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Music Kontemporer – , Jakarta – For those of you who feel that you have an artistic soul, you must have known which modern songs are very popular these days.

Modern music is a type of music that is often played without the use of real musical instruments, but the music produced is no less than the original musical instruments.

Music Kontemporer

Music Kontemporer

Modern music first appeared in the 19th century. His style is from the impressionist painting movement. The group that created the group was a group of painters from France, namely Degas, Monet, Renoir, and many others.

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Contemporary music is often regarded as a unique and innovative musical art form. The reason is that the musician often uses a combination of clapping sounds, various conversations or other sounds that can be made by things that are often used on a daily basis.

Music Kontemporer

, that is a brief explanation of the concept of modern music. For those who feel that they have a soul in the art of music, you should first understand the meaning of modern music.

In modern music, there is less emphasis on vocal combinations. In addition, percussion also plays an important role. Individually produced timbres will be heard clearly in this song.

Music Kontemporer

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In modern music, the term “polychord” is known, in which two chords are played simultaneously. Modern music also uses four chords.

Generated by the sound of the piano. In modern music, the term ‘polytonality’ is known, namely the use of two or more chords at the same time.

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Rhythm is one of the most fascinating elements of modern music. Most of the songs used are uplifting, encouraging and happy.

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In addition, there are groups of irregular beats. In modern music rhythms, the term ‘polyrhythm’ is known, namely the use of two different rhythms at the same time.

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Board Asks Public To Back Symphony With Ideas, Tickets

Photo: Floods of tears at the headquarters of Borussia Dortmund, 2022/2023 German League Title to Belong to Bayern Munchen is a genre-defying work that, if summed up, would easily be a powerful musical adaptation of one of the most. groundbreaking work. of Afrofuturism.

Originally written as a novel by award-winning author Octavia E. Butler, it takes place in the year 2024, where climate change has wreaked havoc on the world, with violence and disaster that everyone must expect. Our story follows the hyperempathic Lauren Olamina (Shayna Small), a situation that allows her to feel the pain of those around her, as she lives her days in a small gated community, counting the days until their protection will end. When his father, a priest and community leader, did not come home one day, he was left without a leader and he was mentally and physically weak, coming under attack a few days later. Lauren then escapes, finding the strength in her beliefs to become the change she wants to see in the world, and creating a new community of survivors as they look to the stars to find a new place to call home.

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With libretto, music and lyrics written by mother-daughter duo Toshi and Bernice, themselves prominent members of the African-American music scene in America,

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Became a fun project that celebrates African-American culture in all its aspects, and a modern proverb for the times, a warning that if we don’t take care of the earth today, it may just disappear tomorrow. During the performance, Toshi Reagon himself was on stage with fellow talents Helga Davis and Carla Duren, and he performed both original music and songs from the black songbook.

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The stage setting is very elegant – while the story is playing in the foreground, the singer Toshi (Percussion – Bobby Burke, Bass – Fred Cash Jr, Cello – Malcolm Parson, Violin – Juliette Jones, Guitar and Keyboard – Adam Widoff) is in full force. appear just behind the theater artists. The open plan makes you feel immediately welcome and ready to dive into the world of

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And the many elements found on stage simultaneously come together to form a layered, multi-faceted work full of life and meaning.

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The songs are carefully chosen to fit each stage, each number fully showing the strong themes and nuances of the legend and script of the time, such as the theme song and the folk song written during the period, as Toshi himself rose and everyone joins in, creating an intimate, personal connection with the show. In the times we sit with the “congregation” in Reverend Olamine’s church, one feels like a part of the body services with the intimacy and sometimes protection offered by the chapel-like system of spaces and gospel songs , the entire musical cast. like a singer. One feels the spiritual joy that goes within us as we listen to those who sing praises. In other cases, referring to the brutality outside the world and the fallen state of corruption, the songs become warnings and contain layers of sadness and fear, both predictable and timeless, for the story- a long history of civil rights movements that fought oppression. , still going even today.

As the protagonist Lauren, Shayna Small has a powerful voice, and in her moving rendition of “There is a New World Coming” by Bernice Johnson Reagon, she imbues the anti-war song with a new meaning, the world with bold hope and addresses instead of legends. , however very possible war of Butler’s dystopian world. Curtiss Cook Jr., who plays Lauren’s brother Keith, brings a strong rebellious touch to his character, while Jason Charles Walker as Reverend Olamine feels authoritative and priest-like in his portrayal, and his presence is as easy as lightning. hope among players. . that character has a life of fear.

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This cooperative plan later pays off dramatically when the community comes under attack. Christopher Kuhl’s lighting is particularly important to this scene, as a spotlight falls on the audience as the lights go down, creating an immediate sense of dread, and is always there to emphasize the inherent meaning of each song by guiding the performers and only moving. the right attitude at all times.

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Finally, as Lauren and the congregation sing the final song of God’s presence as a sign of change, and that change must happen, there is renewed life among all the survivors, with faint smiles evident all around in anticipation. a new life ahead. . The Parable of the Sower is an impressive and childlike work that reminds us of the importance of hope even at the end of the world, a very important warning about the dangers of climate change and a call to act now before it’s too late. As Toshi Reagon said: “Things can change for the worse at any time, and we have to really start paying attention to the things around us”, and pay attention to our environment, community and family, let’s see again we are in reality. unlike the world of the Parable of the Sower.

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The Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler plays at the Victoria Theater on May 4 and 5 as part of SIFA 2018. The Singapore International Festival of the Arts 2018 runs from now until May 12 across various venues. For the full lineup and ticket details, visit the official website here. The darkness of the night slowly faded through the blue glow that revealed the three men on stage. Two of them sit behind a gamelan set, while the other stands on the right side of the stage. Slowly the fingers of the standing man danced on the clarinet keys. Then, the gentle strains of clarinet music filled the theater. The player’s body moves easily to the noise. From the side you can see the silhouette of his face with the nose. This man is Ron Reeves, a singer from Australia. He played the prelude to the composition

Note after note is produced by the clarinet brilliantly. The audience began to be swayed by Ron’s playful and charming character. This man wears black clothes and a red bandana on his head. His fingers continued to play on the clarinet, supported by steady breathing. Ron’s melodious music made the audience feel as if they were thrown into the sky. Little by little the tensions subsided and eventually stopped completely. For a moment there was silence. The audience held their breath, impatiently waiting for the next one.

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Sudaryanto’s syther strains then broke the silence. Unlike Ron, he wears traditional Javanese clothing. His right hand gently plucks the zither strings, while his left hand presses the zither handle according to the melody. His eyes were half closed and he seemed completely lost in the music. Sudaryanto’s game follows Anang who beats sex, the type of saron that he is

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