Musicians Artinya

Musicians Artinya – Spotify India brings together Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi, independent musicians and labels as Spotify local talent.

Speaking to a room full of young musicians and rappers at a Spotify India event recently, the singer and actor said that most indie artists are afraid to put pen to paper.

Musicians Artinya

Musicians Artinya

“You made songs that were catchy but simple but trolled. It doesn’t matter if people accept your music or not. If you keep doing what you believe in, you will find your way in the industry. The 2015 song ‘Kadhale Kadhale’ is now viral but back then It was not a big hit,’ he said.

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The musician, who came into limelight about a decade ago by creating independent music, now acts and directs films. Adhi stressed that young creators need to produce brands and ensure they make money, gain “power from fans” and gain the respect of their peers to succeed in business. Using tools and platforms like Spotify to market their work and taking time to become music entrepreneurs will help their future, he said. He said that this is especially the case in the age of the Internet.

Musicians Artinya

He is Head of Artist and Brand Partnerships, Spotify India, Padmanabhan NS; Santosh Kumar, Vice President of Think Music; Founder of Media Mason, Ravoofa HK; and Chennai-based indie musician Aryaman Singh who works with Sunflower Tape Machine. Here, they discuss self-produced music, finding success and the benefits of using technology to help musicians reach new audiences. Along with the presentation with the panel, the audience also participated and asked many questions about using the new technology.

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Padmanabhan said independent musicians can choose to make great music about current events and don’t have to wait for production companies or filmmakers to release their work. “In most countries music has a place to change politics. All revolutions have anthems.” He said that all genres of music play well. Apart from Kollywood in Tamil Nadu, devotional music also regularly tops the charts.

Musicians Artinya

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Artists working on their own music are also not subject to deadlines or guidelines regarding their work, Ravova said, which eases the pressure. Sunflower Tape Machine said musicians must be patient and persistent to achieve success.

The event culminated with the release of “Radar Tamil”, part of Spotify’s Global Emerging Artists programme. This playlist will feature notable and upcoming Tamil indie artists every month to ensure that they are better discovered on these apps. Language music is finally growing new shoots, said Rahul Balian, head of music, Spotify India. Tamil Radar is looking to break into the hacked industry 404 said: (Oops! This page can’t be found. It looks like we couldn’t find what you’re looking for. Maybe a search can help.

Musicians Artinya

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Musicians Artinya

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Musicians Artinya

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