Music Is

Music IsMusic is part of every known society, past and present, and is common to all human cultures around the world.

The emotions evoked by the music, the attitude of the composer and the performers, and the place where the music is played, also change according to time and place. One person’s favorite music may be distasteful to another, and vice versa!

Music Is

Music Is

These music quotes tell us what music is, how it makes us feel when we play or listen to it, and how powerful it is.

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Whether you like classical music, jazz, country, rock or pop, you’ll also find some music quotes from your favorite musicians and songwriters. Insert your favorite playlist and enjoy!

Music Is

Quotes About Music Music is the language of the soul. It unlocks the secrets of life, brings peace and removes conflicts. Gibran’s music is the only language in which no insults or sarcasm can be uttered. John Erskine

Music is the moonlight in the dark nights of life. Johann Paul Friedrich Richter If music is a place – jazz is a city, folk is a desert, rock is a road, classical is a temple. Vera Nazarin Love is friendship in music. Jackson Pollock Music is the universal language of mankind. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Music is the literature of the heart; begins where the speech ends. Alphonse de Lamartine’s music is the closest art to tears and memories. Oscar Wilde

Music Is

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Music is nothing more than wild sounds civilized by time and melody. Thomas Fuller’s music is your own experience, thoughts and wisdom. If you hadn’t experienced it, it wouldn’t have come out of your mouth. One of the great things about Charlie Parker’s music is that you don’t feel the pain when it hits you. Bob Marley Music creates a joy that is inseparable from human nature. Confucius Where words fail, music speaks. Hans Christian Anderson Without words, how can music evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest desires? jane swan

Music expresses feelings and thoughts without words, it is under and before words, over and above all words. Robert Ingersoll’s music is the only thing I know that has no rules. Josh Home A strange art – music – the most poetic and precise of all arts, vague as a dream and precise as algebra. Guy de Maupassant’s music is good for the melancholic, bad for the mourner, neither good nor bad for the deaf. Baruch Spinoza

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Music Is

Music clears the mind, energizes it, and elevates it to a level it could not reach if left to its own devices. Henry Ward Beecher Life would be empty to me without music. Jane Austen’s music—not just the words, but the music itself—expresses chaotic or illicit passions: anger, desire, jealousy, frustration, channeling these energies and providing an outlet for them. Sarah Churchwell Music is a great community. Incredible power. People who are different in everything can have things in common. Sarah Desen Philosophy is the highest music. Plato’s quiet solitude in the country may be useful to those who are disposed to do good, and to those who are not in the habit of doing it; This is how I think about love for my neighbor – happiness. Lev Tolstoy

Why Does Music Touch The Soul?

Music tells us that people are bigger than we think. Napoleon Bonaparte’s music washes away the dust of everyday life. Berthold Auerbach’s dinner music is an insult to the cook and the violinist. G.K. Chesterton’s music can name the nameless and convey the unknown. Leonard Bernstein Music is the most powerful form of magic. Marilyn Manson’s music colors the mood of the moment. Karl Lagerfeld

Music Is

Some people have life and some people have music. John Green’s music is like a magic key that opens a closed heart. The music of Maria von Trapp, once in the soul, becomes a soul that never dies. Edward Bullvoleto’s music vibrates in the memory when soft sounds die. Percy Bysshe Shelley I fear no danger when I hear music. I am untouchable. I don’t see the enemy. I refer to both the oldest and the most recent times. Henry David Thoreau’s music touches us emotionally in a way that words alone cannot. Johnny Depp

Life without music would be a mistake. Friedrich Nietzsche country music is triad and truth. Harlan Howard Music is a divine way of conveying beautiful, poetic things to the heart. The music of Pablo Casals cannot be silenced. Victor Hugo had two ways to escape the pain of life – music and cats. Albert Schweitzer

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Music Is

Famous And Inspirational Music Quotes

Quotes About Writing, Playing And Listening To Music Most people die with their music still locked in their hearts. Benjamin Disraeli I like beautiful melodies that tell me terrible things. Tom is Waiting

When we listen to music, we are not listening to the past, nor the future, nor the extended present. Alan Watts Melody is the essence of music. I compare a good melody player to a good racecar driver, and a counterpoint player to a horse race; so pay attention, ignore it and remember the old Italian proverb: Chi sa più, meno sa – who knows best, knows least. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Read even if you can’t read well. Sing to yourself. Sing in the privacy of your own home. But read. Rebbe Nachman Some days he won’t have a song in his mind. Read anyway. Emory Austin

Music Is

A beautiful work of art—music, dance, painting, story—has the ability to quiet the chatter of the mind and transport us to another place. I am happy because I sing. William James The easiest way to avoid wrong notes is to never sing with your mouth open. What a big mistake that would be. Pete Seeger The most exciting rhythms seem unpredictable and complex, the most beautiful melodies are simple and unified. W.H. Auden I’ve always believed that people would find more joy in their everyday lives if they could sing in important moments. John Barrowman

Irish Folk Music Is Enjoying A Revival

I believe that a person’s taste in music can tell a lot about them. In some cases, it will tell you everything you need to know. Leila Sales has more than five notes, but the combination of these five notes creates more melody than ever before. Sun Tzu Music is the art of the prophets and the gift of God. The true beauty of Martin Luther’s music is that it unites people. It sends a message and we musicians are the messengers. Roy Ayers music sounds different than the person who plays it. It’s the musician’s curse. Patrick Rothfuss

Music Is

The years you’ve lived, the people you’ve spent time with—nothing brings it all back to life like an old mixtape. It stores memories better than actual brain tissue. Every mixtape tells a story. Put them together and they form a life story. Rob Sheffield Someone just gave me a shower radio. Thanks. Do you really want to play music in the shower? In my opinion, there is no better place to dance than on a smooth surface next to a glass door. Jerry Seinfeld Music is a language that doesn’t speak specific words. He speaks with emotion, if it’s in the bone, it’s in the bone. Keith Richards music inspires the universe, gives wings to the mind, soars to the imagination and brings life to everything. Plato

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Music has its own poem and that poem is called melody. Joshua Logan We are musicians. We live with music. It’s that simple. Nothing else matters. Eddie Van Halen musicians don’t retire, they retire. They stop when there is no more music in it. Louis Armstrong The music we listen to may not define who we are. But it’s a very good start. Jodi Picoult Music and silence go hand in hand because music is made with silence and silence is full of music. Marcel Marceau Artist painting on canvas. But the musicians draw silently. Leopold Stokowski

Music Is

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Music is pleasant not only because of the sound, but also because of the silence in it: without the alternation of sound and silence, there would be no rhythm. Thomas Merton A gentleman is one who can play the banjo but cannot play the banjo. Mark Twain For me, this music has a major calming effect, it goes straight to my nervous system and makes me feel ten feet tall. Eric Clapton My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music and silence. Edith Sitwell Quotes from Musicians and Composers A lifetime of listening to music is enough, but a lifetime of listening to music is not enough. Sergei Rachmaninoff Music is everyone’s business. Only publishers think people have it. The music of John Lennon is palpable. You can try to put it into words. It really hits you or it doesn’t. Gene Simmons

The best music actually gives you something to face the world with. Bruce Springsteen’s If You Lose Faith in Love and Music doesn’t take long to end. Pete Doherty doesn’t write music

Music Is

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