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Music Jazz Barat – Jazz music was first performed in the African American community of New Orleans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. . . If we talk about jazz music, we find a lot of music played in the swing style, voices interacting with each other (like cutting into each other), polyrhythm and a lot of improvisation. Jazz music has its roots in traditional North African music, including European military music. In the early days of jazz music, although many outside influences were used for early jazz songs, it can be said that the process of its development had an early foundation close to black people.

An example is the New Orleans jazz movement that arose in the early 1910s, which began to combine different genres of music with jazz music. Jazz songs of the era featured marching bands, a mix of ragtime and blues, with polyrhythmic beats and many improvisations. If you listen to the jazz songs that were created then at first glance, it seems that jazz is played to accompany the dance. Fast forward to the 1930s and we will see many jazz bands influenced by big band swing, and many innovations during this period that elevated jazz music to what it is today. This period also marked the development of bebop, one of the most popular genres of jazz that emerged in the 1940s. As bebop became popular, jazz began to transition from dance music to more challenging and complex chords and played at faster tempos.

Music Jazz Barat

Music Jazz Barat

The early development of jazz succeeded in providing such rich musical color. I learned about other styles of music that came after that, from bebop to quiet cool jazz, free jazz played without a clear structure in the 1950s, and fusion jazz, which is still very popular today. . The long journey of jazz music is sure to be very interesting. Especially for those who love classical and modern jazz tunes. As well as the journey of pop, funk and metal songs, the editorial team is very interested in jazz music and which jazz songs have contributed to the impact of jazz music to where it is today.

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As with other highly influential song series, the editorial team has selected 20 of the best jazz songs from all eras of jazz music to contribute to the creation of a new playing style. The article includes names such as Bebop, Ragtime, and Big Band that had a powerful impact on an important era. So, without further ado, what follows is the fourth series of influential songs. Backstage Wisp Edition of the 20 most influential metal songs of all time. to enjoy.

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Music Jazz Barat

This song successfully replicates the entire album released by Miles Davis in 1959. Collecting names like John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Cannonball Adderley, Paul Chambers and Jimmy, the album is often said to be Miles Davis’ finest period. file. Many call the album’s talent pool the greatest jazz group ever produced in human civilization. “Kind of Blue” is a typically soft song, with soft hi-hats and improvisational additions at various points on the softer side of jazz music. Listen to “Kind of Blue” below.

This is a memorable song with Billy’s vocals that will not only touch one’s heart but also convey the true emotion of this song. Billy’s delivery style is also very interesting here. She treats this song as poetry and gives it with a great performance. In addition, the song is considered one of the greatest pop songs to ever have an impact on human life, representing a protest against the racism against blacks that was common at the time. Listen to “Strange Fruit” below.

Music Jazz Barat

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The two are often considered the power couple of jazz music. Ella and Louis often participate in the composition of classic jazz songs, emphasizing the quirky aspects of the jazz genre that are rarely discussed by jazz enthusiasts. ‘Summertime’ is a unique song where you can hear some notes in a light atmosphere and part of Ella’s unique babble-filled story. The song has been covered quite often and has been sampled by many musicians. Listen to “Summertime” below.

The title itself explains what this song is called. Exciting and smooth flowing, this piece is a pure instrument that defines modern jazz. If you choose to jump and drown in the ocean called the composition of this song, you will find many puzzles to be solved in this song and once you find and solve them, you will be mesmerized by their wonder. Charm. Duke Ellington and John Coltrane sang this song. Listen below.

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Music Jazz Barat

When you see Fats Waller start to put his fingers on the piano keys, you can see what a true entertainer is. He is a musician with not only charisma but also an inherent legendary character. Fats Waller plays music in a ragtime style based on hitting notes quickly. “Ain’t Misbehavin'” is notable not only for its evocative structure, but also for Fats Waller’s performance. listen You can also see the humor that Fats Waller puts into this song. Listen to the track below.

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Jelly Roll Morton is best known for bringing the New Orleans style to jazz music. “King Porter Stomp” is a ragtime composition with a chord progression still frequently used by many modern jazz composers. In fact, the progressions written by Jelly Roll Morton are so popular that they were eventually named stomp progressions in honor of the song “King Porter Stomp” that introduced this chord progression arrangement. Listen to the track below. It is undeniably one of the most influential songs in jazz music.

Music Jazz Barat

“Charleston” was written as an accompaniment to a dance popular in South Carolina, called the Charleston Dance at the time. However, Elizabeth Welch’s musical success opened the world’s eyes to the song and made it one of the greatest jazz songs ever written. James B. Johnson’s way of creating rhythmic music has inspired many musicians. In fact, the song is often repeated in movies released decades after it was written. Listen to this song in the player below.

In fact, the song is highly controversial, with many believing that it was one of the songs on the Besides album written by Louis Prima rather than Benny Goodman.

Music Jazz Barat

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But one thing is indisputable: how Benny Goodman made this song, “Sing, Sing, Sing,” one of the greatest jazz songs ever written. For this song, he brought names like Benny Goodman, Harry James and Ziggy Ellman, known as the king of swing music. Yes, if you’re wondering about the influence of this song, it was one of the songs that influenced the writing style of Brendan Urie (Panic! at The Disco). Listen below.

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The caption reads “Life is pink” in French. This song has a very deep meaning. During the chaos of World War II, Louis Armstrong wrote a song about someone trying to spread love while the war was going on. A French cabaret singer named Edith Piaf wrote the song, but Louis Armstrong’s trumpet and wailing make it one of the greatest jazz masterpieces ever recorded. Listen to this moving jazz song by these composers.

Music Jazz Barat

The song was a popular song played in many dance halls during World War II. Back then, Glenn Miller and his band were one of the most loved and beloved groups, with sports jackets and flower garlands in their hair. It is a happy song dedicated by a lover to overcome the tension caused by World War II and replace it with feelings of love. Listen to the track below.

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Al Jarreau is an example of a musician who thinks of his instrument as a fun instrument. Because of that perspective, there aren’t many jazz musicians who can play music as fun as Al Jarro. Al Jarreau is known for his style-filled voice and unique improvisation. Besides, Al is a rare figure in the music world. According to him, playing music is not his main priority like many musicians, music is just a tool for him. Working as a counselor, Al prioritizes healing people. When you listen to Al Jarreau’s songs, like “Rainbow In Your Eyes” for example, it’s no wonder you’re overwhelmed by his positive energy. Listen below.

Music Jazz Barat

The continuous evolution of jazz has led to the evolution of jazz musical styles. Since then, we’ve started recognizing new styles like bebop and cool jazz names. During initialization

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