

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I was just there with my two Taylors and a question about truss rod adjustments and the strings sounding dead. Good conversation. Questions were answered. Advice given. It is confirmed that you have done a good job. He left happy. I know I have full confidence in the team and I will continue to return. I love the GS Mini I bought here in December. Exactly the guitar I was looking for. Very helpful and knowledgeable, but no sales pressure. They just wanted me to pick up the guitar. Thank you. Mt

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

Very nice staff and great selection! The stock will surprise you and the price is very good. A large selection of parts for famous models also not very common in music stores., died today at home in Seattle, Washington, at the age of 72. The cause was glioma, brain cancer.

Born in New York, Steve James developed an early fascination with blues music and the guitar through his father’s record collection. Initially self-taught, he studied guitar with Steve Weber and learned lutherie at Michael Gurian’s Manhattan guitar factory. James then moved to Johnson City, Tennessee, the first of many homes in the South, to find fingerstyle guitarist Sam McGee, who would write the music for his first book.

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

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(Oak Publications). He later moved to Memphis, where he was taught by bluesman Furry Lewis, and then to San Antonio, where he worked at the Institute of Texan Culture and performed regularly at the Texas Folklife Festivals.

A lifelong solo artist, James moved to Austin, Texas, and began recording regularly in 1993 with the release of

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

James’s taste for the early musical traditions of rural America extended to an interest in vintage musical instruments, and he amassed a collection of “pawnshop”, mandolins, and exotic guitars on which he focused his well-honed and trained Lutheran skills. well His interest in resonator instruments culminated in the release of Steve James’ Reso-Phonic signature model ResoRocket.

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James was a witty, talkative and prolific historian, also a gifted teacher and well known for his performances at the Kerrville Folk Festival, the Swannanoa Gathering, and the Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Workshop, among many such summer events.

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

Steve James was not only a knowledgeable and trusted author of 185 well-regarded articles and reviews, he was a valued friend, close associate, and endless source of entertaining stories from the road.

99.6% of our visitors will move on… Please stop – and promise – before reading this article. LEARN MORE Kim Curry and Mike Preston are country musicians who make their living on honky stages across New England. The couple was recently hit by a car while walking along Augusta Street and fellow artists are stepping up to help. Credit: Courtesy of Preston and Curry

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

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PORTLAND, Maine – Two weeks ago, local country musicians Mike Preston and Kim Curry were walking down the street in Augusta, coffee in hand, on their way to a private show at a music store.

An SUV on Western Avenue was rear-ended and turned to the side of the road where the two were walking and hit them both. Flying yards in the air, landing, skidding and jumping on fire. The multiple impacts split Preston’s skull, scarred Curry’s face and left them all in a world of pain and uncertainty.

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

Musical and romantic partners make their living playing music, but this will not be possible in the coming months. Until then, they found each other but no income.

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Kim Curry and Mike Preston are professional country musicians who make their living on honky tonk stages throughout New England. Credit: Courtesy of Preston and Curry

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

But other musicians in Maine’s tight-knit country music industry are stepping up to help the duo through their unexpected tragedy.

A group of fellow entertainers are holding a benefit show for Preston and Curry at Lenny’s in Hawkes Plaza in Westbrook on Friday, August 26. Others are collecting donations at the music store, Musicians First Choice, where the -the couple was driving when the tragedy happened.

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

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Westbrook’s show will feature local stalwarts Travis James Humphrey, Sean Mencher, Rippleton Cross and Shelly Waters, among many others. All funds raised will go to Preston and Curry to cover mounting medical bills and make up for lost income.

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“They feel that the right thing to do. If it happened to me and my wife, we would be upset,” he said. “Kim and Mike play all the time.”

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

Preston said he knew nothing about the benefit show until someone sent him a copy of the poster. He was touched.

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On the evening of July 27, Preston and Curry had arrived early for an intimate, invitation-only performance by legendary Texas guitarist Red Volkaert at Musicians First Choice music store. With time to kill, they walked down the street to the Irving gas station for cups of coffee and were beaten on the way back. Maine State Police have not yet released a crash report, but Augsta police have confirmed the details of what happened.

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

Curry said he was blown off the side of the road for at least 50 yards, and most of the impact felt like he was hit by something, more like, in some kind of crazy tornado.

“The bystander said I hit the windshield too,” he said. “I tried to get up, but a lot of blood was coming out of my head. I didn’t know if Mike was dead or alive.”

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

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At Alfond Medical Center in Augusta, where the two had previously been transported, Curry learned that his pelvis and lower vertebrae were broken. He also had bruises on his legs, head and cheek that required many stitches.

With Preston’s skull broken, the doctors decided to take him to Maine Medical Center in Portland, in case his brain began to swell. Fortunately, it wasn’t.

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

Anyway, the accident also left him with a broken vertebra in his neck and a broken eye socket.

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The couple are familiar faces on the New England music scene, driving thousands of miles to play hundreds of gigs – both solo and as a duo – each year. Preston began his musical career at the age of 13, playing in New England bottle clubs with the likes of Dick Curless and Yodeling Slim Clark. He always supported himself with a cowboy hat, a guitar and a microphone.

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Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

But, he is tied with a neck strap and he can’t even bend, he can’t do it now.

“At this time, all of our August and September concerts have been cancelled,” Preston said. “As for October, it depends on how the next doctor’s visits go with the experts.”

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

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Booked every night of the week during the busiest season of the year, Preston believes he has already lost 65 gigs worth at least $20,000.

It is a large part of his annual income, some of which Preston usually puts aside for the winter months, after Christmas.

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

Steve Beaulieu, owner of Musicians Choice, didn’t know Preston and Curry were injured until the next day. He could see that the road was closed on both sides but he never thought they were involved.

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“I thought they were going to get stuck in traffic like everyone else who didn’t make it to the show,” said Beaulieu, who has known Preston since childhood.

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

After learning what happened, Beaulieu set up a donation fund at her shop counter to raise money for the couple, and plans to advertise it on a local radio station.

“They are private people and I respect that. I get it.” He said. “Still, I have to do something.”

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

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Preston and Curry doubt they will be able to do a benefit show for Lenny due to their injuries, but they would love to be there.

Until they both get back on their feet, the couple tries to stay optimistic while dealing with lawyers, police and insurance companies.

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

“I try not to be pessimistic and negative,” Preston said. “I miss playing. That’s all I want to get back.”

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To reserve a table at the Preston and Curry benefit show on Friday, August 26th, contact Lenny’s at 207-591-0117. To donate to the Musicians First Choice fund, stop by the store at 246 Western Ave. in Augusta or call 207-623-0400.

Musicians First Choice Augusta Maine

Troy R. Bennett is a Buxton native and longtime Portland resident whose photography has been featured in media around the world. More by Troy R. BennettDaniel Roush, a music education and performance oriented music major, and Arendil Plummer, a pianist studying piano and composition, won awards for their work from the

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