Music Karaoke

Music Karaoke – If you had to pick the best karaoke song of all time, what would it be? From popular karaoke songs to rock classics to hip-hop poetry and country songs, choosing just one can be overwhelming – so we’ve rounded up 130 karaoke songs.

Whether you’re looking for the easiest karaoke songs, the best duet karaoke songs, the best songs for boys, the best songs for women, or the best group karaoke songs, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Music Karaoke

Music Karaoke

Or maybe you want the best rock karaoke songs, the best rap karaoke songs, or the best hiphop and r&b karaoke songs?

Best Karaoke Songs For Women (impress Everyone)

Note – this is our list and we are not claiming that these songs are the best. There should be room for dissent in the world of karaoke! We’re just trying to create a great playlist to sing along to using some of our ideas that are popular among karaoke singers.

Music Karaoke

Let’s start with the most obvious – the most popular* karaoke songs.

Let’s continue with some of the most popular karaoke songs – the most popular karaoke songs released in 2023 (With some corrections! We have not included some songs that entered the charts only based on their popularity in certain countries..) This list contains the most popular new karaoke songs in the karaoke space. . If you want to add something new to your karaoke playlist, try these fun songs.

Music Karaoke

The Karaoke Klub Ultimate Requests Dvd

Anyone can sing any karaoke song, of course, regardless of gender, but we want to help those looking for karaoke songs for people! So here we list some good karaoke songs by male singers. Read the blog post for more tips!

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Let’s move on to some great songs by female singers! Whether alto or soprano, you can sing karaoke alone or with friends on stage at a karaoke bar or at home. Here are 10 suggestions for great karaoke songs!

Music Karaoke

If you’re a karaoke beginner or just want to take the easy way out right now, here are some karaoke songs that don’t require you to focus before hitting the stage. Or try this suggestion on a friend who is too shy to buy a karaoke microphone! On this list you’ll find simple songs, songs that often get the audience singing along with you (

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Why go alone when you can go together! Singing along is one of the greatest joys of karaoke—it’s a camaraderie to pick up the karaoke microphone and get lost in a beautiful duet. Here we have listed 10 good options for karaoke duets. Read the full article on duet karaoke songs here.

Music Karaoke

Karaoke can definitely be a group activity too! The 90s – the golden age of girls and boys – provided some memorable karaoke hits, but the decades have had great band hits and new songs! Here are 10 great and fun group karaoke songs to try! Also check out the girl group karaoke blog post.

Rock’n’roll never dies and for some of us rock karaoke songs are a good way to go. Whether you want to scream at the top of your lungs, belt out the high notes, scream the low notes, or sing softly to the tunes, there’s a great rock karaoke playlist for everyone! Here is a list of the 10 most popular rock songs of recent times. Check out the Best of Classic Rock or Party Rock lists for more options and unleash your inner rock star!

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Music Karaoke

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From Eminem to TLC and Famous B.I.G., here’s a list for those who can keep up with rap. Although rap and hip-hop are very popular genres these days, and there are new and great rap songs coming out all over the place, here we list some of the classics.

Read our blog for more rap karaoke songs lists or scroll through our Hip Hop Hooray list for more suggestions!

Music Karaoke

Sweet R&B Karaoke Song! Here’s a list of some R&B karaoke songs to sing along to. Get your groove on in the style of Alicia Keys, Pharrell or Mary J. Blige.

The Top 20 Karaoke Songs

We all have a favorite Disney movie – maybe a song or two that we all know? There are so many great songs from Disney movies, let’s sing along. With original and new movies, there’s something for all ages, from kids to adults, to sing along to. Here’s a list of the best Disney karaoke songs right now!

Music Karaoke

Any country lovers out there? We’re in! Here are 10 country songs to consider for your next karaoke night.

To sing more of these 10 great country songs, check out our country music karaoke playlist or read more of our blog posts about great country songs to sing!

Music Karaoke

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For more ideas (in Spanish!) head over to our blog post with more Spanish karaoke songs! Or you can jump right in and sing some reggaeton karaoke hits.

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Phew. There! The Best Karaoke Playlist of All Time – Great karaoke playlists for different genres, styles and events! Let us know how you like our selection. Of course, that’s not all – if you’re looking for more songs to sing along to, check out our curated playlist or just sign up and start creating your own playlists and favorites.

Music Karaoke

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