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Musicians Block – Block themes are expanding to include more niches beyond simple one-column blogging themes, and Catch Themes is one of the companies at the forefront of this new frontier. Pentatonic, the company’s latest release on, is a free theme designed for bands and musicians.

The theme uses basic blocks to create sections that showcase the work of all kinds of creative artists. For example, the title uses a Cover block that contains a gradient image with the focus point selected at a specific point. The site identity and navigation are arranged in one group, followed by the Media and Text block header section.

Musicians Block

Musicians Block

Once installed and activated, Pentatonic provides a good user experience. Clicking “Customize” will take users to the website editor with a loaded home page, which is almost identical to the free demo version.

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Pentatonic comes with 17 block patterns that users can easily mix and match to create their own unique pages. These include About Us, Call to Action, Current Content, Sidebar, Music Podcasts, Header 404, Archive Header, Default Footer, Three Column Footer, Default Header”, “End Blog Sidebar”, “Header Post”, “Header with Button” and more available. . Each section on the homepage can be recreated using a pattern from other pages or repeated/rearranged on the previous page.

Musicians Block

The theme also includes 11 templates and eight template sections that allow users to customize 404 pages, single blog posts, search results, post content, and more.

The pro version of the theme includes access to custom blocks such as playlist, case studies, skills panel, masonry, video popup, and more. The demo for the Pro version has a sticky music player at the bottom of the page, an advertising popup video, a podcast playlist, and other custom media add-ons that bands and artists might need.

Musicians Block

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Pentatonic is optimized to respond well to all screen sizes and looks just as good on mobile as it does on desktop. The theme is available for free on, where you can preview all the patterns and see a preview of the whole theme, which is very similar to the demo posted on Catch Themes. Let’s face it: creativity isn’t that hard. has come in the midst of a pandemic. If, like me, you find musical inspiration from being surrounded by like-minded people or playing live shows regularly, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed at this time – and to be honest, we can’t blame you.

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Keeping creativity alive in the midst of all this doom and gloom is a daunting task, especially in an industry as destructive as the entertainment industry.

Musicians Block

Now that the initial burst of inspiration you experienced six months ago during the first lockdown has really worn off (and tell all the musicians in Melbourne who are going through stage four of it too), it’s only strengthen. it’s harder and harder to stay motivated. Some of you have even considered packing it all in and calling it a day, and look, we can’t blame you. This crap is really, really hard.

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If you’ve spent too many days in the studio staring at an empty session in Ableton or sitting idly with your guitar on your lap, you’re not alone. However, there are ways you can implement processes to break your creative block and get yourself back on track and pushing harder than ever.

Musicians Block

Of course, none of these tips are a panacea — some of them didn’t work for me either — but if you’re hitting a brick wall in the creative department, they’re definitely worth it.

No, seriously. As counterintuitive as it may seem on paper, in practice there’s often nothing better than being stuck in the abyss of creating YouTube hits or an ungodly Reddit thread about plugins. The Internet is an endless source of information, and you’d be crazy not to have this privilege at your disposal.

Musicians Block

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With the pandemic, we have seen a huge influx of producers, artists and engineers to platforms like Twitch or Discord to share their knowledge and communicate with their communities. If you’re feeling a bit bleak in the creative department, we strongly encourage you to join and test the waters for yourself – who knows what you’ll get out of it.

Another cliché, but it’s a cliché because it actually works. Of course, you can’t regulate inspiration – it’s impossible – but you can put yourself in the best position to make the most of your creative day. Whether it’s as simple as making room for a tea break or two throughout the day or going for a walk to clear your head, or more thorough organizing or listening tasks, regular exercise can help you listen to yourself . background noise and identify your skills.

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Musicians Block

I used to work in a corporate copywriting job, and the way I kept the creative juices flowing was to implement a strict album listening routine while at work. Every day, I’d listen to five albums I’d never heard before—whether it was a classic, something from another part of the world, or a sprawling ambient opus on SoundCloud—so that I I was able to hear as much unique material as possible and not just refer back to the same old playlists, and as unnecessary as it sounds, I can confirm that this charm worked. Being constantly exposed to and stimulated by completely new sounds has proven to do wonders for my creativity, and I dare say the same results for others.

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Familiarity, while a lifesaver for most of us when working in the studio, is the easiest way to fall into predictable routines. When you hit a brick wall creatively, it’s easy to pick up on the same sounds, tones, or ideas that have worked in the past when trying to create something new, and it can be effective every time, maybe half as well -bake from scratch. • be exposed to varnishes.

Musicians Block

Sometimes, to really get your mojo back, you have to veer a little into left field. For producers, this could mean something as simple as stepping out of the box and playing around with some equipment you’re not familiar with, or for guitarists, maybe you can try creating beats in your DAW. changes.

I find that experimenting with mobile music apps can be really rewarding – if nothing else works, GarageBand iOS never fails. Remember: Steve Lacy won a Grammy for a beat he created on his iPhone using GarageBand iOS, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

Musicians Block

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Comfort zone? Come on! Throw yourself into the deep end and try something completely new to really test your creative process. In some cases, it can be amazing to have no pressure to succeed or be good at your instrument, and even if you don’t record a hit record, you’ll probably learn something useful.

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When Melbourne first shut down in March, after witnessing my band’s packed schedule go up in flames, I was so depressed about not being able to perform that I couldn’t pick up my bass for three months. Instead, I devoted all my time to learning how to DJ myself and how to sequence hardware with an MPC, which was one of the most freeing learning periods of my life. I don’t have killer beats or a BBC Radio One set, but I’ve learned a lot.

Musicians Block

It’s worth noting that this method works best when you’re completely stuck or have no creative direction: if your 808s don’t hit like Pierre O’Bourne, don’t throw your valuable work out the window . do A bundle of common sense goes a long way here!

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Expanding on the last two points, picking up a new instrument can open up many new creative possibilities if you’re stuck with your usual instrument of choice. Maybe switch things up from guitar to bass, or if you have access, take lessons in a completely left field like mandolin or banjo. You may never be able to write bluegrass pop, but in a month you can transfer that fingerpicking experience to your guitar and create the most complex pattern of your life.

Musicians Block

Whenever I’m mad that I’m procrastinating playing the guitar, I find playing the piano the best thing I can do. When switching between keyboards and keyboards, my mind operates a bit split, and for some reason my approach to performance or composition changes dramatically between the two instruments.

It can be weird and downright embarrassing at the best of times, but there are a few good reasons for doing so. First, revisit old demos you’ve created

Musicians Block

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