Music Player Online

Music Player Online – Olivia is a new free open source Qt5 cloud-based player for Linux. It can play music from YouTube, comes with over 25,000 internet radio stations, supports themes, has a mini player mode, can save songs for offline playback, and much more.

Currently under inspection. Olivia is now considered stable, with version 1.0.0 available on the Snap Store (although the GitHub project releasing the tab doesn’t have a release).

Music Player Online

Music Player Online

Olivia is well integrated with YouTube, allowing users to search for songs, add to playlists, search for great YouTube music that has the potential to change the country, and more. To save bandwidth, Olivia only plays audio from YouTube channels.

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If you want to save online music in a local cache so you can play it later without needing internet access, save songs while browsing options from Olivia’s settings (the cog button in the upper right corner of the Olivia window…, next to Player Game).

Music Player Online

When installed using the snap package, the local music cache path is ~/snap/olivia/current/.local/share/org.keshavnrj.ubuntu/Olivia/downloadedTracks. I thought I should mention this as there is no way to clear the local music cache yet.

Another interesting feature of Olivia is its theme support and dynamic theme support. From the player’s settings you can choose the color you want the application to use, or turn on a dynamic theme that matches the game’s user interface of the currently playing album.

Music Player Online

Online Music Player Web Ui By Kuldeep Jiyani On Dribbble

Although I like that Olivia offers support for changing the colors of the user interface, I would also like the option to use the traditional user interface, which is currently absent.

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A small player is also available (click the “Play” icon right from the bottom-left corner of the application), which supports transparency, and has the option to sit on top – both options are available in Olivia. projects.

Music Player Online

What Olivia lacks, at least in my opinion, is support for online music streaming services.

Online Music Player Ui Ux Gui Stock Vector (royalty Free) 1419411107

Local music is also not supported – the Local Music item in Olivia’s sidebar is only for music automatically downloaded by Olivia (using the Save Songs option from its settings), not your existing local music. May change in the future.

Music Player Online

Also, although you’ll find starred and playlist items in Olivia’s sidebar, adding favorites or creating playlists no longer works. They are mostly unfinished features and will be live soon.

Olivia’s Music Player can be installed on the Snap Store. If your software application (such as GNOME software with the Snap plugin) supports installing Snap packages, use them to browse and install Olivia from there. You can install it using Terminal and type:

Music Player Online

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If your Linux distribution does not support Snap packages by default, visit this page for instructions on creating a Snap.

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