Musicians Arms Dorrington

Musicians Arms Dorrington – — The cunning of Thomas. Not long after this he extended to 158 Belgrave Gate. Until the year 1870, pub

In 1882, William Barnard was the licensee until 1889, followed by Charles Teed, but the distiller and license passed to George Richards, who also listed the public purchase as a brewer.

Musicians Arms Dorrington

Musicians Arms Dorrington

Robert Hill arrived in 1919 and according to licensing records bought the Mitchells and Butlers pub that year for £4000. Arthur Crofts followed in 1920, and William Thomas the same year. He is also named the owner. George Richards is also listed in the directories as being there in 1920 and as a Brewer, this could be a little out of date like many directories.

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In 1922 the pub was to change hands again, this time for £4,800 to Shipstones. James Dexter came in 1923 and Walter Kenny in 1925.

Musicians Arms Dorrington

In 1930, Thomas Lowe, Walter Pratt and Arthur Baxon were the owners. During the war years, he was led by Walter Pickering, followed in the late 1940s by Thomas Gamble. During the 1950s, no fewer than six licenses were issued by Edward Elton in 1950; Benjamin Franklin, 1952; Walter Judkins, 1953; Harry Springthorpe, 1955; Ernest Wood, in 1958 and James Hirst. James Walsh gave it some continuity that lasted for several years in the 1980s.

It has always been known to have an “Irish” flavor, and this continued in the 1980s with Brian Walsh, Margaret Flynn and James Brown.

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Musicians Arms Dorrington

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After the changes, Bollis went through several changes – none for the better until 2015, it was learned

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Musicians Arms Dorrington

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