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Music Jungle – This was the best site, this was the worst. This was the most popular and stingiest site. This was the most creative and craziest site.

I sold Audio Jungle for the first time with this chill dub song. Great, I was very excited. In fact, I sold it several times. Audio Jungle therefore holds a special place in my heart for the first time. Thank you, Audio Jungle.

Music Jungle

Music Jungle

This AudioJungle review focuses on my experience (attempted) selling music on AudioJungle. While I think there is potential to make money licensing stocks, I recommend other sites for beginners, especially Pond 5. If you’re interested in how AudioJungle compares to my favorite site, Pond 5, check out this article.

Jungle Music & Gentrification

Just a note: Audio Jungle does not pay me any fees for recommending artists. This is my honest courtesy and the entire review is based on my experience as an Audio Jungle artist. However, I do get a referral when people buy Audio Jungle.

Music Jungle

Audio Jungle clearly has a huge customer market, making it a great selling point for sellers. If you can get your songs off the ground, chances are you’ll be successful.

Additionally, there are many ways musicians can customize their pages and songs. Any review of Audio Jungle should point out that it has a number of great social media features that allow musicians to create their own song packs and sell different types of licenses.

Music Jungle

The Best New Jungle Labels On Bandcamp

I know a lot of people who swear by Audio Jungle. But it’s not worth the effort for me because…

As an artist, I feel like Audio Jungle is trying to get me to accept their horrible behavior. It’s like he’s out of bounds. This is exactly what hurts the musicians because they care about them. From this AudioJungle review, it’s more trouble than it’s worth, and that’s how I feel most of the time.

Music Jungle

Let’s start with the payment. If you are a non-exclusive author, Audio Jungle offers about 36% of the selling price, compared to the standard 50% you see on sites like Pond 5 and Production Trax. Update 2019 October. – Pond 5 has also been changed to a lower payout ratio of 35/65 in favor of Pond 5, making AudioJungle a bit more attractive.

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If you give up the right to sell your song on other platforms, Audio Jungle will increase your payout to 60%, which is great. But then it is connected to Audiojungle. What if you lose a lot of business or become unpopular with customers? What will happen to your catalog then? What if some new startup pops up and everyone there sells?

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Music Jungle

AudioJungle sets the price of the files without giving you any control. These prices are among the lowest in the industry at $19. Now some 5th lake writers are selling themselves cheap and selling their songs for $15, but they are stupid. But that’s their choice.

I mean, we musicians know some of our songs are dirty. But we pour our heart and soul into writing and performing our music.

Music Jungle

Jungle Music Bandcamp

Now, Audio Jungle’s low standard price is somewhat compensated, but Audio Jungle offers a variety of licenses, some of which cost more. For example, a full license for streaming music and movies can cost up to $300.

Update: AudioJungle now allows you to register your tracks with a performing rights organization so you can earn royalties from your songs when they are performed publicly. AudioJungle does not act as a publisher, which means you own both the writer’s and the publisher’s shares.

Music Jungle

But if you violate the Toad by using Audio Jungle, you won’t be able to register your songs with a performing rights organization like ASCAP or BMI. This means that if the song is ever broadcast, you lose the ability to collect performance royalties.

Rein The Jungle

Also, Audio Jungle has terrible review standards that I can’t understand. Of course they remove some of the bad stuff. But they rejected this energetic rock song that I had licensed to Pond 5 countless times.

Music Jungle

It seems to create not only quality but also style. Instead of letting customers decide what should be on the platform, AudioJungle prevents a large amount of good music from being put on the platform.

AudioJungle’s review time is long. In my experience, it takes several weeks for AudioJungle to hear if your song has been accepted.

Music Jungle

Audiojungle: Can You Earn Money Licensing Your Music? (review)

AudioJungle’s Terrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Upload Process Of course, the strict review policy wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t such a terrible, excruciating pain to upload files to Audio Jungle.

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For each song (or song edit), you need to create your own .mp3 version with the audio jungle watermark, as well as create a .zip file with the original high-quality song. When an average song can have 5 or 6 edits, it’s just not worth my time. I have not seen these absurd, archaic requirements on other sites.

Music Jungle

In summary, my opinion of Audio Jungle is this: If you’ve played well with the time you’ve spent formatting your files in the hope that your songs will be accepted, you’ll probably make money from those songs. But personally, I prefer to spend this time making music.

Ruff In The Jungle Business🎶#theprodigy #song #music #l…

I will add that if you want to make corporate music, then AudioJungle is probably the right platform for you, but not for other styles.

Music Jungle

Update 2018 November: Based on most of the comments on Youtube, most musicians don’t think Audio Jungle is worth the effort.

My name is Evan and I’ve been playing music since about the 3rd grade. I am originally from San Diego, California, but have lived in Washington DC for the past 20 years.

Music Jungle

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Although after three grueling years in high school, I put off playing music seriously. I found myself spending my days at a terribly uncreative job with a ton of student loan debt.

In my 30s, with loads of student loan debt, in a world where there was “no money in music”, I felt that my youthful dreams of trying to “make it big” had died. It’s like my music isn’t playing in my head and on my hard drive.

Music Jungle

Instead, I wanted to find a way to focus on making music and let someone else handle the promotion.

Jungle Hijinx Sheet Music For Piano, Trombone, Saxophone Tenor, Trumpet In B Flat & More Instruments (jazz Band)

I realized that music licensing was a great opportunity for a solo artist like me to listen to my music without commercials. I just have to focus on what I can control, my songwriting and production skills.

Music Jungle

Although I still work full time, I’ve built systems that have allowed me to produce dozens of songs a year in my spare time.

Mysongs have appeared on Netflix, TV shows such as 90 Day Fiancé, an award-winning independent film, and NPR’s All Thing Regulated. They have been broadcast millions of times.

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Music Jungle

Terraria] Jungle Sheet Music For Piano (solo)

In addition to being a music producer, I’m passionate about teaching people how to make professional sounding music and making money licensing it in their spare time.

Thousands of musicians like you have trusted me to guide their musical journey. My YouTube videos have been viewed almost a million times. And my story was in Forbes, Side Hustle Nation, and Side Hustle School.

Music Jungle

Learn how to master your music like a pro – even if you’ve never mastered a song before! Before joining us for our first resident evening on October 15th. Control Club, you should check out jungle music if you haven’t already. As you must have heard, our first guests are the 16-year-old club evening series and the music company Rupture. The protagonists Dj Mantra and Double O will be joined by Blackeye MC, supported by myself and my radio colleague Fane.

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The first thing you need to know is that the jungle is huge. It is characterized by fast cuts, carefully placed breaks, sharp percussion and sometimes piercing vocals. They blend perfectly with the genre’s deep yet soulful bass lines and emotional harmonies, creating a unique blend of sounds, influences and cultures. So it’s no surprise that this lot gave birth to some of the most listened to and valuable genres of underground music, humbly remaining in the shadows. But how it happened is through social change, global connectivity, and endless creativity and passion.

Music Jungle

During the post-World War II period of development, Caribbean people were strongly encouraged to immigrate to the United Kingdom. They brought their families and traditions to Britain and gradually began to incorporate their culture into the communities they became a part of. This included food, clothing, language and finally music. Jamaican sound systems once served as a gathering place, an occasion for social gatherings and community competition, today they broadcast all new rhythms, from ska to reggae or two-part. And they did it proudly.

Across the Atlantic was R&B, funk and soul

Music Jungle

Yellow And Black Letters

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