Musicians Earplugs Australia

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Nothing is more valuable to a musician than his hearing. If you are a professional musician, it is important to be proactive in protecting your hearing. Without it, you risk losing the ability to do what you love most. There’s no easier way to protect your ears than wearing earplugs specially designed for musicians.

Musicians Earplugs Australia

Musicians Earplugs Australia

Without proper hearing protection, musicians are at risk of hearing loss or tinnitus. Hearing loss results in partial or complete hearing loss. This occurs naturally with age, but over half of all cases of hearing loss are caused by loud noise. Tinnitus, on the other hand, causes you to hear voices when there are actually no outside sounds. This sound can take many forms, but is most often described as a ringing sound with a variable pitch. Hearing loss and tinnitus are both significant obstacles for musicians and can be avoided if you take the right proactive steps – such as wearing earplugs.

Dj Filtered Earplugs

Many musicians resist wearing earplugs for fear that they will interfere with the way they listen to music. This fear is not unfounded, especially when the wrong earplugs can have this effect. Therefore, musicians need to stay away from regular earplugs and invest in earplugs that are made to meet the needs of musicians. This means the earbuds won’t distort the music from its true sound. Instead, the best earplugs work to reduce harmful sound levels.

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Musicians Earplugs Australia

When shopping for the best earplugs for musicians, comfort is key as well as sound quality. When you wear earplugs, the music should sound the same as if you weren’t wearing them—just quieter. To achieve this, the best earplugs for musicians will have equal attenuation at all frequencies so that the sound is not distorted. You’ll know you’ve found the best earplugs to protect your hearing when they can reduce noise by about 15 to 30 decibels.

Once you put these plugs in your ears, you’ll notice they’re there. Their slim, ergonomic design maintains a low profile and provides a comfortable fit. Forms a deep seal in the ear, allowing better sound protection. Additionally, how their soundboard resonates with the inner ear, helps music retain its original sound.

Musicians Earplugs Australia

Best Musician Earplugs

These earplugs reduce noise by 17 decibels without compromising a natural listening experience. In ear these have no mute or distortion of sound.

We understand that your average earplugs aren’t always that comfortable. However, there is nothing average about these “ergasm” earbuds. This gift set comes with three sizes – and two different colors – of ear tips to help you find the perfect fit for you.

Musicians Earplugs Australia

Fit isn’t just something you can create. These ear plugs have an adjustable volume control. A variable slider allows you to switch between two different settings and choose between 15 or 22 decibels of noise reduction. No matter which setting you choose, you’ll still hear the crisp, high-fidelity sound you love in your music. The difference is that the noise will be quieter and your ears will be protected.

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Vater Vsas Musician’s Earplugs

The Alpine brand is a leading innovator in hearing protection and is known for its award-winning designs. Comfortable and protective, these earplugs were made with professional musicians in mind.

Musicians Earplugs Australia

These earplugs have been well tested to reduce noise between 19 and 22 decibels. The difference between decibels will depend on your equipment, your position on stage and your personal preference. These earplugs come with two replaceable filters that are specially designed to absorb harmful noise while maintaining high sound quality.

If you have sensitive skin and ears, that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your heat, too. These EarPeace earplugs are made of premium silicone and feature a double cone design that gently seals the ear.

Musicians Earplugs Australia

Best Ear Plugs: The Hottest Thing To Wear To The Club Is A Pair Of Earplugs

These ear plugs are soft on the ears and are also hypoallergenic. But just because they provide subtle comfort doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. This pack comes with three different sets of noise reduction filters of 17, 20 and 26 decibels. We especially love that the EarPeace brand is trusted in the music industry: Berklee School of Music, Red Bull Music, and Lollapalooza all have these earplugs of choice.

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