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Music Kafe – Is an art project that combines the magic of good music and real culinary creations in an informal, friendly and inviting environment. Reproducing the atmosphere of early 20th century European salons, London’s Clerkenwell Road hosts the world’s most distinguished artists and emerging talent to create an unforgettable experience centered on classical music and fine dining.

The project challenges the traditional approach to performing and presenting classical music. Our goal is to break down the barriers around classical music by focusing the experience on the deep human connection that occurs when artists and audiences get closer to each other. Our vision is to create a dynamic community of enthusiasts who promote music for its ability to bring people together for meaningful experiences.

Music Kafe

Music Kafe

It operates as a cafe and restaurant from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00. Our coffee is a blend supplied by Catalyst Roasters and we serve it alongside a dynamic breakfast and lunch offering made with fresh, seasonal ingredients by our Chef Nick Dearsley.

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The sexiest dish is the classic dinner-concert. One-hour concert from 19:00 with dinner at 20:30. The concerts are followed by a three-course menu curated by Chef Matthew Parkinson. Since January 2023, together with the established concert + dinner package, we offer a new music + drinks format at an affordable price. Check out our events calendar for programs and tickets.

Music Kafe

There are also several live jazz sessions accompanied by small plates and classic cocktails in the underground bar. Tickets and information are available on our What’s On. In the era of social media and customer registration, suffice it to say that the quality of food is no longer the only criteria a cafe is judged on. The millennial generation knows very well that a great cafe experience is achieved through Instagrammable interior design based on bold ideas that combine the right atmosphere. The presented interior project from Vector Plinth is a cozy cafe created with the psychology of music and food lovers in mind. – Editor

On the rise of business, Rhapsody Music Café, located in the city of Chattogram, is quite different in its attempt to combine music and food. Many legendary group singers such as pop star Azam Khan, L.R.B’s Ayub Bachchu, Nagar Baul’s James, etc. have been inspired by Western music, thus creating many timeless songs. With the noble goal of keeping the classical bands alive, when a client consulted with an architect about the café’s interior design, the architect decided why not Rhapsody Music Café become a meeting place for artists and music lovers. Therefore, the architects designed the cafe around this concept, which makes the interior space happy.

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Music Kafe

Puccini And Prawn Cocktail: Live Music Goes On Cafe Menu To Tempt Customers

There is a large stage for musicians to perform. The backdrop of the stage is an exposed brick wall and is decorated with various musical instruments used in Western music, making the entire restaurant unique. Some of the walls are decorated with paintings by various famous artists to inspire a new generation of music lovers. One part of the cafe also has a bare concrete surface where a mirror has been placed to make the restaurant look more spacious.

Interior concepts, wall finishes, minimalist furniture, warm lighting, music all give the cafe a personality that dictates the pleasant experience that customers are looking for. I felt a little guilty about the last time I went to the Music Dreamer cafe on May 12 this year. A few days later, this last local folklore cafe closed forever. According to media reports, it is difficult to maintain a business with an insufficient budget.

Music Kafe

What is so special about this cafe, you ask. Don’t we have the likes of Timbre and Blu Jaz Cafe anymore?

Café Berlín, Sol, Madrid, Spain

They are not the same. Music Dreamer Cafe holds a special place in the hearts of Mandopop and Xinyao fans like me because the cafe isn’t too noisy because the performers are dressed in soothing Chinese classics like Mavis Hee.

Music Kafe

“Hey people who closed, then you visited and mourned his loss, where are you this time?” joked a friend, knowing that I was the last time.

I often visit this cafe, especially at its former location on Marinya Square. He moved to Kallang in 2014 when the mall underwent a renovation.

Music Kafe

Funky Music Cafe (leicester)

But the same story of life repeats itself: Life goes on, friends do not have time to be with me either

I kept thinking to myself, “He’s still there. Why hurry? I can always go next time. Let me make a mental note.”

Music Kafe

I came back here only because the cafe was closing – a typical Singaporean who does not care about the existence of some establishments and fills them only when they close. Places like Waffletown, Robinsons and McDonald’s at the Ridout Tea Garden.

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Music Cafe Bar One’s

This cafe has become my home escape whenever I’m stressed or tired. I’m comforted by the old school feel as I immerse myself in the music and remember a time when life was more carefree.

Music Kafe

It doesn’t matter that the 30+ performers in the café are part-time singers/musicians. For me, it was like college lunch gigs, with some students getting together and playing open mics while others watched.

In a coffee shop, customers like me can also ask to play certain songs. When I was lucky enough to run into a funnier performer, he teased me from the stage about my choice of song.

Music Kafe

Texas Music Cafe: Rising Stars & Lone Star Legends » Waco Insider

But it’s all in good will to get through the situation. This type of audience interaction cannot be replicated for live streaming of musical performances.

My parents first brought me to the cafe as a small child in 2000 during family outings, and that’s how I met its owner, Sally Leong. As a child, I called her Aunt Sally. Behind the diminutive 54-year-old figure lies a story of strong will, perseverance and determination.

Music Kafe

By the time Music Dreamer Café opened in 1997, it no longer had the fame of a xinhao and folk music café. But it was the sense of mission that motivated Sally to take over the cafe when its previous owner announced it was leaving.

Music Cafe 4 By Sparxguardian On Deviantart

Speaking in Mandarin, he shared that others approached the authorities, including the owner of another music cafe, Lao Di Fang, but the owner did not want to.

Music Kafe

Eventually, along with a few music-loving friends, they took over in 2000, although it was not the most profitable business.

“It was a fate that I took upon myself. I feel like we can’t let a music cafe like this disappear,” he said.

Music Kafe

Artichoke Community Music

In the past, apart from the Music Dreamer Cafe, there were five or six other cafes like The Ark and Lao Di Fang. Arka was the first to introduce this Folk Music Café concept from Taiwan in 1993.

In those days, people flocked to these cafes to listen to the latest hits if they didn’t want to buy CDs or wait for the radio to play a song.

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Music Kafe

Due to their popularity, folk music cafes have also become an incubator for new performers to showcase their talents. Some of them have their own followers who mark any music cafe where they perform.

Apollo Music Café: Fall 2022

Even at the Music Dreamer Café, famous figures such as radio DJ Chua Lilian (known by his nickname .

Music Kafe

Another fun fact: Bay Yam Keng, Senior Secretary of the Parliament for Transportation, once staged a theatrical production in a cafe in 2005, and went into politics the following year.

But eventually, with so much entertainment, people’s enthusiasm for these cafes faded. There are many online platforms for performers these days where they can showcase their musical talents. The physical scene isn’t as appealing anymore, especially when they can reach a large audience online.

Music Kafe

Daftar Cafe Di Malang Yang Dilengkapi Live Music

Even if they get their fair share of fame through word of mouth, school outreach programs or TV drama cameos.

Mediacorp actors Darren Lim, Tai Ping Hui and Christopher Lee in a cafe in the 2015 television drama series Crescendo. Image credit: Tai Ping Hui / YouTube Screenshot

Music Kafe

“There are young people who come and turn away when they find out we don’t sell alcohol,” Sally said. But no, I won’t stop.

Cafe Live Music Di Bogor Yang Cozy Banget

I thought he was stubborn or stupid. But here I see his principled and compelling side as Sally reveals why he chooses not to, even to the end as a declining business suffers from Covid-19 restrictions.

Music Kafe

Theoretically, the income from the sale of booze could be higher, but the clientele of buyers will change, he said. There may be fewer customers who have the true intention of appreciating music. Families with children in tow may avoid visiting the café.

Not only that, Sally is also worried that the cafe atmosphere will change. The same warm and fun vibes may be lost because it is possible that the place becomes more chaotic and less rustic under the influence of alcohol. his cafe

Music Kafe

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