Musical Ensemble

Musical Ensemble – In most American schools, students can choose to learn an instrument and join a band, orchestra, or choir. Joining a music group is not compulsory, but they are very popular; Even very small private schools will have a few! These musicals allow students to make friends and participate in a school activity, and many musical programs take their students on special outings (like Disney World!). While a school’s class size depends on the size and interests of students, here are some common ones in the United States

In this type of band, the musicians per section sit with the percussion in the back and usually only perform at concerts and some competitions. Different music is played during the concerts to demonstrate the skills of the students. If the school has enough students, they can have two concert bands based on skill level, which is determined by audition.

Musical Ensemble

Musical Ensemble

This category is very broad and includes many types of groups. They range from brass or flute choirs to percussion ensembles and string quartets. Specific music is written for each type of group and musicians can choose the style of music they want to play. Many musicians play without a conductor

Media Ensemble Group

These ensembles play background music for musicals and get their name from how they perform from the stage (sometimes they play under the stage!). They are usually very short and many musicians play multiple instruments to cover all parts

Musical Ensemble

While both jazz bands and concert bands usually only play for concerts or competitions, jazz bands are much smaller in size and mainly play jazz or swing music. The main instruments of these bands are trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, bass, percussion, vocals and piano.

The performance looks a little different for this group because they’re all out! Events fall into three main categories:

Musical Ensemble

Quiet Music Ensemble

During the fall, football games are the main focus of music, as they have to memorize music and routines for their halftime shows. During games, the band also plays popular songs and other songs associated with the team; For example, at Pennsylvania State University football games, the band always plays Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. Many high school bands will perform their show at halftime during the competition, where judges will critique their show and honor the winning band with a banner or trophy.

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For parades, the band will recite a piece appropriate to the theme or cause of the parade and then march with the other floats. Many small towns have Christmas and Memorial Day parades, while some hold parades for Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, or Thanksgiving. One of the most famous parades in the United States is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Musical Ensemble

Marching bands are sometimes asked to play for various community events, such as performing arts festivals or playing the Star Spangled Banner at veterans’ honoring ceremonies.

Voices Of Music

The main event where these bands perform is the basketball game. Since the games are indoors, the bands are small and play pop songs like a marching band to keep the spirits up during the game. These groups are mainly found in large high schools and colleges, but do not put on halftime shows or enter competitions.

Musical Ensemble

The orchestra has strings perform on stage, usually on a podium. Most schools have a full orchestra, consisting of four instruments and a small section of wind and percussion. There is also competition for them. Some schools hold special ‘pop concerts’, in which musicians play popular music, usually from a film or on a theme.

Like the orchestra, the choir mainly performs on stage and takes part in some school competitions. Most groups have a backing track or pianist for background music, and live music from an orchestra or choir behind it. At Christmas time, some schools sing Christmas carols (such as…

Musical Ensemble

Rediscovering Chinese Music

An a cappella group performs with just their voices (no background music) and is more common in colleges than high schools. Many of them enter competitions. Show choirs may sing a cappella, but they are known for choreographing dances to their songs.

Audition: “musical interview” where the musician plays a piece for the conductor or teacher to determine the musician’s skill level.

Musical Ensemble

Sydney Weidler is a sophomore (2nd year) studying nutrition and dietetics at Christ College and is one of the virtual interns at America House this year! She enjoys traveling, reading and baking, as well as playing the oboe and spending time with friends and family. Coming home is usually a time of joy and warmth But when Homeward leads an orchestra in a performance to an audience of thousands at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s nothing short of a jamboree.

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Consort Of Instruments

NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YST) alumnus, conductor Mr Kachchun Wong (BMus ​​’11, Composer) has returned to Singapore after achieving many successes abroad. In 2016 he won the 5th Gustav Mahler Conducting Competition and is currently principal conductor of the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra – the first Asian in this role. Next year he will lead the New York Philharmonic at the Lunar New Year gala, and his schedule is booked through 2022.

Musical Ensemble

Mr Wong conducting the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra during the Classic Open Air (Photo: Stephen Reese in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Berlin)

This Saturday, he brings part of his Germany experience to Singapore’s Beethoven im Garten, where musicians from the Nuremberg Symphony and Yong Seo Toh Conservatoire Orchestra converge on the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.

Musical Ensemble


He looked forward to the upcoming performance and said: “This concert is really a special occasion. The YST Conservatory, like my parents, raised me in my formative years, while the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra is a valued artistic partner with whom I will grow together in the years to come. These are two organizations that mean a lot to me, and to be able to bring them together in one of Singapore’s World Heritage Sites is truly a blessing. “

, a free-admission event, is an initiative to celebrate German-Singaporean relations and friendship in collaboration with the YST of the German Embassy and the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra. The musicians will perform Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, hailed by composer Richard Wagner as the “apotheosis of dance” for its powerful, joyful dynamics.

Musical Ensemble

This concert is truly a special occasion The YST Conservatory, like my parents, raised me in my formative years, while the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra is a valued artistic partner with whom I will grow together in the years to come. These are two organizations that mean a lot to me, and to be able to bring them together in one of Singapore’s World Heritage Sites is truly a blessing.

Hong Kong Young Chinese Orchestra

Offstage, Mr. Wong has a deep love of community and is actively involved in nurturing young music lovers. In 2016, he founded Project Infinity, an inclusive movement for children that inspires possibilities and encourages life skills and values ​​through music. He was recognized by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his 2018 National Day Rally speech for achieving excellence and blazing new trails for others.

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Musical Ensemble

Community is a key factor that connects the different aspects of his work. Wong said: “Culture is a right, not a luxury. My elementary school math teacher introduced me to music, and now I want to pass on this gift to more children, regardless of their background or circumstances. “

The NUS Political Science Society will host 400 students from the region in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Singapore Model United Nations.

Musical Ensemble

Singapore, Germany Join In Musical Harmony

The NUS Center for Future-Ready Graduates and Playwrights partners with the Financial Wellbeing Program to help NUS students develop strategies for financial planning and increasing the value of life.

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Musical Ensemble

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Musicians From New Orleans And Havana Are Exploring New Collaborations.

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Musical Ensemble

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A concert band, also known as a wind band,

Musical Ensemble

Chinese Music Ensemble

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