Musicians Elephant

Musicians Elephant – Far from the concert halls of the world, Paul Barton plays Beethoven on an upright piano for the powerful and sometimes dangerous elephants in Thailand’s forest reserves. He describes the phenomenon of seeing and hearing these amazing animals accompanied by professional music. Paul speaks of the “connection” with the elephants, especially with the great music of Beethoven, as something wonderful and other.

Paul is a professional pianist, music teacher, arranger, YouTube star, artist and conservationist. From the UK, he now lives in Thailand with his family. He sees music as a universal language that speaks to our emotions, just like Nature.

Musicians Elephant

Musicians Elephant

The Beethoven Pastoral Project was delighted when Paul became one of our first sponsors. He found the Project “inspiring”, especially the idea of ​​a “world gathering of artists and musicians” and the opportunity to express one’s style. “Although I communicate with elephants through the piano,” says Paul, “The Teacher Project is an opportunity to connect musicians around the world to protect nature and fight climate change.” He wants to see The Ministry Project encouraging music listeners to awaken their feelings for nature and stop society’s destructive ways. And quickly.

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Paul is an environmentalist and habitat activist who believes that musicians and artists can express themselves through their work and thereby inspire the creativity in society that is needed to face the challenges of today’s world.

Musicians Elephant

Paul describes the Pastor Symphony as a powerful work of art that inspires us to find the strength to work together for the benefit of our world. His current project is to videotape a Pastoral Symphony performed on an upright piano while floating down the River Kwai on a bamboo raft. Watch the video soon!

Join Paul Barton and over a hundred artists from six continents to create a powerful environmental statement! Join the Beethoven Missionary Project!

Musicians Elephant

How A Star Pianist Makes The Remote Thai Jungle A Concert House

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Musicians Elephant

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Songs About Elephants

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Musicians Elephant

Max Rebo was a famous Ortolan Jizz-wailer singer who led the group Ortolan and Max Rebo. He played a red ball game, which played a lot with his feet; he and his team used to play for criminals and gangsters.

In the middle. At some point, Rebo formed a group called “Max Rebo Band” and continued to perform

Musicians Elephant

Asian Indian Musicians Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

“We are doomed! Jabba will surely throw us into the Sarlacc when he sees my brother drinking on his terrace!”

At some point, Azool tricked many residents of the Mos Eisley area on the planet Tatooine. The victims mistook Rebo for Azool and chased the singer. Rebo then collided with Imperial stormtroopers fleeing towards Chalmun’s Cantina spaceport. Before the soldiers punished him for his collision, Azool saw Rebo riding a fast bike and pushed his brother off the road and onto the bike.

Musicians Elephant

Rebo tells Azool about his life of crime as the pair make their way away from the storms and the villagers. He complained that Jabba the Hutt, who had hired Rebo, would punish both brothers for Azool’s crimes because they were in the crime lord’s place. Undeterred, Azul Bush dodged the missile, but Rebo grabbed Azul’s bag containing the stolen money and threw the contents at her pursuers, ending the chase.

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After that, Rebo and Azuul got off the speaker, and Azuul got angry when he saw his money being taken by the chasers. Jabba the Hutt approached them both and asked Rebo what happened; When Rebo pleads that Azool is causing trouble in Jabba’s territory, Azool says he didn’t know it was Jabba’s territory. As a result, Jabba punishes Azool by forcing him to become a waiter at Hetanna.

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Musicians Elephant

Rebo and his team sing Yabha. While they were singing, Jabba’s slave dancer was interrupted by the screams of Oola, who fell into the fury pit under the Hutt’s throne room for disrupting the group’s performance. Later, the group gets involved when Leia Organa enters the mansion disguised as a Bush hunter. On the night when Organa frees the mercenary Han Solo from the carbonite, several members of the group stand in for Jabba.

Max Rebo then travels on Jabba’s ship to the Great Karkun Pit, where Solo is to be killed by Hetanna. The Hetanna is destroyed by Solo and his companions, but the sailboat bursts into flames in the desert.

Musicians Elephant

Zebra And Elephant Musicians Royalty Free Vector Image

Ortolan came to work at the Sanctuary, a cantina run by Twi’lek Garsa Fwip during the New Republic. At Sanctuary, Rebo continued to play the red band’s jet organ (albeit a newer model),

And the cantina was made by the former bounty hunter and Daimyo Mos Espa Boba Fett for many guests.

Musicians Elephant

Max Rebo first appeared in the 1983 Star Wars film Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Episode VI. He was a doll.

Elephant With Microphone, Illustration, Vector On White Background. 13512372 Vector Art At Vecteezy

In 2016, the young Canon reader’s reference book Star Wars Adventures misspelled his last name as “Rebo”. Near the Thailand-Myanmar border, British musician Paul Barton recently sat down at a piano surrounded by forest and began playing a Bach classic. one of the listeners is a blind elephant named Lam Duan.

Musicians Elephant

Barton, a 57-year-old pianist from Yorkshire, left European music halls behind in the 1990s. Now he only plays casual figures on rescued elephants, with the endless greenery of Kanchanaburi province as his backdrop.

Filled with sophisticated arrangements by Schubert, Chopin and Beethoven, Barton’s YouTube channel has nearly 160,000 subscribers, but we suspect that most classical music fans are tuned in to the Englishman’s performance of the giants.

Musicians Elephant

Jaipur Elephant Festival Beckons You This March!

Lam Duan, whose name means “cheese tree flowers” in Thai, can be seen shaking his teeth to the music, a typical pachyderm reaction to Barton’s live performance.

Like many others, Barton’s move to Thailand was unplanned. Instead, it was an unexpected opportunity to live briefly in Bangkok, with his Thai wife Kwang, a wildlife artist with whom he initially fell in love.

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Musicians Elephant

Currently dividing his time between Bangkok and Kanchanaburi, Barton has been playing music for elephants at the World Elephant Sanctuary, where he has cared for 28 pachyderms for seven years. Many people, including Lam Duan, were rescued from the logging industry.

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I accidentally learned about World Elephant in 2011 while filming a [YouTube] video on the Bridge over the River Kwai. I love elephants and I liked that this place is a sanctuary for old, injured, disabled and retired elephants, so we paid them a visit.

Musicians Elephant

I asked the manager at that time to bring my piano and play for the elephants, and he allowed me.

When I first started playing the piano, a blind man named Plara was the closest to the piano. He was eating a breakfast of banana grass, but when he heard the music for the first time, the grass came out of his mouth, he suddenly stopped eating and stood motionless listening to the music.

Musicians Elephant

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Para was very fond of slow classical music, and whenever I played the piano or flute, he would fold his trunk and hold the moving tip in his mouth until the music stopped.

I was very close to Plara and my heart was broken when she died. Her previous owner, when Plara was old, had her teeth removed and sold, then a bad infection appeared. Plara was always very sick and despite the best efforts of Elephants World animals, she did not survive the infection. in the holes where his teeth were.

Musicians Elephant

Almost all elephants respond to music in a visual way. When the music starts, there is a sudden movement. The elephants can roam freely around the piano, untethered. If they don’t like the music, they can just wander off.

The Pianist For Elephants: Interview With British Musician Paul Barton

Some elephants are too close to the piano for their liking. They can hang their finger on the piano. Some held the trunks in their mouths while listening, while others began to move with them

Musicians Elephant

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