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Music Klasik Adalah – The diversity of Indonesian music is the result of the hard work and creativity of our people. However, some of them were born from cultural encounters and foreign influences on the archipelago. One of the musical genres rooted in our music is the art of classical music, which largely determines the variety of musical forms we hear today.

In Indonesia, classical music initiated many genres of typical Indonesian music and also helped to produce legendary musicians in the archipelago. Classical music, which originated in Europe, first entered Indonesia in the 18th century, but from the 19th century, only Indonesians could enjoy it. It can be seen from how V.R.

Music Klasik Adalah

Music Klasik Adalah

The entry of European classical music had a great influence on the development of musical genres in Indonesia such as Gambus, Jaipongan, Dangdut and Keronkong music. Unfortunately, after the development and popularization of modern music such as hip-hop and electronic music, Indonesian classical music has become a genre that is easily forgotten. But in order to move forward, it is important to look back to our musical roots. To do this, let’s look at the journey of classical music in Indonesia.

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European classical music first officially entered Indonesia during the Dutch colonial era in the 18th century. However, since the period of Portuguese occupation, Indonesian musicians have become familiar with foreign music and classical instruments. Although this music reached Indonesia, at that time only a few Dutch nobles and wealthy officials could enjoy its tones and sounds. This is because this music is only played when the nobles and officials gather in the elite clubs, and no one else is allowed to attend.

Music Klasik Adalah

However, as time went on and in the mid-1930s, the Indonesian music and film industry began to play classical music and hold orchestral performances. It was not until the 19th century that all Indonesians could enjoy classical music when the “Schouwburg van Batavia”, now known as the “Jakarta Art Building”, was built. Uniquely, Indonesia at this time was also a destination for many foreign classical musicians such as Lili Krauss, Leopold Godowski and Pablo Calle.

One of the streams of Indonesian music that is directly influenced by the inclusion of classical music and European instruments is Keronkong. Keronkong developed after the early arrival of the Portuguese who introduced European musical instruments to Indonesia. The performance of classical orchestras had a significant influence on the performance of Keronkong music, one of which was the most famous Keronkong orchestra of the time, the Ref Java Orchestra, which had a great influence on the use of flute instruments at the time. . the beginning of the song. At the time, Caron Kong was still considered low-class music by the Dutch aristocracy and other elite circles. This changed in the 1930s when the Indonesian film industry began broadcasting Keronkong music in their programs. Keronkong is now associated with music in Indonesia’s independence struggle.

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Music Klasik Adalah

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Not only did it influence the development of the Indonesian music genre that was popular until now, but the incorporation of classical music was popular among people directly involved in the world of classical music, as well as other composers who were simply inspired by it.

One Indonesian musician worth mentioning is Wage Rudolph Supratman, author of the national anthem Indonesia Raya. While in Makassar, V.R. Supratman first learned music from his brother-in-law, Willem Van Eldijk, who eventually became proficient on the violin and could compose his own songs. The history of classical music is alive in the works of one of our most important musicians, Ismail Marzuki. From this image, the country we know today as “Halo-Halo Bandung” was created.

Music Klasik Adalah

Another figure worth mentioning in the history of Indonesian classical music is Gesang Martohartono, one of the pioneers of Keronkong music in Indonesia. Through the fact that Keronkong music is one of the offshoots of classical music, Martohartono helped introduce classical music into the public sphere while raising the profile of Keronkong music on an Indonesian and international level.

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Indonesian violin virtuoso Idris Sardi, one of the inspirational figures of Indonesian classical music. Sardi was first exposed to the violin at the age of six and developed an aptitude for it from an early age. At the age of 14, he entered the youngest SMIND (Indonesian Music School) and immediately took the position of concert master. Idris Sardi achieved high acclimation for his roles in composing film scores for the films Pengantin Remaya, Marriage, Cinta Pertama and Doea Tanda Mata which won Best Music Arranger awards.

Music Klasik Adalah

In the domain of contemporary classical music is Slemet Abdul Sukur. Unbeknownst to many, he is a pioneer of Indonesian contemporary music, taking a legendary place in the history of classical music. He has received various awards in France, one of which is the Golden Plaque of the Charles Cross Academy for his contract with Angklung. For his achievements as a musician, he was awarded the post of Officier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government and a life member of the Jakarta Academy.

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The crossover between classical and traditional music is also alive in the works of Tony Prabowo, a very famous violinist in Indonesia. He first entered the world of classical music without any prior musical training. Apart from idolizing Idris Sardi, Prabowo studied under Slamet Abdul Sjukur who helped him achieve international adaptation. Besides being a composer known for combining elements of Indonesian music with international classical music, he has also been awarded with various international achievements, such as his piece “Requiem for Strings” performed by the Den Haag National Orchestra in the Netherlands. His first opera The King’s Witch was performed by the New Juilliard Ensemble at Alice Tully Hall in 2000.

Music Klasik Adalah

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In the more popular realm are names like Adi MS and Erwin Gutava. Adi MS, composer and conductor of the Twilight Orchestra. Besides working with Twilight Orchestra, Adi MS is also active in the Indonesian film industry. Adi MS also preserves Indonesian music, such as when the Twilight Orchestra and Uta Likumahuwa performed at the Sydney Opera House to promote tourism in Indonesia. There he performed Indonesia’s pride songs such as Ismail Marzuki’s Indonesia Pusaka and Gesang Martohartono’s Bengawan Solo.

Erwin Gutawa, who plays between Indonesian pop and classical music, has the same spirit. Composer, conductor and music producer Erwin Gutawa, who has done a lot with Ruth Sahanaja, Krisje, Titi DJ, Krisdayanti and Rosa, popularized classical music to the ears of Indonesian society since then more and more bands incorporate string elements. to their music.

Music Klasik Adalah

In the field of international classical music, we also have accomplished names such as Avip Priyatna, one of the young Indonesian conductors who is very well known internationally. He managed to lead Batavia Madrigal Singers (BMS), Indonesia’s choir won the overall championship and at the same time won the best conductor award at the “International May Choir Competition”. Indonesian pianist Irawati Sudiarso has also managed to make Indonesia proud on the international classical music scene. Sudarso was one of the first Asians to be a piano soloist with the New York Philharmonic. Ananda Sukarlan is also the founder of Rhapsodia Nusantara, which has gained international recognition as one of the best pianists in Indonesia. He is the only Indonesian musician recorded in the book “2000 Outstanding Musicians of the 20th Century”.

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Kelahiran Musik Klasik

It is clear that its popularity is not the same as that of other western music, but classical music is still alive and breathing in various forms. Some of them live on the works of current musicians like Gardika Gigih and Leilani “Frau” Hermiasih. Gigih explores the realm of classical music crossing over with folk, ambient and post-rock music, while Frau presents classical music in a minimalist form. Classical music is also often featured on special stages for Indonesian musicians, where bands such as Efek Rumah Kaca, White Shoes and The Couples Company to Burgerkill have performed several times with orchestral accompaniment. Some of the names who subscribed to such gigs are Indra Perkasa and Alvin Vitarsa. Specially for Alvin Vitarsa, he also released the “Strings Tribute” project, a mix of classic and contemporary arrangements of songs from independent bands.

Music Klasik Adalah

Also, Random Brothers by Blood and Dalilectra’s collaboration program “Supersonik #27” is currently exploring arrangements that use various electronic effects in the creation of the songs, which are then combined with classical instruments. Piano and strings with the Harmony Quartet.

The classical music of this period also had a wider background with the presence of the Salihara community, which nurtured Indonesian musicians and artists and introduced new musicians and artists to the Indonesian art scene. There is also the Symphony Hall, where various international and local musicians give outstanding performances. Such developments on the platform have sparked a resurgence of enthusiasm for the revival of Indonesian classical music, from contemporary musicians to young classical orchestral movements such as the Indonesian Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Music Klasik Adalah

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The various examples described so far demonstrate the development and integration of previously forgotten classical music into contemporary Indonesian music. Although the lifespan of classical music has decreased, as long as music goes and is explored, classical music, which has become the foundation and backbone of Indonesian music, will surely return to the world.

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