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Musicians Classifieds – I’m looking for a drummer and bassist for a 90’s/00’s rock band. The Offspring, Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Silverchair and many more. Hope to play in Nambucca Valley to Coffs.

My daughter is a drummer and is looking for club membership. He is 16 years old and has been playing for about 3 years. Looking for 15-18 year old musicians or singers, male or female, 70’s/80’s Rock/Hard Rock, 90’s Grunge/Alt, 00’s Musicians Bill you don’t like metal. We have a jam room with a small PA, guitar amp, microphones, etc. If you are interested or would like more information please contact Jess on or email 0408 979 171.

Musicians Classifieds

Musicians Classifieds

Ok, update… far we’ve written seven songs and got the bassist ready…right opportunity for the right guy…right Nu metal band. Bass players write our own songs in our own style. We’re looking for a female bass player, but we’re open to options because we prefer to have a lot of interesting writing and improvisation…we sound, everything about the music, we got it. no time for ego…..Mr Normal was partying half of the 90’s and generally enjoying the moment…now it’s time to take over both…so if there is a Nu Metal, Rap, Metal and other Bass Guitar places can contact us, come join us and see what happens next… Welcome DJ Fat O Adz to the club as our resident DJ, drummer Dan Wusso, Ax player Adz Koppy and myself (ROBBO) Shout out to the little nigga at the helm we’re ready to get the right bass player to fill in and finish the line up…we have a practice room in Coffs CBD ugh It allows us to record on the go and gives us a place to post small shows for friends and family. We’re thinking of recording an EP by the end of the year and maybe an album and YouTube video next year…you can find us on Facebook…https://www.

Vans Musicians Wanted Crowns Shahrae And 999999999 As The Dual Winners

I’m looking for a metal musician looking for a band to record, compose, record and sing. Results include Wage War, Fever 333, Lamb of God, Landmvrks

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Musicians Classifieds

Hi my name is Kelly and I recently moved to Coffs Harbor from Sydney where I play guitar, bass and djembe in a four piece band. The bands I’ve been in have varied from heavy rock to soft acoustic. I have played guitar and bass for almost 20 years and have written my own music in all genres. I’m hoping to form a team with some great musicians and jam once a week and see what we can do. I love playing hard rock and experimenting with music. My thoughts are pj harvey, pearl jam, instrumental etc… If you are a down to earth musician and can play drums, bass or can sing as much as you want, I want to hear your opinion. Schedule a time each week to be able to perform live. Kelly

Male or female protagonist/player for the original and some covers. There is a lot to learn. The annual event is expected to showcase the best of upcoming Asian music and see its artists perform at a wide range of venues across the country. Registration for this year’s event in Singapore will be open from 14-28 June.

Musicians Classifieds

Musicians Wanted To Play At Our Market!

Musicians of all genres are welcome to submit original demos for the opportunity to perform in the Vans Musicians Wanted Showcase. Artists who submit work will be featured on the Vans Musicians Wanted website, and the public can vote for their favorites between July 1-10. Each player can only cast one vote.

After voting, the 5 selected artists will be announced after July 12, and they will participate in the Vans Musicians Wanted Singapore exhibition on July 19. The winner will take on Singapore at House of Vans in Hong Kong, live on BOILER ROOM and have their music video featured on MTV Asia. Winners receive cash prizes and new Vans shoes.

Musicians Classifieds

The 2019 Vans Wanted Artists Singapore submission period is from 14th to 28th June 2019. Artists can submit their original music here. Terms and conditions apply. It brings talent from the Asia-Pacific region to showcase their music on the Musicians Wanted platform. Eight finalists participated in the final show “Takeover” held at the Chicago House, with Shahrae representing Australia and 999999999 from Japan emerging as the winners.

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Japanese hardcore band 999999999 delivered an impressive performance, dominating the stage with powerful music and action; Australian alternative pop star Shahrae performed soulful songs with her moving voice and simple instrument mix. Demonstrating creativity and honesty at the highest level, the two musicians led the judges to a prize of 999999999 in the competition for the night’s “Take Over” event promoted by the Boiler Room, with Shahrae winning a music video produced by MTV Asia.

Musicians Classifieds

House of Chicago’s “Takeover” brings together the music of American-born musician Bohan Phoenix, the music group under Asia Yeti Out, Chicago musician Mick Jenkins and famous American hip-hop artist Kevin Gates. Thank you to the musicians and music lovers who helped make this year’s Musician’s Wanted program a success. Check out @MusiciansWanted on Instagram for more features and stay tuned for upcoming events. Having a community around your music is like promotion, support and inspiration. As performers, we often rely on our community to find a way for them to watch our shows, record our work, and hopefully share our music with their fans, friends, and family. Sometimes, we need to go out into our community to find other musicians to create and collaborate with. Immerse yourself in the world and hopefully find a good songwriting partner or musician that will lead to an interesting new sound or idea. If you’re lucky, these thoughts can take you to greater heights than you ever imagined possible. Here are seven music ad campaigns that changed the course of music history as we know it.

In the early summer of 1968, drummer Phil Ward and guitarist Tony Iommi left their previous band, Mythology, to pioneer blues-rock. On the other side of town, young and eccentric John Michael Osborne was looking for a band to play in and placed an ad in the local town paper that read: “Ozzy Zig, need a gig. Get a P.A The announcement would make him bassist Geezer Butler, and the two would form a short-lived band called Rare Breed.

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Musicians Classifieds

Wanna Share The Stage With Anderson Paak? Join The Global Vans Musicians Wanted Competition!

The musicians met on a local stage and they decided to meet after some impromptu songs. The group called themselves Earth until they joined a group of the same name. Across the street from the band’s rehearsal venue was a movie theater showing horror films, and it was there that Osborne first encountered the term “Black Sabbath.” The band would go on to become the kings of rock ‘n’ roll and are credited with being the first to coin the term “heavy metal”.

In the music business, talent and passion aren’t enough to get you to the top. However, patience pays off. Just ask America’s favorite, The Lumineers. For the first seven years of their career, the group (formed by songwriters Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraitz) struggled to break into the New York City music scene. The duo experimented with different styles, from hard rock to full-blown electronica.

Musicians Classifieds

Frustrated but not discouraged, the pair made a bold move to Denver, Colorado, to revise their game plan. Meanwhile, Schultz posted a Craigslist ad looking for musicians or musicians in the area. The announcement was made by cellist Neyla Pekarek, who graduated from university and began a teaching career. he is committed to the game

Vans Musicians Wanted Announces Global Concert Stream Vans Musicians Wanted Announces Global Concert

Part time job. Yet there was an undeniable chemistry between the three musicians who raised their music game tenfold and continued to impress audiences post-print. It was a step in the right direction, and in 2011, the Lumineers reached No. 1 in the world with the song “Ho Hey.” The band will release three full-length albums and conduct an extensive world tour.

Musicians Classifieds

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