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Musicians Exchange – Everyone is invited to join us at Boston’s on the Beach in Delray for a VERY SPECIAL “Blue Tuesday”…celebrating the life and legacy of DON COHEN, known to all as the founder of the MUSICIANS EXCHANGE and the RIVERWALK BLUES FESTIVAL. We honor DON every year on his birthday to keep his name and memory alive! Animation training will be nothing short of STELLAR!

Musicians Exchange was founded by Don Cohen and Sheldon Voss and was located at 729 E. Sunrise Blvd in Ft Lauderdale. It was a haven for musicians and music lovers… offering everything from a music store, a musician referral service, a talent agency, an electronics repair shop, a guitar repair shop, a rehearsal room, a recording studio and of course the famous musicians Exchange Cafe upstairs which has hosted artists from Buddy Guy and Albert King to Koko Taylor, NRBQ, Jaco Pastorious and hundreds more! Don Cohen started the “Riverwalk Blues Festival” in the building’s parking lot. This festival has become so popular that it has overtaken everyone. Don has moved the Musicians Exchange from its original location three times over the years: to One Night Stans in Hollywood, A Train in Delray, and the Hollywood Playhouse in Hollywood. But nothing could or would ever compare to the original two-story pink building on Sunrise Blvd. Don Cohen touched the lives of so many people in the local music industry. (This text comes from the Musicians Exchange Facebook group). Sadly, he was only 55 when he died of brain cancer in October 2007. Learn more about his life through an article published in the Sun Sentinel on October 6, 2007.

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Musicians Exchange

Musicians Exchange

Anyone who has worked, performed or attended the Musicians Exchange will want to attend this very special annual event.

Nando’s Music Exchange 2019

Musicians wishing to play or anyone with a raffle prize to donate are asked to contact Frank Ward who hosts the weekly Blue Tuesday at Bostons on the Beach. You can leave Frank a message via Facebook or send an email to [email protected].

Musicians Exchange

Raffle prizes will help support the Riverwalk Blues Festival and the Don Cohen Foundation. More information and updates can be found on the Facebook event page. Chicago Music Exchange operates one of the largest e-commerce and music storefronts in the Midwest. The Chicago Music Exchange is known for its museum-like storefront and world-class customer service experience. Trying to reduce employee onboarding times, automate warehouse processes, and improve electronic shipping, Chicago Music Exchange turned to NetSuite and RF-SMART.

To work at the Chicago Music Exchange, they have one simple rule: you have to love music. Brimming with talent and passion, from management to warehouse, the experienced team at Chicago Music Exchange has a keen eye for coordination and a love of their craft. Dedicated to an optimized experience Before each instrument is shipped from the warehouse, a crew member performs thorough quality control and coordination prior to packaging and shipping. It is this particular level of customer service that they strive to provide both in-store and online. Prior to RF-SMART, Chicago Music Exchange had some internal processes and a mix of supply chain tools that didn’t communicate effectively. Every time they hired a new crew member, it took them more than two months to get used to the processes and learn all the item SKUs before they even had to figure out where everything was in the warehouse. They needed a solution that could help them automate parts of their process to reduce the time they spent on-boarding, while also helping them grow as they tried to continually scale their business. An Audio Solution Looking for a better solution, Chicago Music Exchange mission director Brian Robertson went straight to NetSuite, looking for a proven, reliable solution. With RF-SMART and NetSuite helping to streamline operations, Chicago Music Exchange is able to unify warehouse processes, reduce manual entry steps and increase efficiency. In 2019 alone, they managed to reduce the number of incorrect shipments by 82.5%, giving their customers more confidence to continue to give their best. The Bottom Line Shipping more than 120,000 shipments per year can be challenging for a shipping manager, but with reliable, proven solutions, a shipment can take less than 20 minutes to ship, and with savings of around $68,000, scaling is much more easy. Download the full case study

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Musicians Exchange

Musical Instrument Sales

“Thanks to RF-SMART, the warehouse now runs so smoothly that we can focus on the storefront and make sure the customer experience, as a whole, is exactly where it needs to be.” In 2014, Nando had a long-term vision to fuel the music industry both creatively and literally, giving back to the music community and nurturing artists. They also wanted to raise awareness and create connections between the UK and their South African heritage, where the brand and famous Peri-Peri chillies were born

As a result, we created Nando’s Music Exchange, a platform where artists from the UK and South Africa could exchange musical influences and cultures. The aim is to inspire and facilitate collaborations and give up-and-coming musicians unrivaled access to the best musical talent (who are also Nando’s loyalists). For three years running, Music Exchange has run a workshop where 20 young musicians from London and 5 from South Africa come together for a day of production workshops hosted by leading artists such as Stormzy, Example, Little Simz and Toya Delazy. This is hosted at the Roundhouse in London, where Nando’s continues to sponsor part of the studio space.

Musicians Exchange

Their goal is to work together to create an original track from scratch using sounds from both countries. Established artists host lunchtime Q&A sessions (Nando’s, of course!) and in the afternoon visit each group to give them practical advice on their pieces, with final feedback at the end of the day. .

Don Cohen Celebration & Musicians Exchange Reunion In Delray Beach

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