Musica – A 2013 British survey confirmed the benefits of music. They revealed that students who studied while listening to classical music performed 12% better on math tests than those who did not receive any musical stimulation.

Another study, this time from France, confirms the results of the British survey. A group of about 300 students was divided into two groups to listen to a lecture: half with a soundtrack and the other without music. The results showed that those who listened to classical music were more attentive and satisfied.



Are you convinced? So it’s time to learn how music can be your ally in overcoming what doesn’t allow you to learn. Come on!

Maestría En Música

The melody of the tunes and the so-called musical scale affect how our brain responds to them. So not just any music can help you learn. Some of them have the opposite effect and distract you even more.


The tip is not to choose songs that irritate you: you need to create a peaceful environment that allows you to listen to your thoughts. According to some, the best solution is classical and instrumental music. On the other hand, there are those who fall asleep to this style of music and prefer genres like rock and pop.

So try different styles and find what works best for you. The ideal is if you can concentrate and absorb the learned content well.


Música Conmovedora / Moving Music

Learning should be the focus of the moment, right? Music is only a supporting factor in promoting concentration and memory. If you start to stand out, just stand in the way! Remember: you’re learning, not enjoying the show!

The tip is to be careful with the volume: if it’s too high, it can completely upset your concentration. Also, music can distract the brain and make it difficult to absorb content. A volume that is too low can also be distracting because you have to make a significant effort to hear it.


Skipping songs you don’t like is a concern, isn’t it? After all, you lose time and even lose the speed of learning. Every break is like a new beginning, and let’s face it, picking up the pace is one of the biggest challenges of learning.

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Tríptico Música Music Canvas Wall Art

A playlist can prevent this from happening. It only uses songs that you enjoy listening to and definitely contribute to your learning. Add songs to your playlist that you’ve tried and know will work. Listening to music triggers various activities and brain stimuli that directly affect important aspects of life such as mood, stress control, anxiety or fatigue. As a result, more and more hospitals are incorporating music therapy into more and more treatments. Thus, on the occasion of International Music Day, Alvar Okano, health manager of the insurance company Aegon, reviews the most important health benefits of music.


Reduce Anxiety: Listening to your favorite song will reduce your anxiety levels. Music can reduce stress-related cortisol levels.

Contribute to pain reduction: Music therapy releases endorphins, which act as natural pain relievers. In fact, several studies confirm that music can reduce the pain of certain chronic diseases, such as osteoarthritis.


Music Instrument Concert Perform With Guitar, Boombox And Big Vinyl Music Cartoon Vector Icon Illustration. Art Object Icon Concept Isolated Premium Vector. Flat Cartoon Style 8948736 Vector Art At Vecteezy

Neurological disorders: such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or autism. In addition, music is like a gym for the brain because it increases neuronal communication, flexibility and plasticity of the organ.

Strengthens the immune system: increases platelet production, stimulates lymphocytes, cell protection against certain diseases. Similarly, listening to music can reduce cortisol levels, which can lead to a reduced immune response.


Increases optimism and protects against brain aging: especially for those suffering from depressive processes. According to a study published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, playing an instrument reduces the effects of age-related mental decline.

Somos Musica (we Are Music) (various Artists): Music

Improves memory: Listening to music activates different parts of the brain, so it processes information better. Various reports have confirmed that listening to music or playing an instrument improves learning. Therefore, according to a study published by scientists at the University of Helsinki, Mozart’s music activates the free and right brain, which maximizes learning and information retention.


Fight against headaches: Due to its relaxing and stress-relieving effects, another benefit of listening to music is that it can help those suffering from migraines or headaches.

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Lower blood pressure: According to research from the American Society of Hypertension in New Orleans, listening to classical, Celtic or raga music for 30 minutes a day can significantly reduce high blood pressure. This article needs more references for verification. Please help improve this article by adding links to reliable sources. Unsourced material can be attacked and removed. Find sources: “Musica Studios” – News · Newspapers · Books · Scholar · JSTOR (December 2009) (Learn how and how to remove this template message)


Discovering The Concert Hall: Palau De La Musica

PT Musica Studios is an Indonesian music company based in Jakarta. Known as Metropolitan Studios in the 1960s and Musica Studios in the 1970s, Musica was founded by Yamin Vidjaja, the owner of an electronics store. Musica is one of the biggest music companies in Indonesia. Music artists like Noah (formerly Peterpan),

The long history of Indonesia’s largest record industry began with the work of Yamin Widjaja (Amin), an electronics store owner and record distributor, who ran a store in the Pasar Baru area. The electronics store and record distributor was established in the early sixties under the name Eka Sapta Store. Pak Amin Sigli – as Yamin Widjaja is also known – has met many famous people in the music world, including the songs of Bing Slamet, Irg Maulana, ATG Tanamal and Idris Sardi. This association around musicians eventually inspired the birth of the Eka Sapta group.


Amin then founded his own record company as the owner of an electronics store and record distributor, co-founder of Eka Sapta’s band. He first borrowed a recording equipment owned by Remaco Company, recorded in Singapore and built his own studio called PT Warung Tinggi in Warung Kopi area of ​​Jakarta. The company initially produced several records, including the Titek Pushpa album. This PT Warung Tinggi was the embryo of the establishment of PT Metropolitan Studio on September 9, 1968. Hockey Amin Sigli – with 6 children and his wife Lani Jajanegara – growing up. He first recorded songs and sounds of Eka Sapta, Bing Slamet, A. Rianto and made many other recordings in the form of LP (PH) and cassettes.

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Msc Musica Cruise Ship

With the success of the album launch, in October 1971, Amin changed the name of PT Metropolitan Studio to PT Musica Stúdio, in the form of an official record company founding document. Since then, the software and hardware of record companies have improved, for example, the number of recording studios has increased from 2 in 1968 to 4 to 8 in 1979, 16 in 1981, and 24 in 1983. Currently, several recording studios operate in the PT Musica Studio complex, Jl. Perdatum Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, 5 pcs.


As Indonesia’s largest record label company, Musica Studio immediately renews its production management operations. The development of human resources improved the production quality of recorded albums. When Yamin Widjaja died in August 1979, his wife Smt. Along with 4 of Lani Jajanegara’s 6 children, she took over and became the backbone of PT’s recruitment ‘business empire’. Music studio. The four sons and daughters are Sdjaja Widjaja, Indrawati Widjaja, Tinawati Widjaja and Effdy Widjaja. Under the leadership of this quartet of hands-on recording workers, PT Musica Studio has grown into a huge music empire in Indonesia and has succeeded in turning young musicians into famous artists in Indonesia. Prior to this, PT Music Studio was supported by other Widjaja families such as Sivathi Widjaja and Sundari Widjaja. If not, the life and history of mankind would certainly not be the same. This elusive art has the power to improve our mood and performance – both physical and mental – like no other.

But music, like other arts, has changed significantly and adapted to the times and new trends over the decades. The history of music in Mexico is really fascinating, but what is happening in our country today?


Día Europeo De La Música 2023

Thanks to globalization and technology, we can now listen to music and see artists from anywhere in the world. Esto ha I think we are more receptive to new genres (of course not all of them) and needs

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